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Friday 18th February


As you will hopefully know by now, the school is closed today due to the weather. I hope you all have a fantastic break and, if you are looking for something to do today, please see below.



Why not try to write your own story about a stormy day? You could try to include characters and use your new understanding of speech to include dialogue between them. 




Take a look at the reading comprehension below. There are different levels of difficulty to choose from.




Complete some revision work on multiplying and dividing by 100. Watch the videos below to help.

Multiply by 100

Divide by 100

Science Investigation - Transportation of Water in a Plant


We have had a fun day investigating how temperature affects the rate of transportation of water in a plant. We used food colouring in the water (apologies for the stained hands this evening!) and observed the different rates at which the colouring became evident in the petals of the flower.

Book Recommendations by Age/Year Group


Below, I have posted 50 book recommendations by the Books For Topics website. On the list, there are a fantastic array of quality books if you are looking for some help finding a new book or author to explore. I have also included the Year 3 and Year 5 lists for those wanting slightly less or more challenging titles. As well as this, I have included these as downloadable documents and a copy that you can tick off as you read each title. I'm always happy to recommend books and would welcome any recommendations from each of you too. Why don't you let me know your favourite author or book or a new book discovery you have made recently? You can always let me know your recommendations by taking a photo of you and the book or just the book itself and send it to me via Class Dojo.

Year 4 Book Recommendations

Year 3 Book Recommendations

Year 5 Book Recommendations

Spring Term Overview


Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a belated happy New Year and we also hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas break – it now seems quite a long time ago!


This term, we will be continuing to focus on key skills and concepts in our core subjects of Numeracy and Literacy.


 For Numeracy, we will begin by focusing on building our understanding of written methods for multiplication and developing methods for dividing larger numbers. Then, we will cover a unit on the concept of calculating Area. After that, we will begin to look at a number of areas related to Fractions including tenths and hundredths, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and fractions less than and greater than 1. We will continue by studying how to add and subtract fractions as well as finding fractions of quantities. Finally, we will return to the topic of Division where we will focus on dividing by 10 and 100.

In addition to these units of study, we will continue to focus on Times Table fact recall as well as the related division facts and will complete a couple of weekly times table checks. As well as this, we will try to find time for the children to log into TT RockStars at least once a week. We would really like to promote the use of this at home as well. Children should have their log in details attached to the inside cover of their contact books and it would be great if they could make time at home to practise a few times a week.


In Literacy, we are currently enjoying writing a mini-adventure based on the Joe Todd Stanton graphic novel Arthur and the Golden Rope. This is part of a really lovely series of adventure books based on different periods in time all relating to the Brownstone family – they come with a strong recommendation for children who enjoy stories accompanied by fantastic illustrations and are a firm favourite in my house! We will then move onto using another great picture book called Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies.

 During Literacy, we are hoping to cover a good range of writing genres this term including Instructions, Reports, Informal and Formal Letters, Diary Entries and Poetry. Within these pieces of genre writing, we will continue to have a range of grammatical targets too. These will include developing our use of subordinate clauses and conjunctions, apostrophes for contraction, prepositional phrases, use of adverbials within sentences and the use of correct punctuation for direct speech.


At this point, we would also like to say ‘thank you’ for all of the home reading the children have been doing. This is very evident during Guided Reading sessions and we can see their confidence growing. While on the subject of reading and books, we are always very happy to receive donations of books at school so please feel free to pass on any that you have that are unwanted!


Barn Owls’ children will continue to be set weekly spellings as well. There will be new spellings every Tuesday and your child should bring home a home spelling folder on this day each week so that they can complete some practice. We would also like to encourage children to use Spelling Shed to hone their spelling skills as, unfortunately, there has been a drop off in the use of this interactive website over the past couple of months in Barn Owls class. Again, the children’s log-in details should be attached to the inside cover of their contact book. However, this may not be the case if their contact book has been replaced recently. If so, you may email the office and they will provide those details for you.


We will also be studying new areas across our broader curriculum. As part of our Topic work, we will be studying Rainforests in Geography this half term and then moving onto Romans for our History topic next half term. These are both exciting areas of study and we are really looking forward to immersing ourselves in this new learning. There will be a good number of opportunities to complete both Art and Design and Technology pieces related to our topics and we will begin by looking at the art work of Henri Rousseau and his amazing rainforest inspired paintings.

During Science this half term, we will be completing a unit of study on Plants followed by another unit on Light. Wherever possible, we will look for cross-curricular teaching opportunities and hope that a lot of our Literacy will be linked with both our Topic and Science learning.


P.E this half term will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Children are welcome to wear their P.E kits on these days and it may be an idea to provide a change of clothes as there is a chance of them becoming damp and muddy if the sessions take place outdoors. While on the subject of changes of clothes, over the last week or so there have been a number of occasions when children have slipped in the mud. Even when we are not on the field at playtimes and lunchtimes, children have a knack of locating mud! If you can, please put a spare pair of joggers in their bag in the event of this happening.


Finally, I have decided that although the weather isn’t great at the moment, we will return to having a football session on a Friday lunchtime. However, if the children wish to take part in this, they have to bring in a pair of joggers or shorts as well as trainers to change into. They will then be able to change out of these muddy clothes at the end of lunch and back into their school uniform. A bag for both trainers and clothing would be really handy to have as well.


If you have made it this far – congratulations! Apologies for the length of this message but we feel, as parents ourselves, that it is nice to have some information about what the children are learning and doing during their days as, from experience, some children can be rather reluctant to discuss their learning once they leave the school grounds!


As ever, please contact us if you have anything that you would like to discuss. You are welcome to use Class Dojo for this, email or call the school office and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thank you once again for all of your hard work and support and we will see you all soon.


Kind regards,


Matt Phillips, Meryl Cousins and the Barn Owls Team.



Fronted Adverbials Descriptive Writing

Fronted Adverbials - Descriptive Writing


Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about fronted adverbials and how they are used at the beginning of the sentence to add more information about the main verb of the sentence e.g:


In the park, the young boy kicked the football.


After school, Mary ate a delicious snack.


These fronted adverbials can be positioned in different places in the sentence and they still add more detail to the verb but they would be called adverbial phrases e.g


The young boy kicked the football in the park.


Mary ate a delicious snack after school.


It is only when they are positioned at the beginning of the sentence that they become fronted adverbials.


Why not try writing a descriptive piece about the picture above using lots of fronted adverbials?

Thank You X Art Cubes

Water Cycle Drama


Barn Owls had fun bringing the water cycle to life in the hall through drama. It was great to see them demonstrating their understanding in a different way.

The Water Cycle Drama Lesson

Visit this BBC Bitesize page to watch a video explaining what a river is and find out more about the journey a river takes from its source to the mouth.

During our Geography lessons, we have been learning about the water cycle. Soon, we will write an explanation in Literacy about it. Take a look at the interactive game above and watch the BBC Bitesize video to revise your understanding.

We have been thinking about descriptive sentences this last week. If you feel like practising at home, why not try to write a descriptive paragraph about the picture?

Spelling Shed is an interactive way of practising your weekly spellings. You can play different games to help you learn the spelling patterns. Don't forget - for each session you play, a Dojo will be awarded as I can keep a track of all of the games that you play. Your log-in and password are inside your Contact Book so get spelling!

TT RockStars is a times table based website that Kilmersdon School has a subscription with. Play gigs and buy items for your avatar with 'money' earned from playing times table games. If you are unsure of your log-in, please ask an adult to email the school office who will then be able to supply them with your log-in and password.

Above is a link that will take you to 'Hit the Button' which is a great interactive maths game. You can practise your times table and division recall, doubling, halving and your knowledge of number bonds as well. Hit the Button is also available as an app for you to download to any Apple or Android devices.

Autumn Term and School Year Overview


Welcome new Barn Owls and adults! 


Both myself and Mrs Cousins are very excited about the year ahead and have been really impressed with the children over the past couple of weeks - well done, everyone. The information below has already been emailed out to everyone but I thought it may be useful to put it onto the website in case the original goes missing from your inbox - this seems to happen to me quite frequently.


Class Teachers and P.E


Each week, Barn Owls will be taught by Mrs Cousins on a Monday and myself (Mr Phillips) from Tuesday to Friday. For this term, P.E days will be Tuesdays and Fridays with children encouraged to come into school in their P.E kits. On these days, it may be an idea to pack a spare pair of joggers and socks in case the field is used and the children get slightly damp. As well as this, a spare pair of shoes or trainers may be a good idea especially if your child's trainers are not completely water tight. 




New spellings will be given out each Tuesday with some teaching and an activity completed each day. As well as this, the children will bring their home spelling folder home on a Tuesday with four spelling tables to complete before they are returned the following Monday. There will be an informal test each week so that we can see how well the children are learning and understanding each spelling pattern. In addition, your child's spellings will be posted on Spelling Shed for extra practice - children will be awarded a Dojo Point for every practice session they complete. We have attached the children's Spelling Shed Log-ins and passwords inside their Contact Books. Please let me know if your child has any issues accessing the site. The spelling patterns will be repeated over a four-week cycle so that the children can commit these to their long-term memory. As well as the core spellings, children have the opportunity to learn some more challenging words each week. Please let me know how your child is getting on with their spellings and adjustments can be made accordingly.




Reading is another key skill that needs plenty of practice and we would encourage as much reading at home as possible. For each reading session at home, the children will be awarded a Dojo Point. These reading sessions are tallied on a Friday. The children are also working their way up our Reading Hill to reach Kilmersdon Reading Well. For every ten reading sessions, the children will be awarded a book mark and their name will be moved up our class Reading Hill. In class, we will listen to each child read as often as possible and encourage fifteen minutes of independent quiet reading in the morning and afternoon wherever possible. In addition, we will complete several sessions of Guided Reading each week either as a whole class or in smaller groups.


Times Tables


In Year 4, there is a statutory requirement for all children to complete a times table assessment towards the end of the school year. We believe that knowledge of times table facts is very important for many reasons. Because of this, we aim to complete a couple of times table tests each week, moving the children up through their times tables as and when they are ready. When children are finding it difficult to learn particular table facts, we will address this with small interventions to help build their confidence and improve their knowledge. To support this at home, please help your child learn their times table facts in any way you feel is suitable. All children have access to TT RockStars, which is an excellent and fun way to hone their multiplication fact recall. Please contact the school office for your child's Log-in and password if you are unsure of it.


Learning and Topics


Over the year, we will follow the Year 4 Maths Curriculum. During the Autumn Term, our areas of learning are Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Measurements including Calculating Perimeter, and Multiplication and Division. A number of these areas will be revisited as the year progresses. 


Over each half term, the children will have an overarching Geography or History topic. We like to create as many cross-curricular opportunities as possible and often find that theming our writing around the topic is a great way to engage the children. This term, we have already begun by completing some descriptive writing based around rivers and will be writing an explanation of the water cycle as well as creating a fictional piece about the journey of a raindrop inspired by The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith among other pieces of writing. Each piece will have a grammar focus that is taught at the beginning of a piece and the children are encouraged to show their understanding of that grammar focus within their writing. As well as this, we aim to explore the topics through a range of other subjects including Art, Design and Technology as well as others when possible.


