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Welcome to Sparrowhawks!

Sparrowhawks is a Year One class taught by Mrs Doble which is supported by Mrs Hill and Mrs Dando. We have a bright classroom with doors that open onto the top playground. We are fortunate to able to make use of a shaded outdoor area which provides opportunities to extend our learning in the outdoor environment.

 Spring term


The children have had a busy first week back after the Christmas holidays. We have been working on our handwriting - thinking about how each letter is formed and how they 'sit' in the line. We have been thinking about our sentence construction and the importance of using capital letters and full stops. We have learnt to say each sentence out loud before we write it which helps with this. In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction within 10. We enjoyed looking at a world map and a map of the UK. We colour-coded our own maps to show the different countries in the UK. We enjoyed our PE session with Mrs Price too!


Next week w/c 15th January

Maths - Working on place value to 20 - reading, writing, spelling numbers to 20 and understanding their values.

Literacy - We are going to be researching sharks and writing interesting, factual sentences about them.

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w/c Monday 27th November


Maths - We will continue to work on addition using part, part, whole. This week we will be finding the whole from two parts. We will continue to work on learning our pairs to 10 so that we are able to recall them at speed. We will also begin to work on subtraction.


Literacy - We will be walking into Kilmersdon village to look at some of the features. We will be talking about what we have seen and writing recounts. We will continue to work hard on correct letter formation and how our letters 'sit' on the line.

w/c Monday 20th November


Maths - We will compare number bonds using greater than and less than and equals symbols. We have a crocodile on our maths wall to help us understand how to use  the < and > symbols.

We will be using part, part whole to explore number bonds and find the total. 


Literacy - We will be working on some familiar nursery rhymes and following the Jack and Jill trail up the hill. We will read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and talk about the use of adjectives. We will do our own writing linked to the story.

w/c Monday 13th November


Maths - We will be learning a range of number bonds and how to solve them using counters and the part, part whole model.


Literacy - We will read 'Dear Zoo', a story which many of us may already know. We will think about the author's choice of animals and add alliteration - for example a slithery snake or a playful puppy. We will be using the book to inspire us to write sentences or retell the story in our own words.

Monday 30th October - Welcome back to Term Two...

This week we will be bringing home spellings to practise ready for our weekly spelling test (every Friday). We will practise in school on Monday so that we know how to complete the sheets at home for the rest of the week.


Literacy - We will continue to work on our sentence construction, remembering to use capital, letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will be working on writing using correct letter formation and how the letters 'sit' in the line.


Maths - we will begin to work on addition and continue to think about recording neatly and neat numeral formation.

We had a very busy final week of term. The highlight was on Thursday when we all baked our own Gingerbread Men which were yummy! 

Hawks - This is our 'I am special song' from our Jigsaw lessons. Can you spot Jigsaw Jack?

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Next week (9th October)

We will continue to prepare for our Harvest Festival which is on Thursday.

Literacy - we will be working on improving our handwriting so that our letters are formed correctly and look at how they 'sit' on the line.

Numeracy - we will be counting in 2s and looking at number sequences.

Friday 6th October

We have had a busy week this week. The children have enjoyed working on the story 'Rosie's Walk'. They are beginning to use 'Fred talk' and 'Fred fingers' more confidently in their independent writing so that they sound out and write the sounds in words. It has been good to see many children have learnt to read more 'red' words and how many children have been practicing from their sheets at home! 


In maths we have been working hard to form our numerals correctly (and learning the number spellings from one to ten too.) We enjoy counting rhymes and singing 'Ten Magic Beads' (our own version of 'Ten Green bottles') which we sing using the bead strings.

Next week (25th September)

Literacy:  Completing our writing on 'Little Red Riding Hood' adding our own changes - for example Little Green Hood meets a dragon!

Writing sentences linked to 'The Enormous Turnip'. The children will be working hard to construct sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. They will continue to work hard to sound out words using 'Fred-talk' and choose 'red' words from the red word card.


Numeracy: Place value to 10 - reading, writing (numerals and words) and counting activities so that they are fluent in counting forwards and backwards from any number. We will also be singing a range of number rhymes.


The children will of course continue to work in small groups and have lots of opportunities for learning through play-based activities.


Friday 22nd September

We have had a busy week,  and the days have flown by! We have enjoyed a range of learning opportunities and the children have been focussed and happy. We have started to talk about one of our school values - Friendship. We have also learnt a new song about each one of us being special and belonging, video to follow next week!


The children have all been anticipating who will take one of the class pets home for the weekend. Children are chosen to have a turn with the dogs when they have had a particularly impressive week in school - Flopsy (the brown dog) comes with a diary. Bumpy (who is very old) and Baby Bumpy enjoy coming to play, and Kind Kitten likes to go home with someone who has been noticed for being a kind member of the class.


15th September 

All the children have settled well and are getting used to the new routines and expectations in Year One, and we are pleased to welcome three new children into our class. It has been good to see new friendships developing. This week we have all worked hard in our Read Write Inc groups, which make a great start to the day!