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Golden Eagles

Welcome to Golden Eagles: Year 6

Hi Eagles,

It's the end of another week of learning - well done for all the effort you've put into your work.  Thank you for all the great pictures of your work - you have been doing lots of great things.  I particularly like the variety of activities you are doing, the way you are supporting your siblings and how hard you are working to keep up with the work I am posting.  You've earned your half-term; I hope you have got some fun things planned smiley.  


Unfortunately, we are now second (not by much) behind Barn Owls in Spelling Shed but I'm sure we'll be back to the top by the end of the week after half term!

Top spellers for this week: Aidan, Reuben, Ottilie, Harry and Morgan

Top spellers overall: Reuben, Harry and Josh

Top Times Tables Rock Stars: Reuben, Josh, Harry, Edie and Amelia S (This is based on average time played per day this week, I think!) 

Top Times Table Rock Stars: Josh, Aidan and Amelia S (Lifetime Earnings)


Well done to those of you that managed to email me your Rob Biddulph blue whale drawings in time for me to put them up on the class page - I look forward to seeing more of these.


Have a great half term, take care,

Miss Baker




Literacy Home Learning (Reading, Writing and Grammar)

How are you finding the Talk for Writing Unit:The Door?


Possibly, you may have kept up with my suggestion and be about to start Activity 8.  If you do this well, you may not get any further today.  Then after half term you can plan and write your story.  Or you may prefer to keep going and do this too.


My suggestion was:

Friday (and possibly the following Monday):

Activity 8, Activity 9 and Activity 10 (Make activity 10 a finished piece of writing so go back to it - ask someone to read it to you and then, check, edit and improve it - or send it to me and I'll give you my comments - what you've done well and a couple of next steps.)


Remember, if the unit is not finished by the end of the week, it does not matter, you can continue with it after half term.

Art - Create your own Ancient Greece themed Pottery

Look at the Ancient Greece Pottery pdf and then use some of the supporting templates, plans and photos to help if you wish.  If you do not have access to a flower pot, then you could make a 2D version using cardboard or paper - the photos below show some examples. 

Science Activity


This doesn't relate to our new topic but it is quite fun! I found that it was less effective when the food colouring was watered down but still worked.

DIY Shaving Cream Rain Cloud

Wednesday 20th May


Hi Eagles,

I hope you are having a good week.  There are just a few more days until half term (not that I'm counting)!  Exciting news - Mrs Hillier has got a puppy called Buddy.  Look at her class page for a picture.  He's very cute and well behaved.  Thank you for the work, photos and messages I've already received this week,

Miss Baker


PS. Don't forget Rob Biddulph's record attempt on Thursday: World's Largest Art Lesson.  Please do send me a photo of your blue whale picture if you take part.

Literacy (Reading, Writing and Grammar)

Please continue with the Talk for Writing Unit: The Door.


If you are following my suggested plan, then on Wednesday and Thursday you should be planning to complete: Activity 4, Activity 5, Activity 6 and Activity 7.


Remember, work at your own pace. I would rather have your best work than something you have rushed to finish.  This means, you should not worry if you do not get to the end of this unit this week.  You can always finish it after half term.

History - Ancient Greece

Look at the information in the numbered pdfs and then choose one or two of the activities to do.

Geography - Rivers Lesson 4: Erosion and Deposition


This week, we will be exploring how rivers can change through erosion and deposition.

Monday 18th May

Hi Eagles,

Finally, it's the week before half term - yippee!  That means you need to make the most of your home learning this week - so impress me. 


You are all doing a great job so give yourself a well done and some 'Golden Time' and say thank you (from me as well as from you) to the adults and siblings that have been helping you.


Remember, only do what you can in the time you have available; there are lots of other important things to do.  If you don't finish, continue another day and miss something out.  The length of time I think something takes and reality can be completely different.  Also, if something really inspires or interests you, then I don't mind if you do more of that instead of something I've put up.  You are all able to take responsibility for your learning now - which is a good skill to have for secondary school.


Have a good day,

Miss Baker

Spelling Home Learning

Keep using the games in Spelling Shed to help you practise your new list of words.  If you wish to do more, complete the pdf for your wordlist below.  Remember, we will remind you to ask someone to give you a spelling test on these words on Friday!

Literacy Home Learning (Reading, Writing and Grammar)

This week, I have decided to do literacy home learning differently so I have posted below a talk for writing unit called 'The Door' which combines all areas of literacy (more like we would do in school).  How you complete the unit is up to you - you could do lots over a couple of days or break it up so you do a little bit each day.


