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Welcome to Buzzard Class!


When your child starts school they will become a member of Buzzard Class. We have a bright, cheerful classroom that leads on to our 'Outdoor Classroom' where we are able to have fun learning and exploring. The children particularly enjoy getting dirty in the Mud Kitchen and using their imagination whilst playing in the little house. We also have a large gazebo that becomes whatever we want it to be in our play and investigation!

Whilst in Buzzard Class children spend a lot of time learning through play. Investigation is a key focus and children are encouraged to develop their own interests. We also focus on learning phonics so that we can develop the skills needed to read and write and we also develop key mathematical skills, working on problem solving and explanation.

Buzzard Class is a happy, fun place to be! The children leave the class with the skills and confidence they need to become lifelong learners.

Come on in and see what we have been learning  . . . . . . 

We are working hard on our phonics at the moment! Your child might like to give this a go to support their learning.

Week Beginning 5th March

After a snowy end to last week the children have come back refreshed and ready to learn! They have worked very hard on their writing and are now able to write many words and even some short sentences! Well done Buzzard Class!


Next week: We will be working hard on some new 'Red' words - recognition words because 'you can't Fred a Red!' We will be starting to think about early division in our Numeracy lessons with some practical sharing of objects.

Week Beginning 19th February

The children have had a busy week! They have continued to work in their groups and are making good progress with their phonics and mathematics. We have been thinking about what happened to Jesus as he grew up as we start to think about the Easter story. To help our understanding of this we have been learning some songs too. We have also worked on the story of Thumbelina.


Next Week: We will be investigating 3D shapes and getting to grips with the concept of estimation - making a sensible guess based on the information we have. We will be working in our phonics groups and also starting to learn some 'RED' words - You can't Fred a Red!

Week Beginning 5th February

The children have worked hard this week getting used to the new class groups and routines. They have enjoyed listening to some more stories about 'Old Bear' and learning some songs about Chinese New Year and Pancake Day! We are all ready for our Half Term break so 'Happy Holiday' from all in Buzzard Class.

Week Beginning 29th January

The children have been working very hard on their pencil control and letter formation this week as well as thinking about how we write simple sentences. They are working on being able to start with a capital letter, end with a full stop and putting finger spaces in the appropriate places! Lots to remember but they are enjoying the challenge and pushing themselves hard. Some of the children have taken the next step and are able to write simple sentences independently in their 'Own Learning' time. smiley

After a wet and windy the week the weather was kinder to us on Friday and we enjoyed a lovely morning out on the field and down at Forest School.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Next Week: We will be continuing to work on our letter formation, word building, sentence construction and practical addition skills as well as moving on to practical subtraction.

Week Beginning 22nd January

We have now finished learning all the Speed Sounds in Set 1 which the children are really excited about. We have been working on our letter formation and have worked on learning how to find out how many objects we have in two groups. Some of us have had a go at writing this out as Number Stories! The role play area has become the Play Room from the 'Old Bear' stories and the children are having to work out how to rescue Old Bear form the attic! We enjoyed another muddy field walk today and starting running around the field as part of the Golden Mile initiative. We also ventured down to Forest School and the children enjoyed investigating the environment.


Next Week: We will be working in our new Literacy and Numeracy groups thinking about writing simple words and developing our understanding of practical addition.

Week Beginning 15th January

The children have been working hard on their phonics this week and have only got one more week to go before they have completed all the sounds in Speed Set 1! We will then be revisiting the sounds, working on them in groups to develop our ability to write the letters correctly. 

We have also been thinking about the language of time and thinking about how to sequence familiar events correctly. The children enjoyed creating a series of pictures illustrating what we do when we go swimming and how it is always very important to wear the correct garment at the right time!

On Friday we enjoyed a Wellie Walk around the field. We channeled our inner Peppa Pig when we discovered a muddy swampy area on the field! It was also covered in ice due to the cold weather so the children were able to explore different textures and temperatures.


Next Week: ch/q/ng/nk. 'Old Bear' stories. Introduction to practical addition.

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Picture 2

Week Beginning 8th January

The children have worked really hard this week! They have enjoyed sharing their holiday news and have worked together to create a 'class write'. They are beginning to think about using their sounds to build words on their own and are very proud of themselves. We have also enjoyed a big walk on the field and have been discussing future visits to Forest School.


Next Week: We will be learning w, x, th and z and we will be thinking about the language of time and sequencing familiar events.