Topics for the Year:


Autumn Term


Geography - Rivers

History - Anglo-Saxons and Celts


Spring Term


Geography - Rainforests

History - Romans


Summer Term


Geography - The Amazon Basin

History - Georgian Kings


As well as these, we will take the opportunity to explore other engaging topics. For example, next month is Black History Month and so we will be learning about a number of important figures from Black History. 




We will have five areas of learning in Science this year. These are Forces and MagnetsElectricityLightAnimals including Humans and Plants. Our first Science topic is Forces and Magnets. Whenever we can, we like to make lessons as practical as possible as well as complete at least one piece of cross-curricular writing for each area.


Art, Design and Technology and Music


Our Art and Design and Technology will be based around our overarching topics for the year whenever possible. This term we will be looking at the paintings of Monet, in particular his water-based pieces, and developing our skills using watercolours. In D&T, our focus is on structures and what techniques can be used to strengthen them. We are very lucky to have Mrs North teaching our music for this term. I look forward to hearing what the children produce over the weeks.


General Information


We want all of the children in our class to have an enjoyable experience in Year 4 where they feel confident, supported and safe. I would like to reiterate the point that I am always happy to have a conversation about any problems or challenges your child is having. Please feel free to contact me via Class Dojo, by email through the school office or by telephone and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


We are very excited about the year ahead and thank you in advance for all of your support at home.


Kind regards,


Matt Phillips

                  Monday 19th July 2021


    Good morning Barn Owls. I hope you are all well and safely enjoying the warm weather. I am posting some tasks for you to try today covering  maths and Spanish. There are no new spellings this week as the holidays begin on Friday. I look forward to seeing you at school before we break up. Enjoy these activities in the meantime and a break today from Zoom.

Friday 16th July


Hello once again and for our final (fingers crossed) time of home learning. Please find below the Maths for today. We will have a look at this together at 9:15am and, if you have any problems, you are welcome to come back onto Zoom between 10:45 and 11:15am. 

Thanks again to everybody posting to Class Dojo - I've enjoyed seeing all of your updates and the things you've been up to.

Group 1 - Lines of symmetry

Group 2 - Triangles

Thursday 15th July


Good morning, everyone. Please find below your maths for today. I will hopefully be seeing lots of you very shortly and possibly this afternoon at 1pm for more of 'The Land of Roar' which I am really enjoying reading to you. As ever, I will be available for any help or advice at the usual times today. Thanks to everyone who has messaged and shared their work via Class Dojo - I will be checking that later on as well.

Group 1 - Recognise and describe 2-D shapes

Group 2 - Recognise and describe 2-D shapes

Wednesday 14th July


Good morning, everyone. Thanks to all who attended our Zoom lesson as well as those that managed to make it back for our class story. Please find below the Maths for today. You can choose any of the Literacy activities I have already posted.

Any problems, please either email the school office, message on Class Dojo or come back on Zoom between 10:45 and 11:15.

Group 1 Maths - Count vertices on 2D shapes

Group 2 - Compare and order angles

Tuesday 13th July


Hi Barn Owls and welcome to your week and a bit of home learning. Hopefully, your adults should have received an email now explaining the timings of Zoom lessons. Briefly, they will be at 9:15 - 9:45 for all children, a chance to catch up with me at 10:45 - 11:15 if you are having any problems with anything and then all of us back online at 1pm for a chapter of a class story.


I'll post Maths each day and we will have a chance to look at it on the early Zoom call. Literacy and all other subjects will be posted at times over the week -  a lot of it is already below!


As ever, try your best but don't worry if you are finding it difficult to get motivated -  everyone is very tired so be kind to yourselves and your adults!

Literacy - Grammar Mysteries


Below, I have posted a number of the Grammar Mysteries challenges. There are quite a few activities within each Mystery and each one could probably take you two days to complete. There are answers attached if you get stuck on a certain question but try not to look at the final page as that will reveal the final answer!


As well as these activities, you could always try one of the reading comprehensions each day or maybe one of these suggestions:


  • Design a new front and back cover for one of your favourite books. Include a new 'blurb' to inspire others to want to read it. Can you make the cover eye catching and colourful?
  • Draw and write a description of a new character that could feature in a new Mr Gum book. 
  • Create a short story based on the picture below. You could always type it if you would prefer!

Troll Story

Group 1 Maths: 2D Shapes - Number of Sides

Group 2 Maths: Identify angles

Art - Draw With Rob


This is always a great way to improve your artistic skills and produce something that you will be proud of. I've selected a few of the most recent ones but below is a link to Rob Biddulph's YouTube home page where you can choose any of his previous videos.

#DrawWithRob 95 Snail

#DrawWithRob 91 The Kindness Monster

#DrawWithRob 93 Kangaroo

Science - Light


Following on from some of the learning we have completed in class, you will find links below to two Oak Academy lessons based on shadows. They are presented in the form of a short video presented by a teacher. We have completed some of these during previous Home Learning. Why not take a look and see how you get on?

ICT - Scratch Coding


Over the past couple of weeks, you have really impressed me with your coding skills. I really hope we can do some more as a class when we are back in. To keep your coding skills sharp, here are a number of different challenges for you to complete. 

Remember: if you wanted to save your project, this is possible but requires an email address. You must get permission from your adult to do this. 

I have attached the instructions for creating an account from previous lockdown learning to help with the set up if needed.

                  Monday 12th July 2021

  Good morning Barn Owls. Here are some learning activities for you to engage with while you have to be at home today. More will follow for the rest of the week ...

I hope you are all safe and well and I look forward to seeing you when we are able.


      The documents  here are for maths and R.E .

      Spellings have been loaded on to spelling shed for the week as usual.

      For Spanish have a look at video clips on BBC bitesize which show you what Spanish festivals are like and which months they occur in . Can you write yourself a list of the months in Spanish ?



Barn Owls 12.7.21 Maths and R.E. tasks.

Friday 5th March


Welcome to the last day of lockdown learning. Firstly, WELL DONE! Secondly, below you will find some maths revision that you can complete. Other than that, I think you deserve a little bit of time off today so please don't work too hard. It'll be great to have you all back after the weekend so please take care and I will see you all very soon.

Divide by 10

Thursday 4th March


Hello, Barn Owls! Today, I have put some revision maths below. Please watch the accompanying video and then try to work through the question sheet PDF. For Literacy, it is World Book Day so take a look at the tasks further down the page and possibly try a couple of those. There is also a live event at 10:30am on the World Book Day YouTube channel. Hopefully, we will be watching this in class and it might be an interesting watch for you at home as well!

Aut4.10.2 - Multiply by 100

Wednesday 3rd March


Good morning, Barn Owls. Today in Maths, we will be completing a little revision of multiplying and dividing and you can have a look at the 'Power Puzzle' section as well. You should at least try questions 1 and 2 on page 51. Then, have a look at the questions 1,2 and 3 of the Power Puzzle. These questions are a little different but as long as you read the question carefully and a couple of times, you should be able to tackle them. For anyone wanting a little challenge, go onto questions 4 and 5.

For your Literacy, please choose either a comprehension task from further down the page, an additional writing task or something from the World Book Day PDF.

I am sorry but there will be no 2pm Zoom available today. Also, there will be no morning Zoom sessions now for the remainder of the week.

Tuesday 2nd March


Good morning, everyone. Please find below your Maths PDF for today. You will need to start from page 48. You should try to complete questions 1, 2 and 3. You could try question 4 and 5 and, if you would like to challenge yourself, take a look at question 6 and the Reflect question.


I have explained our Literacy for this week a little further down the page so keep scrolling down and read the post titled 'Week Beginning 1st March Additional Activities'.


I hope to see most of you this morning for our Zoom sessions!

      Barn Owls Monday 1.3.21

   Good morning to all of you , I hope you are all well and looking forward to returning to school soon. We really missed you all !

  Here are the activities for Monday this week 

 Maths - warm up and answers 

          - Power maths unit 6 multiplication and division lesson 14 answers

  Spellings - teaching notes and tasks for both groups- also lists on spelling shed site as usual.

  Spanish -A task which allows you to practice your vocbulary for the face and learn a few new words I have included today .


Week Beginning 1st March: Additional Activities


Hi, Barn Owls, and welcome to the last week of lockdown learning. All of the staff are looking forward to welcoming you back into school next week and we are hoping for a great few weeks before the Easter break. We will be taking things steadily on your return and I would like to revise some of the home learning, particularly in Maths. I hope lots of you are excited about returning but I also completely understand if there are some who feel a little nervous about it but please do not worry, we will be taking things slowly so that everyone feels happy, safe and comfortable on their return.

As has been emailed to parents, there will be no Zoom sessions on Thursday and Friday this week so I will post a couple of revision sessions for Maths.


For Literacy, I have posted a final Impossibly Possible Bookshop activity on Tuesday as I will save our story writing for when we are back in school. In the mean time, either look back at last week's Literacy to make sure you have completed all of the tasks, complete some of the Comprehension tasks I have posted or complete different World Book Day activities from the PDF I have posted below on each day. I will leave it a little bit more up to you this week as you know best where you have got up to and how you are feeling.

Please find below some additional tasks involving other subject areas as well as some more information about live events for World Book Day (Thursday 4th March) and some Author Master Classes.

World Book Day - 25 Non-Screen Activities

Below is a link to the World Book Day Master Class page. There are lots of authors sharing ideas, tips and providing some activities based around the video clips or extracts from their books. Over the week, I will try to look at some that we may end up completing in class when you return but have a look and have a go for yourselves too!

World Book Day Live Events

ICT - Coding


Please find below another Minecraft-themed coding activity - A Hero's Journey. I hope lots of you enjoyed this from last week but if you would prefer to create a project using Scratch that would be an equally good option!

Geography - Oddizzi Explorers - Continent Focus: Asia


Just as I posted last week, please find below a PDF produced by the Oddizzi website all about Asia with a country focus on India. I have also re-posted below the PDF with password and username to access the Oddizzi website.

Geography - Oddizzi Continent Focus: Asia

Science - Rocks Lesson 2


Unfortunately, this lesson would have been a tricky one to complete at home so I am recommending that this week you just have a look at the Oak Academy Lesson 2. I have also posted a recording sheet as an extra activity where you might like to keep an eye out on your daily walk for different types of rocks and how they have been used. Additionally, could you make a poster about one of the 3 types of rock to explain how it is formed, what it is like and what it has been used for? Use last week's Lesson Presentation and set activities to help, oh, and the internet too!

Art and Design and Technology - Creative Tasks

#DrawWithRob 76 Mermaid

#DrawWithRob 72 Hippo

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 24th Feb

Friday 26th February


Good morning, Barn Owls, and welcome to the weekend. Please find below your Maths and Literacy for today. In Maths, we will be revising multiplying by 10 - watch the video below to refresh your memory and then complete the work sheet (the answers are on the separate PDF). In Literacy, it is Day 4 of the Impossibly Possible Workshop. 

Please keep sending your photos to Class Dojo - I really like seeing what you have been up to! Have a great weekend.

Aut4.10.1 - Multiply by 10

Thursday 25th February


Good morning, everyone. We will be carrying on with division today in our maths as well as continuing with our literacy work based on The Impossibly Possible Bookshop. You will need to start on page 42 in your Power Maths book. You should try to complete questions 1,2 and 3. You could work out questions 4 and 5 if you are feeling confident. For your challenge, tackle question 6 and the Reflect question.

