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Peregrine Falcons

Welcome to Peregrine Falcons!

Welcome to Year Two. Miss Alice Callaghan is the class teacher and Mrs Diane Lane works with us to support our learning. We are a really happy bunch, who love learning and finding out lots about the world around us. We work hard to become more independent in our learning in preparation for Key Stage Two.


During the Autumn term, our topic is ‘Grand Discoveries’. We will be finding out about two special astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake), we will also be looking at locations of countries, continents and oceans. In the Spring term, we will be 'Time Travelers’ and exploring the gunpowder plot. In the summer, we will be exploring ‘Explorers’.

Week beginning - 8th January


Spelling - To use dge sound.

Grammar - To recognise and use coordinating conjunctions.

Literacy - To identify features of a newspaper. To story map and write a newspaper report. 

Maths - To divide by 2, 5 and 10. 



Week beginning - 11th December


Literacy - I can plan and write a diary about being an astronaut for the day.

Grammar - I can use past progressive verb form.

Spelling - To revise Autumn spellings.

Maths - I can use equal groups. I can add equal groups. I can recognise the multiplication symbol.

Week beginning - 4th December


Literacy - I can identify the features of a diary. I can imitate a letter.

Grammar - I can use past tense.

Spelling - revise Autumn spellings.

Maths - I can use money.

Keep practising your Year 2 words

Keep practising your Year 2 words 1

Week beginning 13th November learning objectives - 


Maths - I can find 10 more and 10 less. I can add and subtract 10s.

Literacy - I can continue writing a non-chronological report. 

Grammar - I can use question marks to write questions.

Spelling - I can spell words with l and ll.

Our Space wall

Our Space wall 1
Our Space wall 2

Week beginning 6th November learning objectives


Maths - To begin adding numbers mentally and with pictorial representation.

Literacy - To write a non-chronological report about a flanimal.

Spelling - To revise the c sound.

Grammar - To identify and use generalisers in our writing. 

Week Beginning 30th October learning objectives


Literacy - To identify the features of a non-chronological report. To design a flanimal for my NCR.

Spelling - To revise adding er, est and ed to words ending in y and also ing.

Grammar - To identify similes and use them in sentences.

Maths - To use number bonds to 10 to learn number bonds to 20 and 100.

Week beginning 16th October 


Spelling - to revise y and ie ending

Grammar - to identify and use temporal connectives.

Literacy - to innovate the story of the Lost Sheep.

Maths - to count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards.

Week beginning 9th October


Spelling - to revise er and est.

Grammar - to identify and use expanded noun phrases.

Literacy - to retell the story of The Lost Sheep.

Maths - to place and estimate numbers on a number line to 100.

Week beginning 2nd October learning objectives


Maths - I can order numbers to 100. I can continue to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. I can recognise odd and even numbers.

Literacy - I can learn the story of the Lost Sheep and act it out.

Grammar - I can use co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Spelling - Recapping on the ed and ing ending.


Week beginning 25th September


Maths - To continue comparing 2 digit numbers to 100. To order number from 0-100.

Literacy - To recognise the features of a story and explore different activities linked to a story.

Grammar - To recap on the 4 different types of sentences. 

Spelling - 

 le endings - the le spelling is the most common spelling for this sound at the end of words


el endings – much less common than le at the end of words (used after m,n,r,s,v,w and often s)


Week beginning 18th September


Learning Objectives:


Literacy - To continue working on our presentation skills in our books.

To continue writing the 4 different types of sentences. 

Spelling - To use 'wr' at the beginning of words.

Maths - To partition 2 digit numbers. To begin to compare numbers to 100.