Week Beginning 18th December

Buzzard Class would like to say a special 'Thank You' to all the Teaching Assistants, Lunch Time Staff and Volunteer Helpers who have worked with them this term! We appreciate all you do. We would also like to wish everybody a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Week Beginning 11th December

The children have been continuing to work hard throughout a busy and festive week. They enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas on Friday afternoon and had a lovely morning making crowns for our Christmas lunch. Although we are all very tired we are still enjoying working together and thinking about the joy of Christmas.


Next Week: We will be using our sounds to build words, making Christmas Cards, listening to Christmas stories and generally having some seasonal fun with our learning!

Picture 1

Week Beginning 4th December

The children were absolute stars for their performances of 'The Nativity' this week! They had put in such a lot of hard work and I am so proud of them! smiley A huge thank you to the Buzzard Team for helping with the music, props etc. I could not do it without you! Thank you also to everyone who came to support the children.
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Next Week: We will be learning e, l, h, sh and thinking about how we can use the sounds we have learnt to build words. We will be developing our understanding of the concept of 'Part, Part, Whole' in Maths. Finally we will be enjoying some Christmas activities!

Week Beginning 27th November

We have been working really hard this week! Can you guess what we have been doing?? smiley
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Next Week: We will be having dress rehearsals and doing our performance of 'The Nativity'.

Week Beginning 20th November

This week we have enjoyed work based around the Zigby stories and we have worked hard on our word building skills using the sounds we have already learnt!


Next Week: We will be continuing with our phonics and doing lots of practice for our Nativity play! The performance day will soon be upon us!!

Week Beginning 13th November

This week we have been working really hard on our nativity play ready for our performance in December. We have learnt eight songs now and have enjoyed listening to the story read to us from the Bible. To help us understand our parts better we have created a wonderful display with Granny Mo and Lisa. It is based around a picture from a beautiful book called 'The Nativity, The Story of Baby Jesus' by May Eliot with illustrations by Richard Johnson. The display looks wonderful in the lobby on the wall outside Buzzard Class. We hope you like it.

Thank you for helping us Granny Mo and Lisa! smiley

Picture 1
Next Week: We will be working on 'k' as we had a lot of poorly children this week and didn't get it done! We will also be learning to read u, b and f. When we are playing outside we will be investigating the concepts of height, length, weight and capacity.

Week Beginning 6th November

We have had  a very productive week! The children have enjoyed working on activities based around the story of 'Zigby and the Monster', singing Autumn songs and developing their knowledge of phonics. They have also used a salad spinner to create fireworks pictures which now look lovely hanging in the classroom.

Today we spent time reflecting on the past in a thought provoking assembly about Remembrance Day led by Clarissa. She told us about her Grandfather and showed us pictures of the medals he won in both world wars. When we returned to class we made our own medals to remember those that have lost their lives at war.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Next week: We will be learning the phonics - g, o, c, k and thinking about conservation of number and positional language.

Week Beginning 30th October

We have had a fantastic week after a lovely Half Term break! The rest did us a lot of good. We have started learning phonics and this week have covered m, a, s and d. The children have taken to it like ducks to water and we are totally thrilled with them. smiley We have also worked hard on using strategies to help us with our careful counting, enjoyed a lot of time outside in the beautiful Autumn weather and made some pictures for a whole school display based on our favourite Bible story. A busy week and we have all learned a lot.


Next week: We will be learning the sounds t, i, n and p and investigating the concepts of 'more' and 'fewer' as well as working on a range of activities based on the 'Zigby the Zebra' stories by Brian Paterson.

Week Beginning 16th October

We have had a great week working on our team building skills - doing puzzles, building train tracks and using a range of cardboard boxes to make junk models. We have also thought about our favourite part of 'The Rainbow Fish' and shown our 'writing' to Mrs Wood. We have had a great first term but are quite tired and looking forward to the week off! smiley


Week Beginning 30th October: We will be sharing our Holiday News both in a Circle Time activity and in a group task with Mrs Wood and we will be working on careful counting strategies.



Week Beginning 9th October

This week we have been working really hard on our final preparations for our Harvest Festival. On Thursday, when we presented it to the parents, we sang our songs beautifully and we looked really grown up sat on the benches! It was also lovely to have Rev Izzard visit and be a part of our celebrations.

We have also been thinking about the story of 'The Rainbow Fish'. It helps us to think about sharing and being a good friend. We are going to try and be like Rainbow Fish! smiley


Next Week: We will be continuing our work on 'Rainbow Fish' and working on number recognition.