Wednesday 24th February


Good morning, all. Please find below your Maths and Literacy PDFs for today. As ever, try to complete your 4-a-day practice either before your Zoom lesson or after it if you have the earliest slot. You will be working from page 39 to 41. You should try to complete questions 1, 2 and 3. You could try questions 4 and 5. To challenge and extend your learning you can tackle questions 6, 7 and the Reflect question.

In Literacy, you will be continuing with the work we started yesterday on The Impossibly Possible Bookshop - I hope you enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to seeing some of your efforts over the next few days.

Tuesday 23rd February


Good morning, everyone. I hope to see lots of you today for the first time in a week or so and it will be great to find out what you have been up to so we will reserve some time on our Zoom lessons for a bit of a catch up (if you want to share any news - no pressure!).

You will be working from pages 36 to 38 today in your Power Maths book. You should try to complete questions 1,2 and 3. You could also try question 4 and for a challenge look at question 5 and the Reflect question.

For Literacy, we are starting a piece of work based on a Talk for Writing unit called the Impossibly Possible Bookshop. Each day, I will set a couple of small tasks relating to the story that you will read today. There are lots of opportunities to do different things to support your writing so hopefully lots of you will enjoy it.

                                Barn Owls                 Monday 22.2.21


    Good morning to all of you. I do hope you had a peaceful half term and a little rest from work . We are really looking forward to seeing you all again on Zoom and hopefully back in class when we are allowed  to by the government .  You have been so patient and hard working , it really has been something you can be proud of !

I am posting here :

Maths - warm up with answers 

             power maths answers for today


 Spellings - teaching notes and tasks for both groups . Lists are also on Spelling Shed as usual

 R.E - An explanation and task with printable resources.

 I hope these go well and look forward to seeing your smiling faces .....and assorted pets !!


Week Beginning 22nd February - Additional Activities


Good morning, Barn Owls. I hope you have had a great half term and that the rain hasn't made getting out for some daily exercise difficult. At the Phillips' residence, we have been exploring our new surroundings and getting stuck into some D.I.Y with mixed results!

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you over the next few days and I know Mrs Cousins is too. We will be keeping to the same timetable as before half term and I will be keeping an eye out for any pictures you have shared with me via Class Dojo - thanks to everyone who has posted so far. Below, you will find some activities to do in addition to your daily Maths and Literacy tasks.


Remember, if you are having a tricky day it is fine to take a break - you are all doing amazingly well so don't be too hard on yourselves! 

Science - Rocks


We will be beginning our new topic, Rocks, for Science this week. Just like last term, you will have the choice of completing the Oak Academy video lesson or working through the Lesson Presentation and tackling the activities on the PDF work sheets. Feel free to explore both if you wish as the focus will be slightly different. This week, Oak Academy video lesson focuses on how igneous rock is formed while the Lesson Presentation looks at all types of rocks in one go.


Additional tasks:

Sketch it: Collect a umber of different types of rocks and carefully draw them. Can you work out what type of rock they are?

Solve it: Complete the word search of rock related words.

P.E - P.E With Joe


Posting new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Joe Wicks puts you through your paces! Try this out or, alternatively, go for a nice, relaxing walk! Either way, make sure you're getting plenty of exercise in some form.

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 19th Feb

Geography - Oddizzi Website Weekly Tasks


As a school, we have signed up to this great website. Over the next couple of weeks, I will post their weekly lockdown PDFs for you to explore. On the PDF below, I have put the weblink that will take you to the schools' log-in page as well as instructions for logging onto the site for additional resources including video clips.

This week, the focus is on South America and, in particular, Brazil. There are a good number of tasks that you can have a look at over the week and I think lots of you will enjoy it!

ICT - Scratch or Minecraft Coding


For your ICT activities, you can choose between continuing with a Scratch project of your choice or exploring the Minecraft coding game below. Within the game, you will use your coding knowledge to program your character to complete different tasks. It is perfect for coding beginners (like me!).

Art - Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night


With thanks to Miss Baker and Mrs Nolan, we are focusing on lines this week to produce our own version of 'Starry Night'. I'd really like to see the results on Class Dojo. As well as this, the final slide has some great ideas for some outdoor creative activities.

#DrawWithRob 75 Airedale Terrier

#DrawWithRob 74 Jack Russell

Friday 12th February


Well done, Barn Owls, we have (almost) made it to half term! I hope to see lots of you this morning for the next chapter of our book so, if you can make it, that would be great. Thanks to everyone who has sent their work over via Class Dojo. If you are unsure how to do this or whether you have received an invitation, ask your adult to email the school office who will resend the relevant information and then your adult can return the permission form.

For Maths today, please complete the revision worksheet on Perimeter. Make sure you watch the video clip first to refresh your memory. Our Literacy is the last Natural Curriculum piece that we will be doing for a while. Today, you will be basing your writing on the infamous clownfish - I hope you enjoy the video!

If I don't see you for our Zoom class book meet up, I hope you all have a great break and I will see you on the other side of half term.

Aut4.9.3 - Perimeter of a rectangle

Thursday 11th February


Hello, Barn Owls. I hope you are all well and I'm sure you're all excited about a break over half term - you have certainly earned it!

For Power Maths today, you will be working from page 30 to 32. You should try questions 1,2 and 3. If that goes well, take a look at question 4. For your challenge, tackle question 5 and the Reflect question.

If you are not feeling too confident on this, you may choose to complete the short multiplication on the Group 3 PDF.

In Literacy, you will have a chance to learn about the golden mole and write a senses poem about it. Watch the video clip, read the information and take a look at the example poem.

Wednesday 10th February


Good morning, everyone. It was nice to see lots of you yesterday and I'm looking forward to catching up with you again today. Please find below your Maths and Literacy for today.


You will be working from page 27 to 29 in your Power Maths. You should try questions 1,2 and 3. You could try question 4 and for a challenge you could attempt questions 5, 6 and the Reflect question.


If you are in my Group 3, there is a separate PDF for you today.


In Literacy, you will be writing an acrostics poem about the tiger! Take a look at the PDF, watch the short video and read the additional information and then have a go at writing your poem. Remember, I'm happy if you would prefer to type some of your writing and I would love to see any of your efforts using Class Dojo.

Tuesday 9th February


Good morning, Barn Owls, and welcome to the last week of lockdown learning before a well-deserved and much needed break. Today, we will be looking at multiplying more than two numbers and you will be working from page 24 to 26. You should try to complete questions 1,2 and 3. You could try questions 4 and 5. For your challenge, have a go at solving questions 6,7,8 and the Reflect question.


My third Zoom group that logs on at 11am, I would like you to complete the questions on the PDF titled 'Group 3' after our Zoom lesson.


This week, in Literacy, we will be using ideas from the brilliant Natural Curriculum website. This site focuses on different animals with a link to a short video about each and a follow up idea for some form of writing based on the clip. Hopefully, this should be a really interesting way of producing some short pieces of writing.

I have also included a couple of extra optional writing tasks for those of you that are keen to complete some story writing.

                                    Barn Owls    Monday 8.2.21


       Good morning to you all. I hope everyone is well and getting ready to learn lots this last week before we break for half term. You are still doing a great job with Zoom lessons and everything else at home so you can feel proud of yourselves for making such a good effort to keep learning . 

 Today you will find on here:

 Maths - warm up questions and answers

            Power Maths answers for today

 Spellings - notes and tasks for both groups

                 Level 2 list 30

                 Level 3 list 32

  Spanish - Web pages for a game and video clip. There is an explanation  of what to do on that PDF.

  Have fun and I will see you on Zoom !

Week Beginning 8th February - Additional Activities

History: Anglo-Saxons: Conversion to Christianity


Additional Activities:


Ask: Can you work with a partner to act out an interview with one of the influential Christian saints? You should compose and answer questions that tell all about the work they did as a missionary.


Write: Can you find out what the Illuminated Manuscripts are and have a go at writing one of your own in the same style as the Anglo-Saxon monks?



Research: Can you find out who St. Cuthbert is and why he is so important in the history of Christianity? What is the Cult of St. Cuthbert and what are the Lindisfarne Gospels?

Science - Changes In Matter


For your Science you have two choices again this week. The first option is to design and complete an investigation into evaporation. However, you will need some resources to complete this and will need the support and consent of an adult in the house. The second option is the Oak Academy video lesson 4 exploring changes of state and why they occur.

ICT: Scratch Coding - Make Your Own Pong Game

#DrawWithRob 72 Hippo

#DrawWithRob 67 Wizard

UPDATE - Chester Zoo Virtual Tour @ 10am today


Please find the link below to take you to Chester Zoo's website. Mrs Nolan has told me that there is a live virtual tour at 10am today which we shall be watching in class. If that doesn't work for you, they have links on the page to previous live tours which you may enjoy!

Friday 5th February


Good morning, Barn Owls and welcome to the last day of your working week and the beginning of your weekend. Thanks so much for all of your efforts - you have all been brilliant. Today in Maths we will be completing some revision on Roman Numerals. Please find a video below to remind you of the main learning points as well as a worksheet to complete.

For your Literacy, I have chosen another couple of reading comprehensions which you are welcome to choose between or use this time to catch up on any of the other pieces of Literacy that you may not have completed this week - the choice is yours.

I hope to see many of you at 9:15am today for the next instalment of our class story but, if you are unable to make it, I hope you all have a great weekend and keep an eye out for some more snow!

Aut4.4.4 - Roman Numerals

I Express Myself Through Dance with Oti Mabuse, JJ Chalmers & Christina Andrea | BAFTA Kids

Thursday 4th February


Good morning, Barn Owls. Firstly, thanks for all of your efforts yesterday with our maths learning - it was quite a tricky method to understand via Zoom and I really appreciated all of your persistence and efforts in getting to grips with it.

Today, you will be continuing with this method but expanding it to 3-digit numbers. You will be working from page 18. You should try questions 1, 2 and 3. You could try question 4 and 5 and, for a challenge, look at completing questions 6, 6 and the Reflect question.

I have also posted another PDF that has a couple of pages of 2-digit by 1-digit short multiplication that you could also practise.



Thursday 4th February


Yesterday, we learned about apostrophes for singular possession. Hopefully, you feel happy about how to use these. If you don’t, it may be worth revisiting the presentation and choosing a couple of the activities that you didn’t complete to help build your confidence before trying today’s learning.

Today, we will be exploring apostrophes for plural possession – when we are showing the possessions of more than one person or thing, for example, the jars’ lids or the girls’ coats.

Look through the presentation below and then take a look at the activities provided.  I have also included a couple of games that need to be played with an adult – they shouldn’t take very long but remember to find a time that works for them as well as you! There is also an Extension Task that you could have a go at completing. Again, this has three levels of difficulty for you to choose from.

You should also watch the BBC Bitesize clip for more information and to help you to improve your understanding.

