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Red Kites

Welcome to Red Kites and Year 5 at Kilmersdon CEVA School.  Kites is taught by Miss Baker.  Everyone in Kites is happy, friendly and hard working.  We support each other, enjoy a challenge and endeavour to produce work that we are proud of.


This term we are learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.  In the Spring term we will be studying Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. In the Summer term we will be exploring Europe and rail travel!  

Week beginning 16th January 2018

Spelling - correct use of ie or ei for words such as: receipt, field, fierce, achieve, receive, eight, believe, relief, height and ancient.


Grammar - adding relative clauses to sentences using a relative pronoun (that, who, whom, whose, which)  or a relative adverb (when, why, where), e.g. The small child, who was fiddling nervously with his sleeve, stood outside the warden's office. 


Literacy - Writing a newspaper report.


Maths - Short multiplication for multiplying up to 5-digit numbers by a unit, e.g. 2345 x 5 and long multiplication for multiplying up to 4-digit numbers by a 2-digit number, e.g. 345 x 23.  Quick recall of times tables.

Week beginning 8th Jan 2018

Happy New Year.


Spelling - spell words that have the letter string 'ough', e.g. enough, dough, thorough, thought, rough, although and bought.  Use the phrase o (oh), u (you), g (great), h (hooligan) to help you remember.


Grammar - using fronted adverbials to open sentences in different ways.  Use them at the beginning of a sentences to help give more detail about the action that follows (they could be about how, when, where, how much or how often something happens), e.g. Inside the trunk, eight black spotted lizards hid.  Like a tiny mouse, the child answered the question.


Literacy - write an informal letter linked to the story Holes.


Maths - use short division to solve division of numbers with up to 4-digits by a single-digit number, e.g. 3456 / 4.  Solve division word problems interpreting remainders, e.g. 5860 muffins are made every day and they are packed in trays of 6.  How many trays are needed for each day?  How many trays will be full?

Week beginning 9th October

In Literacy this week we will be writing complex sentences that have a subordinate clause, subordinating conjunction and a main clause.  We will be editing our descriptive writing based on Wildside.  Also, we will begin looking at the language and structure of an explanation text.  In spelling we are focusing on the word ending -ant and -ance. 


In Numeracy, we will be looking at positive and negative numbers, counting forwards and backwards through zero and using negative numbers in context.  We will also be rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand or hundred thousand.

Week beginning 25th September

Kites will be visiting the Wildside Experience in Devon on Monday and Tuesday. Remember your packed lunch for Monday, your torch, teddy and book, as well as everything else on the kit list!  Meet me (Miss Baker) in the hall at normal time with all your luggage before going to the classroom.  You do not need to be in school uniform - come in sensible clothes for the day.


The learning this week in literacy will be descriptive writing linked to this trip.  We will also be writing complex sentences that use a subordinating conjunction.  There will be no spellings this week because of the trip.


In maths we will continue with place value in numbers up to one million.  We will be adding and subtracting powers of ten (multiples of ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand or hundred thousand) and then looking at rounding to the nearest ten, thousand, ten thousand or hundred thousand.