Week Beginning October 2nd

We have enjoyed being outside this week in the 'Outdoor Classroom' and have also finished our colourful display based on our favourite parts of 'Night Monkey Day Monkey'. We hope you like it!
Picture 1

Next Week: We will be using the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' to help us think about our friendships and how we treat other. We will be meeting Number Nutkins who visits Buzzard Class at this time each year to help us with our number recognition before he hibernates! We are also looking forward to our Harvest Festival with Hawks Class on Thursday October 12th at 9.10am.

Week Beginning September 25th


We have had a fantastic week and have really enjoyed creating some beautiful pictures for a new classroom display! We will show you when it is finished!


Next Week: We will be investigating mathematical concepts in our play such as counting, sorting and creating patterns. We will also be working on our performance for the upcoming Harvest Festival.

Week Beginning 18th September

We have had such a busy week getting used to being at school for a longer session as well as the whole class being together! We are doing well at working out what we have to do at play time and have even started to get used to having lunch at school! As well as this we have enjoyed songs, stories and clapping out each others names during our 'Circle Time' sessions! We are definitely ready for the weekend! smiley


Next Week: We will be using the book 'Night Monkey Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson to inspire some art and craft work ready to put up a display in the classroom. We have enjoyed reading the story this week and joining in with the repeating parts. If you hear the phrase 'Don't be daft!' at home I apologise but really I suppose it is Julia Donaldson's fault for writing such fantastic books! surprise We will also be working in the 'Outdoor Classroom' and discovering what happens in the hall when the school meets for 'Collective Worship' with Mr Bamford.



Week Beginning 11th September

This week the children are enjoying getting to know each other and learning how to become more confident and independent in the classroom. They have all designed colourful covers for their 'Busy Books' We have looked carefully at our faces and used felt tip pens to draw them for our 'Birthday Train'. The children have enjoyed cutting and sticking to develop their scissor skills as well as investigating shapes.


Next Week: Next week we will be together as a class for the first time this term! We will be going out to play and having our lunch at school! There are so many adventures to go on and it is only the beginning!

Week Beginning September 4th

A very warm welcome to everyone involved with Buzzard Class this year! I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the Summer Holidays.

I am so proud of the Buzzard children who are continuing their journey as Year 1's in Hawks Class. They have been very smiley as they have gone around the school and it has been lovely to catch up with them.

The 'Baby' Buzzards have had a brilliant start to their life at Kilmersdon and I have been very impressed with how well they have come in to the classroom and picked up the daily routines! Thank you for all your help and support in making the start of term a happy one.smiley

Friday 21st July 2017

We have had a truly fantastic year in Buzzard Class and the children (and staff!) are now ready for a well deserved break. They have worked very hard, learnt lots, grown as little people, gained confidence and made lots of friends. The little Buzzards are now ready to spread their wings and fly! Well done everyone - I am very proud of you all!  J.Wood smiley

Week Beginning 17th July

We have enjoyed some lovely adventures together during the last few days of the Summer Term! On Friday of last week we went on a long walk down the hill, round the lane and across the field to a meadow! It was like going on our very own 'Bear Hunt'! We were in search of butterflies and bees as part of our follow up work after our trip to Folly Farm. We found a Cinnabar Moth and one of it's caterpillars and saw lots of butterflies and bees too. We really liked the Skippers!

This week we had a great time having a picnic down in the village park. We really enjoyed getting out and about in the sunshine!

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Week Beginning 10th July

Last Friday evening we had a fantastic time at the Summer Fair! Every class did a performance and we really enjoyed twisting to 'Shake your tail feather' from the 'Blues Brothers'. It was great fun and we loved learning it together. smiley

Week Beginning 3rd July

A lot has been happening at 'Buzzard Cottage' over the last few weeks!
Picture 1

Week Beginning June 26th

Buzzard Class enjoyed a fabulous day at Folly Farm this week. We learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly as well as investigating the symmetrical patterns on their wings. The rain stayed away and we really enjoyed working in the woods. A great day was had by all. Thank you to all the adults that came along to support us and made our day even more enjoyable and to Anna from the Folly Farm team. smiley
Picture 1

Week Beginning 19th June

This week we have spent a lot of time talking about how to keep ourselves cool! Whilst the sunshine has been lovely it has also been a bit of a challenge! However we did not let it beat us and have enjoyed making boats to float on our own little rivers in the 'Outdoor Classroom' as well as practicing for our Sports Day. We had a great day yesterday and enjoyed a picnic outside with our parents after a busy morning of activities with the Year 6 children helping and supporting us. It was a great day!
Picture 1

Week Beginning 12th June

This week we went on a very exciting adventure! We enjoyed a bus ride down to Wells and took part in a Sports Festival at The Blue School. We really enjoyed seeing children from other schools and we had a great time racing against each other at the activity stations.