Apostrophes for Possession and Contraction - Extension Task

I Express Myself Through Art with Hannah Brooks, Annabelle Davis & More | BAFTA Kids

Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Wednesday 3rd February


Good morning, everyone. It was so nice to see so many of you yesterday and I'm hoping to see just as many of you, if not more, today. Please find below your Maths and Literacy for today. You will be working from page 15 from your Power Maths books. You should attempt questions 1, 2 and 3. You could answer question 4 and 5. For your challenge, tackle question 6 and the Reflect question.


Don't forget, if your Zoom live lesson is later on in the morning, you can always start by completing your warm up maths and Literacy activities.

Wednesday 3rd February - Literacy: Apostrophes for Singular Possession


Today, we will be looking at the other use for apostrophes – for possession. These apostrophes show when something belongs to someone or something, for example, ‘Simon’s pencil’ or the ‘jar’s lid’. We will focus on singular possession for today meaning it belongs to just one person or thing.

Look through the presentation below and then try the activities I have posted. Like yesterday, choose a couple of the activities to complete or, if you really want to, have a go at all of them!


In addition, could you create 5 sentences with each one including an apostrophe for possession?


Also, don't forget the PDF Optional Writing Tasks document that will give you some more opportunities to write creatively.

Children's Mental Health Week


This week, it is Children's Mental Health Week and I will try to post a number of items over the course of the week. You already have the activity that Mrs Duery discussed with you on Friday that allows you to map your feelings over the course of the week. Below, I have posted the official assembly for Mental Health Week and will put some additional activities onto our page over the next few days.

If you are watching with an adult, you could visit the web page linked below for some ideas about when to pause the video and topics for discussion.

Children's Mental Health Week assembly - with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy

Tuesday 2nd February


Good morning, Barn Owls. Welcome to our penultimate week (second from last) before half term gives us a well-deserved break from home learning. Please find below your daily Maths and Literacy tasks.

In Maths, we shall be working from p12 - 14. Remember, you do not have to complete all of the questions each day. You should try questions 1 and 2 as well as some of question 3 as it is applying the same method we will have practised in our online lesson. You could try question 4 and as a challenge, complete questions 5 and the Reflect question.

Tuesday 2nd  February  -  Literacy


This week, we will be looking at how we use apostrophes accurately. Today, we will start by revising using apostrophes for contracted words.

We will work through some examples during our live lesson and below there are a number of activities to help you revise the contracted forms of words.

For example,  should not can be contracted (shortened) to shouldn’t with the apostrophe replacing the letter that has been missed out. Lots of the contractions work like this but some words do not necessarily follow this rule.

Pick and choose the activities that you want to try – choose at least two so that you have a good bit of practice on this. The folding activity and handwriting activity would be good choices if you are not feeling too confident. 

It would also be worth watching the BBC Bitesize clip on the weblink below as well as trying the activities on the same page.

I have also posted below a couple of additional writing tasks if you would like to practise your creative writing as well this week.

Optional Writing Tasks

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 1st Feb

                               Monday 1st February 2019

     Good morning to all the Barn Owls, I do hope everyone is well and you have enjoyed all the lessons and some relaxing time too over the weekend. I do really look forward to seeing you all on Zoom and as ever do feel free to ask questions . We will always do our best to help !

 Today you will find here :

 Maths - warm up questions and answers

          - power maths answers for today's lesson


 Spellings - The teaching notes and activities for both groups ( also the lists are on Spelling shed as usual)

  R.E -  Salvation. Why is Good Friday good ?

  This is exploring a key Christian belief . Christians believe that because Jesus died on the cross they can be forgiven by God. There are some video clips to watch which show the events leading up to and including the crucifixion. The story seems sad and tragic , yet for Christians the cross is central to their faith. Think about why this could be. What is so important about Jesus' cross?

 There is a picture to look at which helps to explain why the cross is so important. The cross is acting like a bridge between people and their sometimes bad choices and God on the other side. There are a few questions on the sheet to think about in order to explain your understanding of the importance of the cross to Christians.

 Keep up all your good work everyone, you are being very patient and positive. See you on Zoom soon !

Week Beginning 2nd February Additional Activities


Welcome to February, Barn Owls. Please find below a selection of activities to keep you learning, entertained and occupied for the next week. 

History - Anglo-Saxon Gods and Beliefs


Below, you will find a lesson presentation and activity sheet where you can create your own quiz about the gods and goddesses of Anglo-Saxon times. Additionally, you could try any of the following activities:


  • Can you make up a game to help other children learn and remember all about the Anglo-Saxon pagan religion? It could be a card game or board game or maybe a treasure hunt or quiz.


  • Can you create a mask of an Anglo-Saxon god?


  • Can you make up a song or rhyme about Anglo-Saxon gods?

Science - States of Matter Lesson 4: States of Water


Again this week, there are two options for Science. You may wish to work your way through the Oak Academy video lesson, completing the quiz and other activities as you go. Alternatively, look at the PDF presentation titled ‘Wonderful Water’.

In this presentation, there are a number of investigations that can be completed with the help of an adult. Hopefully, you have most, if not all, of the items needed for the four investigations at home. You can also have a go at matching up the questions with the appropriate answers in the ‘Three States of Water’ activity sheet.


Extension Task:

Make a poster to explain the three states of water and the processes that change the states.

PSHE - Emotions Tracker


This is the Emotions tracker that Mrs Duery showed you on Friday during our whole class Zoom session. Choose your emotions and track them over the course of the week.

Art - Anglo-Saxon Themed Art Ideas 


Below, you will find some PDF documents that contain a number of Anglo-Saxon art ideas for you to try!

#DrawWithRob *SPECIAL EDITION* Race Suit

#DrawWithRob 5 Alien

ICT - Scratch Coding


As ever, you are welcome to choose your own activities for Scratch but below I have uploaded instructions for making a chase game if you are starting out with coding.



Friday 29th January


Good morning, Barn Owls. Firstly, apologies for the cancelled Zoom live lessons yesterday. We lost the internet across the school so unfortunately were unable to get online. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any issues with our whole class story Zoom this morning.


Today in Maths, we will be completing a revision task on Negative Numbers. Please find below a video to recap our learning, a worksheet to complete along with answers as well as all of your normal warm up maths activities. 


For Literacy, you are more than welcome to continue with the 'publishing' of your non-chronological report. However, there are also two reading comprehensions that you may choose from, both of which have different difficulty levels depending on how confident you are feeling. As it's Friday, the choice is yours!


I hope that I see you for our whole class meeting but, if not, then I'd like to wish you a great weekend and ask that you stay safe and I'll see you all next week!

Aut4.4.3 - Negative numbers

Thursday 28th January


Good morning! I am looking forward to seeing you all this morning for your Zoom lessons. Below you will find the PDFs for today's Maths and Literacy tasks. In Maths, we are starting to work from our new practice book  today. Please don't worry if you are yet to collect it from school - I'd still like to see you in our lesson. If you have the new book, you will need to work through pages 6 to 8. You should try questions 1,2 and 3. You could try question 4 and for a challenge, try questions 5, 6 and the Reflect question.


In Literacy, I would like you to find an interesting and engaging way to present your non-chronological report. Take a look at the PDF for some ideas to help you.


Tomorrow (Friday 29th) I will be reading the next chapter of our class story at 9:15am. It would be great to see as many of you as possible then! 

Wednesday 27th January


Good morning and welcome to Wednesday. From tomorrow, we will be working from our new Power Maths book so if someone can collect this from school that would be great.

Find below your Maths and Literacy for today. In maths, you will be working from page 159 to 161. You should try to answer questions 1, 2 and 3. You could try question 4 and for a challenge tackle questions 5 and the Reflect question.

For Literacy, I would like you to write an introduction to your monster non-chronological report. On the PDF document you will find examples and sentence starters to help you if you get stuck.


I hope to see many of you for your Zoom live lessons during the morning.



I just wanted to remind you that our new Power Maths books (4B) are in school to collect NOW. We will be starting to use these from THURSDAY 28th so it would be useful if an adult could collect a copy for you by then.

Tuesday 26th January


Good morning, Barn Owls. I hope you had a lovely weekend and possibly even got to build a snowman? As the snow begins to melt away, you can find today's Maths and Literacy PDFs. I'm posting it a little early as I have some home learning of my own to complete today. For your maths, we will be continuing to look at the 7 times table. You will need to work from page 156 in your Power Maths book. You should try questions 1,2 and 3. If possible, tackle the multiplication questions in question 4. For your challenge, complete questions 5, 6 and the Reflect question. In Literacy, you will be adding another section to your monster non-chronological report.


I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Zoom lives lessons today. 

Week Beginning 25th January: Additional Subject Activities


Please find below your additional subject activities - remember that you can always go back to previous weeks if you haven't completed them all. This is especially useful for Science as the lessons are best done in the correct order.

Science - Lesson 3


Again, you have two choices. The first PDF lesson presentation takes you through heating and cooling as well as providing an investigation involving CHOCOLATE. You may well have all of the necessary items for it at home already (although it seems like a waste of chocolate to me).


The second option is the Oak Academy online video lesson that the children in class have been enjoying. You can always do both if the subject interests you!

Art - Pop Art


As we've just looked at Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein  , I thought we could carry on with the Pop-Art theme. Below is a link to the Tate Kids website with more activities based on this style of art.

Below is a video of  Lichtenstein’s sculpture that was in the presentation on his work last week.

It's really rather impressive! Your challenge for this week is to see if you can recreate this sculpture or make a 3D sculpture which you could then decorate in a Pop Art style.

Roy Lichtenstein House Illusion

#DrawWithRob 71 Eagle

#DrawWithRob 43 Chameleon

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 20th Jan

ICT - Scratch Coding


Like last week, I have added instructions and weblink to the 'Ideas' page for Scratch. The instructions below explain how you can animate your name and make it do lots of fun things - enjoy!

Scratch - Animate Your Name PDF

                         Monday 25th January 2021

      Good morning to all the Barn Owls. I think you may have had some fun in the snow which will be a change for you. It has been very pretty to look at here. I am so glad I get to see you on Zoom , but I do miss teaching you in class ! Hopefully you are all ready for another week of lessons and some challenges. Thank you for all your efforts , you really are doing a great job. 

 I am including here :

 Maths- warm up questions and answers

            Power maths answers for today. 



 Spellings-  the teaching slides and tasks for two different groups.The lists are also on the spelling shed website as usual.



   Spanish - Vocabulary for parts of the face

                  The main task is to try and learn these words. Draw a face and label the parts in Spanish. You can see one on the  PDF which will give you an idea.

                 There are also some additional tasks on a printable sheet linked to this for you to try. These will help you to learn the vocabulary.


  Have fun, enjoy the work and take care. Don't forget we are always happy to answer your questions.


Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January


Good morning, everyone. As you may know, there will be no Zoom lessons today. 

Please find below your Maths and Literacy PDFs for both today and Friday. There are also two accompanying video lessons that cover both the maths revision activities for the two days that will be worth watching to refresh your memories of the two topics.

For your Literacy today, you will be continuing with your non-chronological report - this time the focus will be where your monster lives/ its habitat. Friday's Literacy is a reading comprehension task - there are two to choose from and both have 3 levels of difficulty so please choose accordingly.

If you have any queries or need to speak with me, I will be back online with you on Friday for our class story at 9:15am and I will also be available after that for roughly 45 minutes if you would like to speak with me.


