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Barn Owls

Welcome to Barn Owls!

I am Mrs Nolan, the year 4 teacher, supported by Mrs Cousins and Mrs Wood.

This year sees the start of swimming lessons for year 4 on Thursday mornings.

Autumn 1

Our topics this term include Sound and the Vikings.


Learning objectives for week commencing 26th November:

Literacy: We will be looking at the book 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne.

Numeracy: We will be working on the 9 and 7 times tables- all good practise for the tables clubs!

History: We are looking at Anglo-Saxon villages and the jobs that people did.

Science: We are thinking about electrical conductors and insulators ready for an investigation next week.

Our learning objectives for week commencing 19th November are:

Literacy: We will be looking at fictional diary entries from an Anglo-Saxon and having a go at writing our own diary entries.

Numeracy: We will be dividing and multiplying by 1 and 0, then moving onto multiplying and dividing by 6.

History: We will be looking at place names and how some of them originated from Anglo-Saxon times.

Science: We will be thinking about safety around electricity amd creating posters to help others stay safe.

Our learning objectives for w/c 12th November:

Literacy: We will be writing our own version of a warning tale, thinking specifically about using paragraphs in our writing.

Numeracy: We are continuing with multiplication and division.

History: We used out history session last week to think about Remembrance Sunday and produce our fantastic poppy display, so this week we will be looking at Anglo-Saxon invaders.

Science: We will be investigating how to build a circuit.


Barn Owls showed great team work to produce their fantastic Remembrance banner. It looks amazing!!

Welcome back after half term!!

Our learning objectives this week will be:

Literacy: We are looking at a warning tale for the next 2 weeks and will be writing our own version next week.

Numeracy: We will be finishing off place value and staring to look at our next topic of multiplication and division. We will also be starting up the times tables clubs at least twice a week so any extra practice at home would be a great help.

History: We will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons this term, concentrating on the 'Invaders' this week.

Science: Our topic this term is electricity.


Our learning objectives week commencing 22\10\18:

Literacy: we will be continuing our work on writing instructions and having a go at writing our own.

Numeracy: we will be subtracting two 4-digit numbers with exchanging and looking at how to estimate answers using rounding.

History: to finish off our Vikings topic, we will be learning about Viking beliefs.

Science: to finish off our science topic we will be working in groups to present everything that we know about sound.




Learning objectives week commencing 15th October


We will be looking at how to write instructions, using chronological order, time conjunctions and imperative verbs.


We will be adding and subtracting four digit numbers using column method.


We will be looking at Viking warriors.


We will be looking at pitch and soundwaves.

Learning objectives w/c 8.10.18

Literacy: We will be looking at descriptive writing, in particular describing settings and thinking of ways to 'show not tell'.

Numeracy: We will start the week looking at negative numbers and then mover onto addition of 4 digit numbers.

History: We are looking specifically at Viking longboats this week.

Sound: We will be experimenting with how sound travels using string telephones.

Pictures of some of the work we did last week to get to know each other.

Learning Objectives  WB 10 September 2018

In numeracy we will be looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100.

In literacy we are learning the story of Beowulf, looking at using adjectives and fronted adverbials to improve our writing.

Learning Objectives w/b 17th September

Literacy: We will be writing our own version of the Beowulf story.

Numeracy: We are looking at place value up to four digits. 

Science: We will be looking at how sounds are made and how to change the pitch of an instrument.

History: We will be looking at where the Vikings traveled to and what they discovered.