My suggestion would be:

Monday and Tuesday:

Activity 1, Activity 2, the Writing Challenge (Make the Writing Challenge a finished piece of work so edit and improve it - up-level your vocabulary and use of simile, metaphors and adjectives and powerful verbs.) and Activity 3

Wednesday and Thursday:

Activity 4, Activity 5, Activity 6 and Activity 7

Friday (and possibly the following Monday):

Activity 8, Activity 9 and Activity 10 (Make activity 10 a finished piece of writing so go back to it - ask someone to read it to you and then, check, edit and improve it - or send it to me and I'll give you my comments - what you've done well and a couple of next steps.)


If the unit is not finished by the end of the week, it does not matter, you can continue with it after half term.  Let me know how you are getting on.


Reading Activity


If you have been playing Bookopoly along at home with us, we have rolled a '1' today and have landed on Character Crescent. Either roll to find your activity or choose from the list.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Science - Materials


Because a lot of our Electricity topic is practical, we have decided to move onto a new Science topic - Materials.

Below there is a lesson presentation along with differentiated tasks to complete as best you can with what you have at home.

ICT - Scratch Lesson 5: Making A Story

ICT - Scratch Lesson 5: Making A Story 1
Picture 1

Art: I know lots of you might be interested in his World Record Attempt.

Children's author and illustrator Rob Biddulph is attempting to break the world record for the largest online art lesson,supported by HarperCollins and global talent investor Entrepreneur First.

The challenge will see Biddulph teach participants to draw a blue whale, via his YouTube channel. To successfully break the world record, 10,000 unique users will need to join the lesson for half an hour.

The challenge was inspired by Biddulph's lockdown drawing video series #DrawWithRob, which has attracted over three million households.


Watch the clip below which explains his plan and the need to register.

Do you want to be a RECORD BREAKER?

Friday 15th May

Morning Eagles,

Thank you for all you work and messages this week - you all deserve a certificate.  smiley


Eagles are first in the Kilmersdon Class Spelling League - WELL DONE! smiley smiley smiley

Spelling Stars: Harry, Aidan, Reuben, Bruno and Freddie W based on this week's words.  Overall the top three spellers are: Reuben, Josh and Harry.  

Times Table Rock Stars: Aidan, Max, Harry and Genevieve.


Have a peaceful weekend, 

Miss Baker


PS. Don't forget your spelling test!

Splish, Splash and Splosh update: they like being outside; have moved into the garage(with a heat lamp) and cheep when spoken to.

Still image for this video

Weekly Maths Challenge: click on the link above for the Friday Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Daily Learning.

Weekly Maths Challenge: click on the link above for the Friday Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Daily Learning. 1
Weekly Maths Challenge: click on the link above for the Friday Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Daily Learning. 2
Weekly Maths Challenge: click on the link above for the Friday Maths Challenge by White Rose Maths and BBC Daily Learning. 3

Writing Activity - Clerihew Poem


Please find below a PDF showing you some examples of a type of poem called a clerihew. There are examples of clerihew poems based on superheroes. Try to write your own superhero clerihew poem or poems or, if you don't want to write about superheroes, why not try sports people or singers that you like.

Reading Comprehension


Please find below a link to download the reading comprehension. Unfortunately, it was too large a file for our website to host. After you have clicked on the link, the file should appear in your 'download' folder.

NB: There appears to be a slight technical hitch with this - if it doesn't work (or just instead) read and tick off the next part/s of your Round the World Reading Challenge - Miss Baker

Reading Activity - Bookopoly Move 3


If you are playing along at home, we rolled a 3 today that landed us on Review Row. Either choose your preferred activity from list or generate a random task by rolling your own die.

Picture 1
Picture 2

ART: Have a go at some weaving on a paper plate

ART: Design your own club badge #FootballSchoolFriday

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Eagles, 

I hope you are having a good week.  I've put up the next set of home learning for you to do over the next couple of days.  Enjoy your day and take care,

Miss Baker

Picture 1

Writing Activity


Look at the picture above and think about the following questions. If you can, talk about your possible answers with someone else.

  • Who do you think this is?
  • Why is he carrying all of those jars? What’s inside them? Why are they attached to his clothing? Couldn’t he just carry them in a bag?
  • Why is he wearing this clothing?
  • Is he going to open the blue jar? Why?
  • Why is his other fist clenched?
  • What does his body language tell you about his thoughts and feelings?
  • Choose 3 words to describe this character and justify your choices


Now draw your own version of this person. Around the outside of your drawing, write answers to the questions above along with any other information you think might be important to build up an understanding of the character. 