Thursday 21st January: Compare 4 digit numbers

Friday 22nd January: Order numbers

Wednesday 20th January 


Hello again! Thank you to all her attended yesterday's Zoom lessons and I look forward to seeing lots of you again today.

Please find below your Maths and Literacy PDFs. Try to complete the 4-a-day practice before or after your Zoom lesson. We are continuing with the 9 times table in Maths and you will be working from p150-152. You should try to complete questions 1, 2 and 3. You could try to complete question 4 and 5. Challenge yourself by tackling questions 6,7 and the Reflect question.

In Literacy, you will be writing your description of your monster - take a look at the PDF for some help, ideas and examples.


Tuesday 19th January


Good morning, everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible today in our Zoom lessons. Below, you will find your Maths and Literacy PDFs for today.

Unfortunately, there is no video to go along with your maths but if you need me I will be available on Zoom at 2pm for 30 minutes. You will be working from p147 - 149. You should try questions 1 and 2. You could also complete questions 3 and 4. For a challenge, try questions 5,6 and the Reflect question.

For Literacy, you will be starting a Non-Chronological Report on a monster! Follow the PDF instructions - today is all about designing and labelling your monster. I'd love to see your pictures so you could always post it to our Class Dojo page. Have fun with it - I hope your monster isn't too scary!

History - Anglo-Saxon Village Life


This week, we will be looking at life in an Anglo-Saxon village. We have had a quick glimpse at what a village may have been like from our class story, 'Anglo-Saxon Boy'. 

Work through the information PDF then have a go at the different activities. You could also try out any of the extension activities below:


Explain it: Can you write step by step instructions on how to perform one of the Anglo-Saxon crafts, such as weaving or making pottery? Include diagrams for each stage of the process too.

Model it: Can you make a 3D model of an Anglo-Saxon village using junk materials, building bricks or any other available resources?

Draw it: Can you draw and label the inside of an Anglo-Saxon house?

Science - States of Matter Lesson 2


Again, this week you have the choice of two different activities to do with States of Matter. Option 1 works through the Oak Academy video lesson and doesn't require any resources. Option 2 gives you the opportunity to complete an investigation. Please make sure that your adults don't have to go to any trouble to allow you to complete this investigation unless they want to!

Option 2 - Gases Investigation


The lesson presentation and activity sheets give you all of the information you will need to carry out an investigation exploring gases in fizzy drinks. However, to complete the investigation you will need a number of different fizzy drinks! Please only do this investigation if it is easy for you to get the resources for it – do not go to any trouble as this is something we could try in school when we return.

ICT - Scratch Coding


As I mentioned last week, Scratch is a really good way of teaching yourself basic coding. In class, we have begun to look at it and found it really enjoyable. This week, I have provided a link to a task that I would recommend if you are just starting out. I'll post one of these starter tasks each week to point you in the correct general direction but feel free to explore. I also believe there is a free Scratch App for tablets if you do not have access to a computer.

P.E - P.E with Joe Wicks


I hope you've managed to get out for your daily exercise but if you wanted to do some extra indoors then P.E with Joe is always a good weigh to get your heart pumping!

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 15th Jan

Art Activities


Apparently, Art activities have been proving quite popular so I've added an extra couple this week (with thanks to Miss Baker!).

#DrawWithRob 53 Octopus

#DrawWithRob 70 Steam Train

Aut4.11.4 - Multiply and divide by 6

This is "Aut4.11.4 - Multiply and divide by 6" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

                                         Monday 18th January 2021


  A very good morning to all the Barn Owls. I hope you are all well and ready for a new week of zoom lessons and a real variety of activities to try. I really look forward to seeing you on the screen today !  

 Todays activities and useful  items you will find here are :

 Maths - some warm up questions with answers .

 A white rose maths video to supplement today's power maths lesson.

 Power maths answers to the text book questions from today's lesson.


  Spellings - The lesson notes for groups 1 and 2, including the tasks.

  You can also go to the spelling shed website to find this week's list for your group.


  RE - our topic this term in RE is Salvation

  Today is an introduction activity which I hope you will enjoy.


 Please ask questions about anything you would like explained further. We are always happy to help and  we are so pleased with the great efforts you are making with your learning in these unusual times . well done !





Friday 15th January


Good morning, all. I'm looking forward to seeing you for our class story at 9:15am this morning if you can make it. 


For your learning, when I am not providing a live lesson, I will post some revision maths. Today, we will be revising rounding to the nearest 1000. Take a look at the video below to refresh your memory on this topic.

For Literacy you will be correcting some more poorly sentences. Take the opportunity to practise your neatest, joined up writing as well as some spelling and grammar practice. Answers are provided. You also have the option of writing some more of your short story based on the picture on the slide.

Don't forget Mr Bamford's Zoom assembly today at 2pm as well if you can make it.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Aut4.3.5 - Round to the nearest 1000

Thursday 14th January


Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding yesterday with changes to Zoom lesson timings - it was greatly appreciated.


Please find your Maths and Literacy PDFs below. Today, you will be working from p141 to 143 in your Power Maths books. You should answer questions 1 and 2 and possibly question 3. You could try question 4. For a challenge, try question 5 and the Reflect question.


For Literacy, there is a reading comprehension text all about Carnivals. There are 3 different levels (1 star being the easiest) so please choose an appropriate level. There is also an opportunity to complete some extended writing where you can imagine that you are attending one of the carnivals  - why not ry to bring the carnival to life through your writing?

Aut4.11.4 - Multiply and divide by 6

Wednesday 13th January


Good morning, please find below your Maths and Literacy PDFs.

Power Maths pages for today are p138 - 140. You should have a go at questions 1 to 3. You could try question 4. For a challenge, try questions 5, 6 and the Reflect question.

Divide by 1 and itself

Tuesday 12th January


Good morning, all. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this morning for your live lesson. If you are in one of the later groups, I would suggest you start with your warm up maths or addition worksheets. The Maths and Literacy exercises might be easier once you have received your input. Additionally, I have put a link to the White Rose video which is the same focus as our Power Maths for today - this may help if you get a little stuck.


I will also post an additional activity for each day at the beginning of the week - Science, Topic, ICT and Art. Please pick and choose which activity you would like to complete each day. You might want to tackle these after lunch rather than trying to fit in Maths, Literacy and another subject all in a morning. Again, you must decide what works for you and the other people in your house.


The activities I am setting can be completed independently - have a go for yourselves before asking your adult for help. They can always help you to mark it. Remember, I will be online at 2pm on Tuesday to Thursday and from 9:30 to 10:30 on Friday if you need any help or would just like to catch up for a chat.


A really important note - be kind to yourselves and your family. Take plenty of breaks and ideally do lots of things that are different and fun! Everyone's circumstances are different and so I completely understand if you can't do everything I put up.

Maths - Multiplying by 0 and 1


We will be working through p135 - 137 in your practice books today. It would be great if everyone could complete questions 1 and 2. You could try to complete questions 3 and 4. If you would like a challenge, complete question 5 and the Reflect question too.

Aut4.10.5 - Multiply by 1 and 0



Below is your Literacy PDF. You will need to spot the mistakes, correct them and rewrite the sentences. In addition, there are two extension activities that you may wish to complete over the course of the week based on a picture. This is a chance for you to complete some creative writing should you wish to. Remember, you can always type your writing if you wish but it is a good idea to practise your handwriting as much as possible too!

Science – States of Matter Lesson 1


You have two options for your science today.


Option 1:

Oak Academy Online Lesson

Please find below a link to the Oak Academy lesson 1 on States of Matter. Watch the video and complete the activities as you go.


Option 2:

States of Matter Lesson 1:

Work your way through the PDF document, watching the video links. Complete the different worksheets below as you go.

Anglo-Saxons - Place Names


Below is a lesson presentation along with some activity sheets. You will also need to use an atlas or map of England for some of the activities so I've posted a link to Google Earth to help.



Don't forget that being active is incredibly important! Joe Wicks has started his daily workouts again so why not have a go? 

PE With Joe | Monday 11th Jan 2021

ICT - Scratch Coding


Last year during lockdown, I received quite a lot of positive feedback both from children in school and at home about Scratch. For those of you that don’t know, Scratch is an online coding website. It has lots and lots of activities to try out as well as open ended coding opportunities for when you think you know enough to make your own projects rather than completing set tasks.


If you want any advice on where to start, please either contact me via the school office or speak to me during one of the Zoom catch ups in the afternoon or Friday morning.


I’ve included instructions for creating a Scratch account but would insist that, to begin with, you do this with an adult to make sure they are happy with it. Once you are set up, you will be able to work through different tasks independently.

Art - Andy Warhol


This week, the artist focus is on Andy Warhol, the pop-art pioneer. Look through the information slide then try the activity sheet to create your own pop-art!

Art - Draw With Rob


Another returning feature is Draw With Rob. It was incredibly popular last lockdown and I'm sure will be just as popular this time around. I will post one a week but remember that there are lots and lots of them available on Rob Biddulph's YouTube channel - plenty to keep you occupied and a good way to hone your artistic skills!

#DrawWithRob 69 Rock Monster

                                             BARN OWLS 

                            Monday 11th January 2021


     Good morning Barn Owls . I hope you are all well and looking forward to the week ahead with zoom lessons and on-line learning .

  Here are the activities for today :

 Maths - A set of warm up questions  on PDF

          Main maths is  dividing multiples of 10 and 100 . This will be a Zoom lesson of power maths for  3 different groups , you will have been given a time slot for this.


 Spellings -the lesson information and tasks are on PDF for two groups. You can also find the spelling list for your group on  the spelling shed website as usual.

 The new spellings will be taught via zoom - there are two slots, one for each group. Again , you will have the timings already given.


 Spanish - 

 Have a revision session on days of the week . Learn the months of the year and have a go at expressing a preference about these. The PDF will give you the vocabulary and a model for how to say this.

 The BBC have a good game to play which will allow you to practice vocabulary and to hear Spanish spoken . 

 Go to bitesize Spanish ks2

 Scroll to games - Dash and Blink vanished Spanish- select all about me ( topic) and enjoy listening to the questions and having a go with the answers.


 I will have an afternoon zoom session for anyone who needs help with anything here and I look forward to seeing you in the lessons !

 I am just amending the power maths answers as the wrong ones were posted earlier -apologies I hope it wasn't too confusing !




Friday 8th January 2021


Good morning, Barn Owls. I hope you are all well and I am looking forward to seeing you all this morning if possible. Please find below some activities for today.


Maths: Warm up and extra arithmetic questions PDF (answers are provided on the following page)


Maths Main Activity: Rounding to the nearest 100 (answers provided on the separate PDF).


Apologies if you have not got access to a printer, I know this makes it quite tricky. From next week, we will be working from our Power Maths Practice Books which are in your Home Packs. These are currently outside in the school car park for you to collect.


Literacy: Anglo-Saxon Reading Comprehension (there are 3 levels of difficulty so see how you get on and move down a star level if it's proving a little tricky).

Alternatively, if you would like to, you could continue with your writing from yesterday. You could also type up and edit your work if you have access to a laptop or word processing app.

Below, I have also put a web link for Dance Mat Touch Typing which would help you get really quick at typing.