Week Beginning 5th June

The children enjoyed sharing their 'Holiday News' during a class Circle Time activity. What a busy and exciting week they had!

Week Beginning 22nd May

This week we really enjoyed meeting some rescue animals and Mrs Wood held a python called Monty! We were amazed at how soft and smooth he felt.

We have also added a lot more to our 'Buzzard Cottage' display. It has now become the cottage that Jack and his Mum live in and the beanstalk is growing in the garden! Can you spot the Giant's boots?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week Beginning 15th May

What a busy week! The role play area has changed from a Vets into Jack's cottage! The beanstalk has grown half way across the room and you can even spot the Giant's boots if you look carefully. Our beans are growing now, the Cress Heads have sprouted and we have made cress sandwiches which were enjoyed by all - even with the healthy wholemeal bread Mrs Wood bought! We have been working on our reading, writing and maths as well as enjoying the 'Percy the Park Keeper' stories! Phew! Time for the weekend I think . . . . . . . 

Week Beginning 8th May

This week there has been great excitement in Buzzard Class as the beautiful castle we made with Nick has now been fired and is in pride of place in our classroom. It is wonderful to see it when you come in to visit and we are very proud of all our hard work. Thank you Nick for working with us!
Picture 1

Week Beginning 1st May

This week we have been enjoying using the laptops to complete simple games independently. We are also learning how to log them on and shut them down with Mrs V.

Week Beginning 24th April

The children really enjoyed their Easter break and enjoyed sharing what they had done with their friends during a class 'Circle Time'. They had obviously had a fabulous time and enjoyed the sunshine but were certainly ready to get back to work which was lovely to see. We have had great fun this week reading and comparing different versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and as if by magic a beanstalk has appeared in the corner of the classroom! How very strange . . . . . . 

Week Beginning 27th March

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the children had started an exciting project with Nick. They have really enjoyed their Monday afternoon sessions and have created a fantastic castle for Cinderella! Thank you Nick!
Picture 1

Week Beginning 20th March

Our 'Cinderella' pictures have made a bright and colourful display showing our favourite parts of the story.
Picture 1

Week Beginning 13th March

The children have been enjoying their work about the story of 'Cinderella'. They have written 'To Do' lists, made invitations to the Prince's Ball, painted colourful pictures for a new display and thought about their favourite parts of the story. More about that next week! They have also enjoyed retelling the story in the role play area.

Week Beginning 6th March

This week we have finally seen some sun! The children have been really enjoying playing outside although it has been a bit of a messy affair! We have also enjoyed looking at the Daffodils and thinking about other signs of Spring to add to our ongoing display. What can you spot this week?
Picture 1

Week Beginning 27th February 

Another busy week in Buzzard Class! The children really enjoyed making pancakes and frying pans out of junk modelling materials as well as dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday. smiley

Week Beginning 20th February

This week Buzzard Class have started an exciting pottery project with Nick! It is based on the story of 'Cinderella'. Can you guess what it will be? Watch this space for more information as it develops!

Week Beginning 6th February

This week (beginning 6th February) has been a very busy week in Buzzard Class! We have been thinking about how to be safe online and Miss Frayling taught us a very useful rhyme during her Assembly on Tuesday - 'Before you tap and click, stop and think! Tell someone!' The children enjoyed learning this and hopefully it will help them to make good choices in the future.

We have also enjoyed a fabulous 'Story Walk' on Jack and Jill Hill. The children discovered a magical story as they walked down the hill, using i-Pads to pick up each picture clue! We had a brilliant time and then came back in to the classroom to discover more exciting ways to generate story ideas!

Picture 1

Week Beginning 30th January

Spring Display 2017

Spring Display 2017 1
During the Spring Term we have been looking closely in our outdoor classroom and Forest School to spot signs of Spring and new growth. As we see things we are adding them on to our display. So far we have added Primroses, Snowdrops and Catkins!

Week Beginning 23rd January

This week we have really enjoyed working on some models using junk materials. We based them on the 'Old Bear' stories by Jane Hissey. The children enjoyed getting to know all the characters and loved finding out about all their adventures.

Week Beginning 16th January

Frosty Fun - We enjoyed investigating making shadows and crunching over the frosty grass!

Frosty Fun - We enjoyed investigating making shadows and crunching over the frosty grass! 1
Frosty Fun - We enjoyed investigating making shadows and crunching over the frosty grass! 2
Frosty Fun - We enjoyed investigating making shadows and crunching over the frosty grass! 3