Grammar Activity


Please find below some revision activities for using modal verbs. There is an information PDF and also a Questions PDF with answers provided on the page after the questions.

Reading Home Learning - Comprehension - Answer the 1, 2 or 3 star questions (by now you should know which level suits you).

Perseus and Medusa | Ancient Greek Mythology Stories

Reading Activity


If you're playing along at home, we have just rolled a '5', which landed us on Prediction Park. Either choose the activity from the list that you would most like to do or roll your own die to generate your activity.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Geography - Rivers Lesson 3: The Life Of A River


Below you will find the next lesson for your Topic learning on Rivers. There is an Information PDF as well as an Activity PDF.

The activity is based on the labelling of the different features of a river (3 levels of difficulty).

I have also included some pictures of the different features in a gallery below the documents.

If you would like to take your learning further or in a different direction, you could try one of the following:

  • Create a 3D model of a river that includes the different features you have been learning about. You could use natural materials or anything else such as clay, fabric, tin foil or even papier mache.
  • Look at videos or photographs of two differing rivers (for example, The Amazon and the River Camel). Compare the features that each one has, identifying ones they both have, ones that only one has and ones that neither river has. You could then use a Venn diagram to organise what you have found out.

Monday 11th May

Welcome to another week of home learning. smiley


It would have been SATs this week so maybe you can persuade your parents that you need a drink, croissant or pain au chocolate, 5/10 minutes of exercise and square of dark chocolate before you begin any work - every day - followed by a celebration on Friday!


Don't forget to just do what you can happily; if you need any support or just want me to see what you've been doing or to say hello, email me using the office address.  Take care,

Miss Baker

Reading Activity - Bookopoly


This week, I have found a new reading activity. Bookopoly is a board game where you move a counter around a board and land on different reading activities (which are similar to your reading journal activities) that you can complete based on the book you are currently reading.

You can play however you like but I would recommend playing the game over a number of days and complete at least 10 minutes worth of reading before you do so; then, you can also tick off another step on your reading challenge journey around the world.  You can play this independently or with brothers, sisters or other family members by printing out the board, questions and Chance cards.


Alternatively, you can play along with the Class Page game. Below you will see pictures of the Bookopoly board with a virtual counter. Today, I started our game on 'Go' and we rolled a '2' and have landed on 'Setting Square'. You can either roll a die of your own to choose the activity from the list or just choose whichever you would like to complete.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1

Writing Activities: Out of Control


Below are Monday and Tuesday's writing activities. Either choose one, some or all of the activities and have a go at completing them. 

Science: Electricity - Volts


Today, you will be finding out about volts and amps. Unfortunately, this would have been a bit more 'hands-on' if we had been in school, however, there are still things that you can look at and explore in your own home.


Below is the lesson presentation and a BBC Bitesize video clip about volts and amps. As well as this, I have included a table where you can look at different electrical items around your home to find out the required voltage. Please make sure you take great care whilst doing this and make sure your adult is happy for you to examine these appliances before you begin.


Finally, there is a link to a website where you can create your own circuits with different components and see how it is important that your circuit is complete. You can also explore what happens when you add more cells. It's not the same as building your own circuits but it is quite good fun.

ICT: Scratch Lesson 4 - Making Music

ICT: Scratch Lesson 4 - Making Music 1

Scratch Lesson 4: Making Music

'Draw with Rob' Self-Portraits - Who is it?

The Ducklings first bath!

Still image for this video

Making a Circuit

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Home Learning - Friday 8th May

As today is a Bank Holiday, all your work is either related to VE Day or "fun" activities that you could try.  Don't worry if you don't do any of these as today is not a school day - enjoy yourself with your family!

Art Challenge - Draw With Rob


Your 'Draw-With-Rob' this week can be entered into a competition - why not have a go?

#DrawWithRob *SPECIAL EDITION* Racing Car

Wednesday 10th May


Morning Eagles, 

I hope you enjoy today's learning.  There seems to be a lot so choose the bits you do.  It is always better to do one thing well - to a detailed, high standard - rather than lots quickly (quality over quantity).  


I have put together a slide show of the 'Draw with Rob' self-portraits I have received so far - it would be great to be able to add more.  If you enjoyed this - you could draw others in the class or the teachers and send those to me!