Art: Artist Focus -  Henri Rousseau activity

There are also another couple of colouring sheets as it's Friday.

Warm Up Maths and Extra Addition Calculations

Rounding to the Nearest 100

Still image for this video

Literacy - Comprehension: The Anglo-Saxon and Scots Invaders

Mindfulness Colouring - Friday

Home Learning - Thursday 7th January 2021


Please find below some activities for today. There is a maths activity, writing activity and a topic activity.

For maths, I thought it would be best to complete some revision of a couple of the areas we covered early on last term. You will find an activity sheet and a link to a White Rose video to support you if you need any additional help. As well as this, there are a couple of PDFs with some warm up maths and some straight forward column addition.

From Monday, we will be continuing with our learning in our Power Maths book (these are in your packs that can be collected from school) supported by myself and Mrs Cousins via our daily Zoom lesson.

For Literacy, I would like you to complete a brief description of the picture below. Think about making the openings of your sentences interesting, using well-chosen adjectives to describe what you can see and, above all, make sure your sentences make sense and have capital letters and full stops!

For our Topic, we will continue to take a look at the Anglo-Saxons. Today, I have put a couple of PDFs up that provide the alphabet in 'runes' - the Anglo-Saxon version of letters. Why not try to write a secret message and see whether a family member can work it out? Alternatively, you could try writing your name and family members' names. It would be great to see your results. 

Finally, I have added some mindfulness colouring sheets - because sometimes that is just what you need!


Warm Up and Additional Arithmetic Maths

Rounding to the Nearest 10 worksheet and answers

Rounding to the nearest 10

Still image for this video

The King of Winter

Mindfulness Colouring

Barn Owls' Carol Concert Recordings


Please find below our audio recordings of Barn Owls' Carol Concert.

Christmas Is.....Poem

Behind The Window

Calypso Carol

Super Duper Christmas

Happy Christmas

Silent Night

It Was On A Starry Night

Barn Owls' Carol Concert - Thursday 17th December @2pm


Barn Owls will be performing a 'virtual' carol concert on the date above. To help the children to learn the songs, I have posted a lyric sheet as well as each of the backing tracks for the carols. Please feel free to practise them as much as you would like!

Christmas Carol Concert Lyric Sheet

Behind My Window

8 Silent Night.mp3

11 It Was On A Starry Night.mp3

14 Calypso Carol.mp3

15 Happy Christmas.mp3

16 Super Duper Christmas.mp3

Anti Bullying Week - Virtual Odd Socks Assembly 2020 'United Against Bullying'

Home learning Opportunities - Term Two


While the children are learning in school, we also wanted to provide some home learning opportunities for them to supplement this and, most importantly, to start a conversation at home about their learning.

In order to do this, and to practise key skills, we ask that, every week, you are reading with or alongside your child as much as possible, practising spellings to secure understanding of patterns and to help them implement them in everyday life and practising core Maths skills, including times tables, number bonds (to make 10/20/100 etc) or simply asking your child to ‘teach’ you what they’ve been learning about this week.

To help with this, all children have their Spelling Shed log-in and you can find below a link to 'Hit The Button' which is an enjoyable way to practise times tables. 

In addition to this, we will be sending out information about Times Table Rockstars over the next couple of weeks, which was used by many children at Kilmersdon over lockdown.


In addition to this, we are providing you with some opportunities to explore this term's topic, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and other areas of learning through a series of open-ended tasks.

These are not compulsory and do not have to be brought into school to share. If you would like to share what the children have been completing, please send photos of their work to the school office. We always enjoy celebrating their hard work outside of school with their friends and members of teaching staff. We would also like to share some of these photographs of your home learning on our web pages. 


Some tasks to try at home include:

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

- Try making some Anglo-Saxon cakes.

- Have a go at building some of your own ‘wattle and daub’ walling by weaving some sticks together and sticking mud and leaves to it to firm it up.

- Try writing a ‘day in the life’ account of an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking, perhaps as a diary or a letter to another person.

- Draw or print out a picture of yourself and a Viking child. Write about the similarities and differences between you both. Include information about their day, school, family, toys, pets, work.

- Draw or paint a picture of a Viking God.

The Iron Man

- Create your own ‘Iron Man’ using recyclable materials from home.

- The Iron Man eats metal. What different types of metal do you know about? Create a meal for the Iron Man using different metals.

- Imagine if the Iron Man came to school! What would he do? How would you look after him. Write a diary entry telling us about your crazy day.

Black History Month

- Find out about a significant figure in black history, in the UK or overseas, and share your findings with your class.

Living Things and their Habitats

- Have a look around your surroundings; what animals and plants can you see and what are their habitats

- Discuss, draw or write about the different habitats around your local area.

We will continue to update this list of ideas over the remainder of the term.

Making History - Shelter (wattle & daub)

Medieval houses were built using an intricate method of covering woven branches with a mixture of mud, hay and manure.

Oat Cake Recipe

Times Tables, Reading and Spelling Practice


The children have done really well at returning to school this term and I have been impressed by their attitudes towards their learning.

Going into the half term break, I would like to wish you all a restful week. 


If you have been wondering what activities you could focus on with your child outside of school, may I suggest using any time that you have to focus on times tables, reading and spelling practice using Spelling Shed.

Below, you will find a times table grid that your child can practise completing. If they are struggling with any times table facts, encourage the use of counting on to help them. There is also a link to Hit The Button a few posts below that is the game that we use in class.

With reading, a few minutes each day really does help. Take time to discuss vocabulary, characters' actions and feelings along with summarising the main plot points whenever possible.

Spelling Shed is a great way of practising their spellings and I would love to see it being used more by Barn Owls children. It will be available during half term and, if you haven't already, this may be a good opportunity to familiarise yourselves with it.

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of Anti-Bullying Week, the children have watched an online assembly and completed some activities about people they can speak to if they ever feel as if they are being bullied. They have also explored different forms of bullying and how they can get help if this ever happens to them.

Please feel free to watch the assembly together at home and discuss any of the issues further.

The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020

Times Table Practice


Please find below a link to a times table game called Hit The Button. The children have started playing it in school but any extra practice that they can do would be hugely beneficial. 

Hit The Button

Oil Pastel Blending and Block Colour Mountain Ranges

Zentangle Hand Art and Oil pastel Backgrounds

Barn Owls 2020-21


Dear Parents and Carers,


We wanted to take this opportunity to welcome both the children and yourselves back to school. Myself (Mr Phillips), Mrs. Cousins and all of Barn Owls have had a great first full week back and have settled in really quickly – thank you for all of your support at home with this. We hope the children will enjoy their learning this term and we have a good number of interesting topics to fit in before Christmas.


Maths: Please see the attached termly overview PDF.


Literacy: Our starting writing topic is ‘Robots’. Within this, we will use a range of media starting with a short film entitled Girl and Robot (please see below) and moving onto the classic text, ‘The Iron Man’.


Spellings: Spellings will be issued on a Monday and the children will be tested on the following Monday. We will continue using an online approach to our spellings with a school subscription to Spelling Shed. A PDF is attached with instructions for how to log-in.

The children’s log-in details are stuck in their Home-Link Contact Books and we would like them to complete five minutes practice every day on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Their weekly spellings will also be listed in the same book and children will write their test scores there too. Printed out practice sheets are available for children who do not have access to the internet.


Science: In Science, we are studying Animals including Humans. Within this topic, we look at skeletal and muscular structures, food chains, nutrition and the digestive system.


Geography: During our Geography sessions, we will be studying mountains. This topic will include locating prominent mountains in the U.K and around the world, the main features of mountains and how they are formed.


History: October is Black History Month. We are taking a look at celebrated black people throughout history including Mary Seacole, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks.


P.E: This will take place on a Tuesday. Children are welcome to come to school in their P.E kits on this day.


As always, if you have anything that you would like to discuss, please make contact via the school office by email or phone. For daily messages e.g regarding home time arrangements, please write them in the Home-Link Contact Book.


Take care and all the best,


Mr Phillips and Mrs Cousins

Spelling Shed Instructions

Girl and Robot

Wednesday 3rd June

Hi Barn Owls, I hope you are all ok and have been enjoying this beautiful sunshine. I think it might be due to change today but my plants will be glad of some rain if we get some. Here's your next lot of activities to try. I always enjoy seeing photos of what you've been up to, so please send some in to the school office and they will send them on to me. This is a photo of Sandie looking very pleased with herself after she had been waddling round in the mud at the weekend!

Maths. Your final lesson on money and an end of unit check to have a go at. If you want to, have a go at the Power Puzzle as well in your practice book.

Grammar Activities - Identify Word Classes


Word Classes are the different groups of words that we use each time we speak or write. They include verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and more. The activity below asks you to find different types of word class. If you are unsure about their meaning then use the helper mat and the links provided to revise your understanding.

There are 3 levels so please choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

History/reading. One start for yellow toolkits, two stars for pink toolkits and three stars for green toolkits.

Monday June 1st

Hello Barn Owls and welcome back to the last summer term. I hope that you have all had a good half term and been able to enjoy the lovely weather. I have been on some lovely walks, but had to go quite early so Sandie didn't get too hot.

Below are the activities for you to have a go at if you are able to. Don't forget to just do what you can and not to worry if you aren't able to complete it all. As always I would love to see photos of what you have been up to-work and fun! 

Keep up the good work on Spelling Shed and Timestables Rockstars. 

See if you can spot Sandie in this photo-she was finding the muddiest place she could while we were on our walk today!

Maths. We have one more lesson on money this week and an end of unit check on Wednesday. We will then move on to Time.

Writing Activities


Try one, some or all of the activities relating to the picture above.

Reading Activity - Bookopoly


This week, I thought you might like to try a new reading activity. Bookopoly is a board game where you move a counter around a board and land on different reading activities (which are similar to your reading journal activities) that you can complete based on the book you are currently reading.

You can play however you like but I would recommend playing the game over a number of days and complete at least 10 minutes worth of reading before you do so; then, you can also tick off another step on your reading challenge journey around the world.  You can play this independently or with brothers, sisters or other family members by printing out the board, questions and Chance cards.


Alternatively, you can play along with the Class Page game. Below you will see pictures of the Bookopoly board with a virtual counter. Today, I started our game on 'Go' and we rolled a '2' and have landed on 'Setting Square'. You can either roll a die of your own to choose the activity from the list or just choose whichever you would like to complete.

Science. We are carrying on with our light topic this term. This week you are going to be looking at reflective materials. First go through the lesson presentation and then there is an activity for you to test different materials that you can find at home. Then you can have a go at designing your own reflective book bag. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

ICT: Scratch Lesson 6 - Make It Fly

Friday 22nd May

Hello Barn Owls and welcome to the last day of term. That means that there won't be any work on here next week. You all deserve a rest after all the hard work that you have been doing this term. A special congratulations to everyone who has been working hard on their spellings this week-when I last looked, we were first on the leaderboard, with Harry having the highest score in the school! We also have Callum, Evie and Oli in the top 10 with Harley following close behind in the top 20. There should be a lot of top marks in your spelling test this week.Great work laugh.

Sandie and I wish you all a great half term holiday.


Here's what some of you have been up to this week.

