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Home Learning Plan and COVID19 Return and Recovery

A brief overview of our home learning plan in the event of year group/school closure or lockdown


  •  Our teachers will provide a daily timetable of activities supported with resources, videos and suggested websites.
  • Please note that if there are any issues with access at the home, where possible The School will give full support wherever possible, including sending work home physically.
  • Your child’s class web page will provide links to the learning. The school website will continue to provide links to wider-curriculum activities and helpful websites. There are also links to ideas and activities that will support your child’s mental health and well-being.
  • Your child’s class teacher will continue to be contactable throughout the term via email to answer your questions about home learning.
  • Please continue to share learning where you are able to with the class teacher. This will enable the teachers to view your child’s work and provide comments and feedback to them. We expect all children to ‘have a go’ with their home learning.
  • We will also provide access to school Collective Worship and celebration assemblies.
  • We will aim to give individual feedback a minimum of twice per week. General feedback may be given to the whole class.
  • All of our children also have access to Times Table Rock Stars / Numbots and Spelling Shed. Please let us know if you have lost your password and need us to reset it.  All pupils will also be encouraged to spend 30 minutes a day reading.


Follow the link to take you to the  relevant Class Pages:


The senior leader with overall responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education is Mr Bamford, whom you can contact via the school office.


In addition: 


Special Needs: For children with special educational needs and/or medical needs, we realise this will have an impact on how Education Health and Care Plans are delivered. Extra attention will be given to meeting the individual needs of children and young people with SEND and their families in the event of school closure or partial school closure.


We do recognise that health and wellbeing are paramount and we appreciate that the level of work that might be undertaken by a child will reflect the situation and circumstances at home.


Note: If a single child or small group of children are isolating for extended periods whilst their year group is still attending school, for example whilst awaiting test results, then work will be sent home by the class teacher that is the same or similar to that being covered in class by their peers.


Our current approach relies heavily upon households having access to the internet and computer equipment. If this is an issue for you then please get in touch with the School Office. Indeed, it is important that we have the most up-to-date information with regards to parents/carers and children being able to access IT so that we can either loan out hardware or provide learning packs if needs be.



Here are some helpful documents  to help you to understand the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety and well-being of children in school when schools are allowed to re-open.

Our Recovery plan

We know that our children need time to adjust and recover from the impact of Covid-19 on their lives and their education. We have carefully considered how we will do this in our Recovery Curriculum plan.

Additional Information and Support


Educational Psychology Service (EPS)
Telephone Helpline for Parents and Carers

During these unprecedented times, we all find ourselves facing new challenges. For many, this will bring about new anxieties, for others, it may worsen existing worries.
Where children and young people are affected, you may notice that they react to uncomfortable feelings and thoughts by changing their behaviours and demonstrating behaviours you have not seen from them before. In turn, these behaviours can add to an already stressful home situation.
It is important to remember that self-isolation, does not equate to social isolation.
If you are a parent/carer of a child in Somerset and would like to speak to a Psychologist with any concerns arising for you, or your family during this time, then The Educational Psychology Service is here for you. We are able to offer an initial 30 minute telephone consultation (discussion) and a potential follow up call, of another 30 minutes if appropriate.
Calls will be offered Monday-Friday, during usual working hours.
Unless the Psychologist feels that you, or someone else is in danger of harm, then full confidentiality will be respected. In order to offer the best possible service, a brief summary of the discussion will be recorded, which may be shared with colleagues from other services. If you do not wish for a record to be taken, then please make this clear to the psychologist during your call and they will only record the name of the school. For further details of our privacy notice, please follow this link
If you would like to access this service, then please email with the following information:
• Your name
• The name of your child’s school (or ‘EHE’ if Electively Home Educated)
• Times and dates that you are not available for consultation
If email is not possible, then call 01823 357000. Please understand that we are likely to be slower to respond to phone calls. Our aim is to offer a consultation within 5 working days of receipt of email.