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Barn Owls

Barn Owls

Welcome to the Year 4 class. This class is taught by Miss Frayling. We have some interesting topics this year - sound, the water cycle, animals including humans, Ancient Greece, Local mining and electricity. We will also be looking at the designs by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and complete some stem activities about bridges.

Wb 27th November
Wb 20th November
Wb 13th November
Wb 6th November

This week in ICT we have started to create a powerpoint about ourselves. Using the same type of information we found in the biographies we wrote last week we are now thinking about information about what we like and don't like, our families and friends and other interesting facts.

We will then be creating some algorithms (sets of instructions) to complete some transition, animation and hyperlink tasks to make our slides more interesting and fun.


Next week:

Literacy - Beginning to look at instruction writing, imperative verbs, prepositional phrases (adverbials) and personal, possessive and relative pronouns.

Maths - Continuing understanding converting metric lengths and then moving on to perimeter of rectilinear figures in cm and m.

Spellings - Homonyms and homophones

Wb 30th  October

This week we have had a brilliant week. We have searched the school for sounds and their sources. We learnt that when something is making a noise it is because it is vibrating. 

In Literacy we have started to write the biography about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and have find out many interesting facts him and his life.

In Maths we have some very trick word problems sums, some with several steps to complete.

Next week:

Literacy: Finish writing our biographys about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

Maths: Working out length and perimeter.


Autumn Term 2
Science Geo/ History ICT
Sound Water Cycle Local Area Research
Art/ DT Spanish PE
Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Numbers 1 - 31

Bilingual Dictionaries.


Creative Skills.

Improvise and Compose Celebrating Difference

Incarnation/ God

What is the Trinity?


Wb 16th October

This week we have been very busy. We ran four laps around the school field and then cheered on the younger children to complete 2 laps. This was still very tiring. Jim Gump came to visit, told us stories about his adventures running around the world and encouraging us to run too. After running round the field it is clear to see many children enjoy running and are very good at it.

We also had parents' evening this week. Some children joined in the meeting and were very eager to know where to progress and improve with their learning. This is very positive to see and I can't wait to see their determination next term but first of all they deserve a well earned rest for a week. ☺

Wb 2nd October

Best Bus Selfie

Best Bus Selfie 1
Best Bus Selfie 2
Best Bus Selfie 3

This week we had the opportunity to go to the sports festival at Wells Blue. We played some exciting sports, many of us enjoyed hockey and kicking footballs at a year 12 goalie.

We have written some exciting Losing tales and thought about the emotion of the character when they loose their favourite item.

We have been focusing on our times tables and now have a times tables booklet showing our achievements. Please help us practice them by encouraging us to do the chant style i.e One times 3 is 3, two times 3 is 6, three times 3 is 9... and when we are more confident ask us random time table sums too... i.e what is four time 4? or what times table makes 15? (three times 5 or five times 3)

Next week:

Literacy: We are moving on from our Losing Tale onto a NonFiction topic. We are going to be writing an autobiography and a biography. This week we will be investigating the text and introducing ourselves to the styles of writing.

Maths: We are looking to add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction where appropriate.

Spellings: Looking at words ending with the suffix tion.

Wb 25th September 2017

This week we have been thinking about how important it is to read the books for a story over watching the film. The image below shows how when the producers and script writers are making a film from a book they miss out much of the story so it is not too long. This means that many important parts are missed out.


"Don't judge a story by the movie judge it by the book." MA


"Don't judge a book by its cover judge a book by its words." BB


"The corners always reach the middle. The corners are as important as the middle." ORD

Picture 1

We have been thinking about the care we need to take during many different tasks from planning and writing stories to sketching leaves. As you can see we have many aspiring writers and artists in Barn Owls.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Next Week:

Literacy - We are continuing to write our own version of a losing tale. We have completed our plans and written the opening, build up and have almost written all of the problem section. After completing our stories we will work with a partner to edit our own and each other's creations. I am very pleased with the work they have completed so far as the children have written some fantastic first halves for their stories.

Maths - We are going to move on from place value for a short time and instead think about roman numerals. On a Friday of each week as a class we are going to work on word problems. Much of the language and structure of the sentences used in many word problems can often confuse children who would normally understand if it was written as a sum, so this would be an opportunity to become comfortable with what it is asking and answer the question confidently.

Spelling: The root word and adding a suffix: supermarket, superman, superstar, supercar, anti-clockwise, antisocial, antiseptic, antibiotic, autobiography and autograph.

Wb 18th September 2017

This week we have been looking at the story: David's New watch. We have been focusing on the speech that may happen during the story. We have thought of all the different ways we could say 'said' to make our story more exciting.

We have also had our first swimming lesson. Some of us were slightly worried about what happens in our lessons, where the changing rooms were, who was going to be teaching us. But we had help from some of the children in Barn Owls who already attended for out of school lessons allowing us to have a great first lesson. Fantastic work! frown

Next week:

Literacy: Planning and writing our own version of a losing tale about one of our favourite items.

Maths: Understanding negative numbers, how -34 is higher value than -156. Ordering negative and positive numbers.

Spellings: Continuing words with preffixes. 

Wb 11th Sept 2017

This week we have been introduced to our topic: the water cycle. We have we thinking about how rivers are formed. We looked at one river in particular: The River Dart. We examined the feature of a river, its source and important sites along its journey to the sea.

We thought about water affects the earth and how it erodes away stone and dirt. Outside we turned on the tap at the top of the slope ( the source) and observed what materials: leaves, small stones and  bits of dirt it picked up and took along with it on its journey. 

Next week:

Literacy: Examine a losing tale - David's new watch - and the genre features.​​​​

Maths: Word problems about place value up to 1000

Spellings: Words with prefixes.

Wb 4th Sept 2017

We have just completed our first 3 days in year 4. We have already done many activities. Come and have a look at our colourful Barn Owls. We are not sure if they are confused Barn Owls or confused parrots, but they are still very cheerful. 

We read a story called "Giraffes Can't Dance". After reading we discussed things we felt we couldn't do, some in school and some at home. We started by saying 'I can't do neat handwriting" for example and then changed our sentence to "I can't do neat handwriting YET".


          'A Goal without a plan is just a wish.'


We each created a plan to be able to achieve our goal. Even after the activity was finished many children continued their personal goal setting in each of the lessons. Some of us even managed to complete mini challenges this week drawing different animals.

We wrote a rather tricky paragraph about something that happened or we did in the summer holidays but the only thing we couldn't write was what it was. Instead we had to describe as best we could to get our peers to guess what it could be.

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