Some more Barn Owls adventures

Weekly Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize

Don't forget to complete the weekly maths Challenge.  Each challenge question gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together!  

Challenges 1 - 4 are suitable for year 4.


By today, some of you might be writing your own wishing tale which I am looking forward to reading. Don't worry if you haven't got that far.

Art - Create your own Ancient Greece themed Pottery

Look at the Ancient Greece Pottery pdf and then use some of the supporting templates, plans and photos to help if you wish.  If you do not have access to a flower pot, then you could make a 2D version using cardboard or paper - the photos below show some examples. 

Science Activity


This doesn't relate to our new topic but it is quite fun! I found that it was less effective when the food colouring was watered down but still worked.

DIY Shaving Cream Rain Cloud

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Barn Owls, I hope you are all enjoying the return of the lovely warm weather. I am having to remeber to water the flowers that I planted and I now have some pea, tomato and courgette plants which are growing nicely too. So far Sandie hasn't tried to eat any of them! Well done to everyone who has been on Spelling Shed already this week-we are now 2nd on the leader board which is fantastic! 

How are you getting on with your shadow puppet theatres? I'm looking forward to seeing photos of what you have been able to do.

I hope you are all getting on ok with the literacy task that I set, if you are following the suggestions that I gave on Monday, then today you will be looking at the grammar section on pages 10-13 and then planning your story tomorrow.

History. A look at some of the Egyptian Gods and an activity for you to try using hieroglyphics.

Monday 18th May

Good morning Barn Owls and welcome to Monday. I hope you have all had a good weekend. I have been looking after the moths, although one has died, we still have 2 left and one coccoon still to hatch. There are definitely eggs ready for the net batch of caterpillars as well. The eggs are really hard to photograph so you'll have to take my word for it! I will try and take some photos when I've collected them all and put them in a different container. The moths move around alot once it gets dark and Sandie hasn't been too sure what to make of them! She definitely prefers the sunshine.

Some more photos from last week.

Moths video.mp4

Still image for this video
Have a look at this great information video about the life cycle of the Madagascan Bullseye Moth



Remember to keep up your spelling practice on Spelling Shed. At the moment Barn Owls are third in the school and our top ten spellers are Callum and Harry. Oli and Mia are following closely behind in the top 20. Can we get anymore Barn Owls in the top 20 this week?


If you wish to do more, complete the pdf for your wordlist below.  Remember, we will remind you to ask someone to give you a spelling test on these words on Friday!


This week, your reading, writing and grammar work is all included in the document below. You can spread the work out over the rest of the week in whichever way works for you. Your science project is also something that you can work on during the week, so you can work out how best to fit the work in. The work on The King of the Fishes could be split in the following way:

Monday and Tuesday: 

Pages 3-9. Reading and comprehension


Pages 10-13 Grammar

Thursday and Friday:

Page 14 to the end. Planning and writing your story.

This is only a suggestion so please don't worry if you don't get it all done.

Maths. Some problem solving today using your knowledge of pounds and pence.

ICT - Scratch lesson 5: Making A Story

Art: I know lots of you might be interested in his World Record Attempt.

Children's author and illustrator Rob Biddulph is attempting to break the world record for the largest online art lesson,supported by HarperCollins and global talent investor Entrepreneur First.

The challenge will see Biddulph teach participants to draw a blue whale, via his YouTube channel. To successfully break the world record, 10,000 unique users will need to join the lesson for half an hour.

The challenge was inspired by Biddulph's lockdown drawing video series #DrawWithRob, which has attracted over three million households.


Watch the clip below which explains his plan and the need to register.

Do you want to be a RECORD BREAKER?

Friday 15th May

Good morning Barn Owls. I hope you have all had a good week. I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures that you have been sending in of some fabulous work and the fun things that you are doing with your families, thank you.

Moths update. We now have 3 moths. Again the pictures aren't great but I hope you can see that the first photo shows that when the moth first came out, it's wings looked really small. Over the next hour, they slowly unfolded.

Well done for another great week Barn Owls. here are some photos of what you've all been up to.

Weekly Maths Challenge: click on the link above for the Friday Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Daily Learning.

Writing Activity - Clerihew Poem


Please find below a PDF showing you some examples of a type of poem called a clerihew. There are examples of clerihew poems based on superheroes. Try to write your own superhero clerihew poem or poems or, if you don't want to write about superheroes, why not try sports people or singers that you like.

Art. Have a go at some weaving on a paper plate.

ART: Design your own club badge #FootballSchoolFriday

Wednesday 13th May

Hello Barn Owls, here is your learning for the next 2 days. Please remember that you are not expected to do everything that is put up unless you and your grown ups are able to. You are all doing a great job of staying safe which is the most important thing. 

I do love seeing the pictures of any work that you have been able to do but I also really enjoy seeing all the other things that you are getting to do with your time, although the delicious food photos do tend to make me a bit hungry! Sandie is always very interested in the food photos!


Maths. Rounding Money

Writing. Read through the story of Egyptian Cinderella again and the start to plan your own playscript for part of the story. This task is for the rest of the week, so there won't be another writing task on Friday.

History - use Ancient Hieroglyphics to write your name on a cartouche.

Grammar. This week's activities involve the use of modal verbs. Go through the presentation and then have a go at the questions. See how many you can answer.

Monday 11th May

Good morning Barn Owls and welcome to another week of home learning. My excitement of the weekend was that two of the caterpillar cocoons have finally hatched!! There are now 2 very large moths in my kitchen. The photos aren't the best but I hope you can see how impressive they are.



Sandie isn't very impressed with the moths, she's far more interested in finding muddy water to walk in!!

Writing Activities: Out of Control


Below are Monday and Tuesday's writing activities. Either choose one, some or all of the activities and have a go at completing them. 

Maths. Ordering amounts of money.

Reading. Read the story of Egyptian Cinderella and then make some notes about any differences and similarities between this story and the traditional Cinderella story. Then, choose one of the characters from Egyptian Cinderella and write a character description.

ICT: Scratch lesson 4 - Making Music

Scratch: Making Music Instructions

Friday 8th May

Hello Barn Owls, I can't quite believe that we have come to the end of another week! I hope you all enjoy the Bank Hoiday Weekend and if you celebrate VE Day it would be great to hear about what you did.

A chance to celebrate and share eveything that you have done this week.

Home Learning - Friday 8th May

As today is a Bank Holiday, all your work is either related to VE Day or "fun" activities that you could try.  Don't worry if you don't do any of these as today is not a school day - enjoy yourself with your family!

Art Challenge - Draw With Rob


Your 'Draw-With-Rob' this week can be entered into a competition - why not have a go?

#DrawWithRob *SPECIAL EDITION* Racing Car


Wednesday 6th May

Hello Barn Owls and welcome to Wednesday. Here is your work for the next 2 days. Keep sending your photos of any work that you do as well as any other activities that you are doing. I really enjoy seeing so many photos of you smiling and having fun at home or on your walks.

Maths-pounds, tenths and hundredths

Writing - Look at the information and then use the discussion sheet to help you share your thoughts.

Grammar - can you edit the sentences to make them correct ? This includes checking spellings, punctuation and grammar.

History - a set of instructions for mummifying a tomato!












Good morning Barn Owls, I hope you have all had a great weekend. I have been on muddy dog walks with Sandie but managed not to get wet. Sandie however got very wet because she decided to go for a swim in the river! I have also planted some seeds which I am hoping will grow into some lovely flowers which will attract bees.

Here are some more photos of what some of you got up to last week.

Reading Home Learning

As Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, today's reading is on that topic.  Find out why it is an important date in British History.  This week, I will include at least one VE Day activity every time I put up work.


Complete either the 1, 2 or 3 star reading and questions. (By now, I'm sure you know which star is right for you - 1 is the easiest and 3 is the most challenging.)

Writing Task. Go through the powerpoint and have a go at some of the activities. I'll look forward to seeing your ideas.

Maths. This week we will start learning about money, working from practice book C. If you haven't been able to collect the next book and would like to, please email the school office and we can arrange for you to collect it from school or for it to be delivered to you.

Maths Challenge Answers

Friday 1st May BBC and White Rose Maths Week 2 Maths Challenge

Challenge 1 - see below

Challenge 2 - 47p

Challenge 3 - 11 cards

Challenge 4 - 2 jugs and 6 buckets, 6 jugs and 3 buckets, or 10 jugs

Challenge 5 - 120 degrees

Challenge 6 - Circle = 32, Triangle = 38 and Pentagon = 25

Challenge 7 - 5, 10, 5 (multiple other answers though)

VE day. Have a go at making these for VE day. You could make these instead of one of the other activities if you like.

Science-this weeks activities look at light and shadows-hopefully the sun will be out for you to be able to do the outdoor activities!

ICT: Scratch Tutorial 3: Make A Chase Game

Friday 1st May

Welocme to Friday and welcome to the month of May Barn Owls. This week I have loved looking at all the photos that you have been sending in. I really enjoy seeing what you have been up to and especially like seeing all your smiley faces. Sandie loves seeing you all too. Although in this photo, she looks more interested in the grass!!

Here's another well deserved certificate for you all.

Look at all the fantastic things you have been up to this week! Sienna had a birthday last weekend and had a great day with her family.

Maths. This is the last lesson that will be doing from Practice Book B.

Weekly Maths Challenge - use the pdf above for the White Rose Maths and BBC Weekly Maths Challenge. The answers will be posted on Monday.

Reading and Writing. This work follows on from the story you started reading on Wednesday.

Art - 'Draw with Rob' Self-Portrait

Use the weblink below to create your self-portrait.  Maybe you could add your friends around you drawing them in the same 'Draw with Rob' style.

The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who?

Make Your Own Lava Lamp


This activity doesn't relate to any of our topics but Mr Phillips had a go at it this week with his son and daughter and found it quite fun. The alka-seltzer mentioned in the video can be replaced with any sort of effervescent tablets - we used the dissolvable Vitamin C tablets.

How To Make a DIY Lava Lamp With Alka-Seltzer

Episode 2: Animals | Puffin Podcast

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Barn Owls, I hope you are all ok and not to disappointed by the change in the weather. I'm going to have to get my raincoat, waterproof trousers and wellies out for Sandie's walks, but it will still be good to be get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

The Book of Hopes


Please find below a link to 'The Book of Hopes'. This is a completely free book for all children and families and includes short stories, poems, essays and pictures. It has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.

The collection, published by Bloomsbury, is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.

Maths. It's been lovely to be able to catch up with some of you and your parents/carers when you've come to pick up your next practice book and I've been very impressed at how many of you have already picked up your books. If you are not able to get to school, please contact the school office so that arrangements can be made to deliver them to you.

Reading. This reading activity will span over today's and Friday's work and will also include your literacy task for Friday. I will post the second part on Friday. Today there are 2 chapters of the story to read and some questions to answer after each chapter.

Grammar. Today's activities will use your editing skills. The tasks have been coded with toolkit colours.

