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Welcome to Peregrine Falcons!

Welcome to Year Two. Miss Alice Callaghan and Mrs Liz Ramsay are the class teachers and Mrs Lesley Dando, Miss Hannah Simms, Mrs Amanda Hopton and Mrs Zoe Duery work with us to support our learning. We are a really happy bunch, who love learning and finding out lots about the world around us. We work hard to become more independent in our learning in preparation for Key Stage Two.


During the Autumn term, our topics start off geography based through the story of the Jungle Book and then we move on to a science based topic such as Space. We will be learning about human and physical features on Earth but also looking at important individuals in history.


We are looking forward to having the Explorer Dome visit our class as well as Hawks and Buzzards. 

Learning Objectives week beginning - 3rd December


Literacy - I can identify features of a diary. I can plan and write a diary pretending I am an astronaut in space.

Grammar - I can identify and use apostrophes for possession.

Spelling - I can follow the year 2 spelling rule.

Maths - I can use column method for addition. 

Learning Objectives wb - 26.11.18


Maths - I can continue to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

Grammar - I can use the present tense.

Literacy - I can consolidate using conjunctions. 

Key Stage 1 enjoyed the Explorer Dome today where they learnt about the star constellations, Greek mythology and saw lots of projections of the different planets. All the children really enjoyed it and learnt lots of interesting facts!


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Learning objectives for week beginning - 12.11.18


Maths - I can find 10 more and 10 less. I can begin to add multiples of 10.

Literacy - I can continue to write a letter to Tim Peake.

Grammar - I can use the past tense.

Spelling - I can use le and el endings. 

We appreciate that some of the grammar terms that are being taught in schools now are unfamiliar to a good deal of us who were not taught these things during our own school days. This helpful resource should help with these definitions so that you can find it easier to support your child with any homework that they may bring home.

Grammar booklet for parents

In topic this afternoon, we started learning about the 7 continents and what they are made up of.

In topic this afternoon, we started learning about the 7 continents and what they are made up of.  1

Learning Objectives for the week beginning 5th November:


Literacy - I can plan and write a letter to Tim Peake explaining why I want to become an astronaut.

Grammar - I can identify and use apostrophes.

Spelling - le and el suffix

Maths - I can use the inverse to check calculations. I can begin to compare number sentences.

Keep practising your Year 2 words

Keep practising your Year 2 words 1