Take care,

Miss Baker

Grammar - ISPACE Openers Activity

Picture 1

Reading and Writing - GREECE FACT FILE

Use the information in the pdfs below (the powerpoint is the same as the pdf with the same title but allows you to have a go at the questions before it gives you the answer) or complete your own research to find out about Greece today.  If you have been to Greece then use this knowledge. 


Task: Design and make your own information page(s), powerpoint etc about Greece or complete one or two of the activities below.  This is also your writing for the day so make sure the information is clear and some of it is written in sentences and/or paragraphs.  It is a good opportunity to use sub-headings, lists and bullet points in your writing.

History - VE Day Morse Code

Learn about Morse Code and then try deciphering or writing messages in one of the activities below. 


As a challenge you could use a torch or a buzzer to send a message for someone else in your family to decode.  Maybe, you could video your message and email it to me so others could try and work it out?  (Keep it simple and please send the answer!)

Picture 1

Optional VE Day Activities

If you have time, try a VE day activity - do the one(s) that interest you.

Picture 1

Monday 4th May

Hi Eagles,

It's the beginning of another week.  I hope you were able to try the lava lamp activity on Friday.  I did it with the key worker children in school and really enjoyed it. (Don't make the mistake I made: shaking it - you had to wait until it settled again to put in the alka seltzer - a long time when you're watching!) 


I have received some great Rob Biddulph self-portraits and look forward to seeing more; I will post them later this week.  This week, it is VE Day on Friday so I have linked some activities to this.  As always, do what you can and please no worrying.  Be pleased with the effort you are putting in - I am.


Take care,

Miss Baker

Maths Challenge Answers

Friday 1st May BBC and White Rose Maths Week 2 Maths Challenge

Challenge 1 - see below

Challenge 2 - 47p

Challenge 3 - 11 cards

Challenge 4 - 2 jugs and 6 buckets, 6 jugs and 3 buckets, or 10 jugs

Challenge 5 - 120 degrees

Challenge 6 - Circle = 32, Triangle = 38 and Pentagon = 25

Challenge 7 - 5, 10, 5 (multiple other answers though)

Picture 1

VE day. Have a go at making these for VE day. You could make these instead of one of the other activities if you like.

Science: Electricity Lesson 2 - Circuits


Below you will find some learning challenges related to circuits. Firstly, look through the Lesson Presentation and see what you remember from your previous learning.

At the end of the presentation you will find the Challenge questions  - can you remember what each of the electrical components are called and can you draw the related symbols? Although there are only 7 pictures, there are 9 answer spaces - this could be rather confusing! For two of the components, there are two possible symbols.

The answers are on the final page of the lesson presentation.

After that, you could try the Drawing and Interpreting Circuits Activity Sheet. There are different levels so choose according to how confident you feel. To help, you can either use the information in the lesson presentation or I have included a Scientific Circuit Symbols Mat that has diagrams and labels for each of the components.

Finally, I have put a link to two BBC Bitesize circuits pages which have a couple of videos and some interactive challenges.

Picture 1

Writing Activities: Kid Normal Inspired Super Hero Story


On Friday, I posted  a writing activity based on Greg James and Chris Smith's Kid Normal series of books (see post below). As this was quite a big piece of writing, you can have some extra time to complete it. If you have already chosen and completed one of the suggested activities then try a different one. If you have finished your story, why not try to complete some checking, correcting and editing?  I would really like to see any of your pictures or writing so, if you can, send them over to me via the school office email (

Reading Home Learning

As Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, today's reading is on that topic.  Find out why it is an important date in British History.  This week, I will include at least one VE Day activity every time I put up work.


Choose one of the reading comprehensions below and then complete either the 1, 2 or 3 star reading and questions. (By now, I'm sure you know which star is right for you - 1 is the easiest and 3 is the most challenging.)


Picture 1

ICT - Scratch: Tutorial 3 - Make A Chase Game

Friday 1st May

Hi Eagles,

Thank you for the work, photos and messages I've received. smiley


I've made a slide with a selection of your work.  As usual, you've been doing lots of interesting things which is good to see.  The ducklings are named Splish, Splash and Splosh and belong to one member of our class, but who?!  I'm pleased to see that some of you have got to New York (3000 miles) and well done to those of you who have made it all the way to Rio de Janeiro (4500 miles) - Josh and Jack.  I will start a slide show Monday and keep adding to it throughout next week (hopefully, as long as you send them to me using the office email) with a gallery of your 'Draw with Rob' self-portraits - see today's art.  (Thank you to the person who has already sent me a brilliant one.)