Maths Challenge Answers

Friday 24th April BBC and White Rose Maths Week 1 Maths Challenge

Challenge 1 - star = 10, heart = 17, triangle = 0

Challenge 2 - A pencil costs 8p

Challenge 3 - Amir’s number is 538, Donna’s number is 853

Challenge 4 - Perimeter = 64 cm

Challenge 5 - The length is 480 cm

Challenge 6 - The height of the last tower is 23.9 cm

Challenge 7 - The fraction shaded is ⅝

Monday 27th April

Hello Barn Owls and welcome back. I hope you have all had a great weekend and got to enjoy the sunshine. Sandie and I went for 2 lovely walks over the weekend. On one walk we had to very carefully walk through a herd of cows which were blocking the path!! 

Here are some more photos from last week that I wanted you to see before the end of the week.

Maths- for this week's lessons, you will be doing some lessons from the front of your practice book. This will give veryone who wants to, the chance to pick up Practice Book C from school. We will start lessons on Money next week.



Please find below Monday's Literacy activities. Choose one, some or all of the activities to complete.

Literacy Activities: The Great Race

Reading-keep going with the Glocal Reading Challenge, it's been great to hear how many of you are getting involved with it. Here is a short reading comprehension to have a go at.

Science-a quiz on what you learnt last week and then another investigation to try. There is a record sheet but if you aren't able to print it off, write your answers in your homework book.

ICT: Scratch - Imagine A World

ICT: Scratch - Imagine A World Activity Cards

Friday 24th April

Well done on another week of great learning Barn Owls. The certificate is for you and everyone who has helped you with your work and sent in all the great photos of you hard at work and of you having fun in the sun, out on your daily walks and spending time with your family. I really enjoy seeing what you are all doing. 

Sandie has been playing with her ball in the garden. The only problem is, when she gets the ball, she won't give it back!!

Maths. Todays lesson is a end of unit check on fractions. Do as much as you can and ask for help if you need it-it isn't a test.

Huge apologies-here are the answers to the end of unit check in the practice book!!

Below is a link to some extra maths challenges from BBC Bitesize's daily lessons. Answers are posted on a Monday so when they are released I will publish them. 

Reading. Read the diary entry and then answer as many of the questions as you can.

Puffin Books Podcast


Below is a link to the Puffin Books podcast episode "Under The Sea". It contains lots of facts about sea creatures and can be quite funny at times (and very silly too). 

Episode 1: Under the Sea | Puffin Podcast

Humza and the gang dive under the sea to ask questions such as: How many hearts does an octopus have? Can dolphins really speak to each other?


Today is spelling test day. I can see that some of you have been practicing on Spelling Shed, well done. lLet me know how you get on with your test today.

Wednesday 22nd April.

Hello Barn Owls, here is your work for the next 2 days. Have a go at whatever you can and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to.

Sandie wanted to sit on my lap while I was sorting your work out!

Reading Challenge- I've included the documents that you will need for the reading challenge. The passport shows where you will travel to every time that you read and earn your reading miles. Everytime you reach a new destination, you can reward yourself with a certificate and send someone a postcard from where you've got to. You can draw your own picture on the postcard and either send it to someone in your house, or post it to someone who doesn't live with you but please check with your grown ups first. If you aren't able to print the resources out, then you could make your own. It would be great to see how you are all getting on.

Maths. Fractions of a quantity-problem solving.

Grammar-using adverbs to extend sentences. Go through the lesson on the pdf and then answers the questions which are colour coded to your toolkit colour.

Monday 20th April

Hello there Barn Owls! Welcome back after your Easter break. I hope you all got to enjoy the weather and maybe a few Easter Eggs! Thank you again for all the fantastic pictures that you sent in before the holidays. It really is great to hear from you and see what you are getting up to. The pictures don't all have to be about the work you have been able to do-I am really enjoying seeing all the fun things that you have time to do with the people at home. Remember that the work set on here is for you to have a go at if you are able and if people at home are able to help you. Things that you can do on your own such as the Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars games plus some reading everyday are all great activities to keep your brain working.

Sandie has definitely been enjoying the lovely weather and we have been on some great walks, exploring lots of places near us that we haven't had the time to explore before. Sandie has also enjoyed lots of time lying in the sun although she hasn't quite worked out what the blanket is for!! 

Maths-finding the fraction of a quantity. We are carrying on with fractions for this week. I have included another slide of questions to have a go at before you do your work in your practice book-it's up to you whether you try them or not. Try your best and do as much as you can.

Literacy Task - The Magic Tree


Below is a PDF with the a number of activities linked to the picture entitled 'The Magic Tree'. Please complete either one, some or all of the related tasks.

Spelling Home Learning

Keep using the games in Spelling Shed to help you practise your new lists of words.  If you wish to do more, complete the pdf for your wordlist below.

Science- this term you will be looking at light and shadow with lots of fun activities to do if you are able to. This week, you are going to do an experiment first and then look at an explanation of how light works.

ICT - Scratch Coding


I thought it would be good to complete some coding as most of us are online at the moment. To do this, you will need to register and this requires an email address so you must make sure you complete this step with an adult who is happy to provide their email.


Each week, I will choose one of the tutorials from the 'Ideas' section and post some instructions to go along with it (these are available on the Scratch website itself when you click on the tutorial itself). Feel free to explore Scratch at your own pace.

ICT - Scratch Coding Starter Guide

ICT - Scratch Tutorial: Animate A Name

Friday 3rd April

The last day of learning for a couple of weeks. You all deserve a rest, although I will miss hearing from you and seeing all the lovely things that you have been doing. I am keeping an eye on the leaderboards for the Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars, so keep going with those if you need something to do. Sandie has been a little bit lazy over the last two days-she's got far too used to us being at home more!   Have a great Easter everyone laugh.

I've been really impressed by all the things that you've been getting up to this week, so this one is for everyone including parents and carers.

Please find below instructions for getting onto Spelling Shed. It really is a great resource and we would love you to use it more. You will need a username and password so contact the school office ( at any point and they will email you the information.

Spelling Shed Login Instructions

Sorry I can't include everything that I have been sent this week because there has been so many! I hope I've included at least one thing from everyone who has been kind enough to share there photos with Sandie and I.



Today is test day! Find someone to test you and, if you like, send your scores into me via the school office.

Writing Task - Riddle Poem

Maths- subtracting fractions 2

Reading Comprehension- the pink sheet is for yellow and pink toolikts, the green sheet is for green toolkits.

DT - try making a mouse using an egg box

How to Draw 3D Letters Using One Point Perspective

This drawing tutorial will teach you How to Draw 3D Letters in One Point Perspective

Wednesday 1st April.

Good morning Barn Owls,I hope you are all ok. Below is some more work for you to have a go at but please do not worry if you are finding it tricky to do some of it. The activities are there for you to do if you are able to do them and if your parents/carers are able to help you. The activities on the Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars are great fun and are activities that you could do by yourselves. Also keep up your reading and do some fun art activities as well. I would love to see more pictures of other things that you have been up to with your family. Sandie is a bit tired today because she went on a massive walk yesterday!

Mrs Dando has created a lovely Easter card design for you to have a go at. The yellow chick is made up of yellow circles, folded in half and stuck together to create a 3D belly! We would love to see any pictures of ones that you create.

Maths-subtracting fractions.

Writing Task - Treasure


First, watch the short film below and then have a look at the PDF document below for your writing task.

CGI 3D Animated Short Film "TREASURE" - Inspiring Animation by Chelsea Bartlett & Ringling College

Writing Task - Treasure

Grammar- using apostrophes. The same as last week The first page is for yellow toolkits, second page for pink toolkits and the third page for green toolkits.

Reading Sheets - choose the topic that interests you, read the sheet and talk about it. Then look at the questions and possible activities. for that sheet. I only expect you to read and talk about the questions for one of the sheets.

Reading questions and possible activities (if you have time):

Find the section for the reading sheet you have chosen.

Arctic and Antarctic with David Attenborough:

  • Where can you see the North and South Poles on a world map?
  • How cold does it get in these locations?
  • What kinds of animals live in these extreme environments?

If you have more time, you could make a table to compare the Arctic and Antarctic, looking at features such as: coldest recorded temperature, temperature in the summer, temperature in the winter, animals that live there, number of daylight hours, etc.

Optical Illusions:

  • How is it possible that colours can disappear before our eyes?
  • How can straight lines appear to bend?
  • Which brain games do they find most fascinating?
  • Are there any that they feel work better than others?  Why?

Try them with other members of your family.  Do you share the same opinions?

Nocturnal Creatures:

  • What secret weapon does the slow loris have up its sleeve?
  • What makes the binturong a one-of-a-kind species?
  • Why do fireflies light up at night?

If you have more time, you could draw a night-time jungle scene featuring the different animals on the sheet.  Label/explain the special adaptations of each creature – e.g. the western tarsier’s huge eyes, the binturong’s prehensile tail etc.


Research other nocturnal animals that live closer to home. Have they spotted any nocturnal animals living in the world around them? How have they adapted to life at night?

Monday 30th March

Good morning Barn Owls. I hope you have had a good weekend. Sandie and I have been enjoying our daily walk and Sandie had a shower yesterday which she wasn't quite as happy about! Below is you work for the next couple of days. Remember just to do what you can, I'm not expecting you to do everything. 

Writing Activities: A Dangerous Pet - Try one or more of the writing tasks

Spelling - keep using Spelling Shed. You'll find that a new list of words has been assigned to you when you log in so play the games with these words too. If you wish to do more, look at the relevant pdf below.

Maths- more work on fractions, adding and subtracting.

Reading Comprehension

This competition closes on the 24th April 2020.  For more information or to register and upload entries use this link:

Thank you for sending me pictures of some of the fabulous work that you have been doing. Sandie and I have really enjoyed looking at it all.

Sandie enjoying the sunshine from the comfort of the sofa!!

It wouldn't be Friday without a celebration of how fabulous you all are, so this week I would like to give a certificate to everyone who has sent work in for me to have a look at, to everyone at home who is having a go at the learning that has been set and to your parents and carers who are helping you with your learning at home. Great work everyone smileylaughyes

Friday 27th March


Hello Barn Owls and welcome to Friday's activities!

A few points:

  • As a school, we have signed up to Spelling Shed. Each week, there will be a new list of spellings to practise and lots of great ways of practising them on the website itself. Please email the school office ( for your Log-in and password.
  • Please do not feel as though all of the tasks have to be printed out each time - I'm happy for you to complete them on scrap pieces of paper or on the computer: let's save paper where we can!
  • I'm hopefully posting more than enough to keep you occupied. Please do not feel as though you need to complete everything! Pick and choose what you would like to do and take time to do other things - learning happens all around the house, not just at a table. Having said that, I do ask that you listen to your adults: if they want you to do certain tasks then that is what you should do!
  • I'm really enjoying seeing so much of your work - please keep sending it. This should not just be the tasks I set but anything you have done that you'd like to share. Wherever possible, I will try to respond.

Writing Ideas - Choose one or complete more if you like!

Today's maths is an end of unit check to see what you have learnt about fractions so far. It's not a test, so ask for help if you need it.


Rob Biddulph, an author-illustrator, is posting draw - a- long videos every Tuesday and Thursday.  Using the weblink below, scroll down the page and watch video clip 1: Gregosaurus.  Then, draw your own version/s of a Gregosaurus.  You could also try some of Draw-with-Rob's other videos.  I look forward to seeing your drawings. 

The links below are suggestions for some more activities for you to enjoy.