Eagles remain second in Spelling Shed (still behind Kites)!  Top spellers this week: Josh, Wes,  Ottilie, Aidan, Freddie W and Freddie P.  I'm pleased to see some new names on the list of spellers this week - well done to you and keep practising.  Josh is top for the whole school - amazing. Our Rockstar Times Table Leaders are Aidan(Rock Legend), Max, Genevieve and Amelia S.


Another good week, Eagles.  Well done to you all, take care and thank you for the effort shown by you and your families.

Miss Baker

Weekly Maths Challenge - use the pdf above for the White Rose Maths and BBC Weekly Maths Challenge. The answers will be posted on Monday.

Weekly Maths Challenge - use the pdf above for the White Rose Maths and BBC Weekly Maths Challenge.  The answers will be posted on Monday. 1
Weekly Maths Challenge - use the pdf above for the White Rose Maths and BBC Weekly Maths Challenge.  The answers will be posted on Monday. 2

Writing Activity – Write A Superhero Story


For your writing activity today, watch the video from the authors of Kid Normal, Greg James and Chris Smith, who explain how you can write your own superhero story. Alternatively, you could watch the video and do one or some of the following:

  • Design, draw and label a superhero and write a paragraph to explain their super power.
  • Design, draw and label a villain and write about their super power and plan for world domination.
  • Design, draw and label your villain’s lair (setting) and write a paragraph describing it.
  • Write a superhero story based on Chris and Greg's advice.


Because this could be quite a big piece of writing, this will be your writing activity for Monday and Tuesday as well.

Greg James and Chris Smith - Making a superhero story

Reading - King Midas - Read the pdf or listen to the audio version of this Greek Myth.

Art - 'Draw with Rob' Self-Portrait

Use the weblink below to create your self-portrait.  Maybe you could add your friends around you drawing them in the same 'Draw with Rob' style.

Picture 1

The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who?

The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who? 1
The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who? 2
The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who? 3
The KS2 staff (Miss Baker, Mr Phillips, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Hillier) have drawn themselves. Can you guess who is who? 4

Make Your Own Lava Lamp


This activity doesn't relate to any of our topics but Mr Phillips had a go at it this week with his son and daughter and found it quite fun. The alka-seltzer mentioned in the video can be replaced with any sort of effervescent tablets - we used the dissolvable Vitamin C tablets.

How To Make a DIY Lava Lamp With Alka-Seltzer

Episode 2: Animals | Puffin Podcast

Wednesday 29th April

Morning Eagles,

I thought you'd appreciate this picture of Percy who was quite happy Monday lazing in the sun.  The weather was not so good on Tuesday so he hid in the poly tunnel!  Luckily, it is still warm enough to be outside if you don't mind a bit of rain, but I hope the sun returns soon.  Have a go at today's home learning and look after yourself.

Take care,

Miss Baker

Picture 1
Picture 1

The Book of Hopes


Please find below a link to 'The Book of Hopes'. This is a completely free book for all children and families and includes short stories, poems, essays and pictures. It has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.

The collection, published by Bloomsbury, is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.

Writing Task - Alphabet Poem

Geography - Rivers Lesson 2: Rivers of the World


Please find below lesson 2 of our Rivers topic. Again, if you do not have an atlas at home then there are plenty of online atlases or other resources such as Google Earth that you can use to find the answers.

As well as the lesson activities, if you want to complete any more research on rivers then you could:

  • Make river fact cards or Top Trump style cards. Try this website: or find alternative sources of information.
  • Write a number of clues for someone else to try to guess which river you are thinking of. This doesn't have to be someone in your house - you could try it out with a relative or friend over the phone or using some form of video call.
  • Carry out a more detailed study on your chosen world river. This could be a PowerPoint or poster that includes lots of interesting facts.
  • Try playing the River Top Trumps game that I have attached below.

Reading Home Learning

In the pdf below (Ancient Greece Geography) everyone should be able to do the first two question pages.  For page one you will need access to a dictionary or the internet to find definitions so you may not be able to do this.  The final question page is an extension. 

Maths Challenge Answers

Friday 24th April BBC and White Rose Maths Week 1 Maths Challenge

Challenge 1 - star = 10, heart = 17, triangle = 0

Challenge 2 - A pencil costs 8p

Challenge 3 - Amir’s number is 538, Donna’s number is 853

Challenge 4 - Perimeter = 64 cm

Challenge 5 - The length is 480 cm

Challenge 6 - The height of the last tower is 23.9 cm

Challenge 7 - The fraction shaded is ⅝

Monday 27th April

Hi Eagles,

I hope you've had a good weekend and have made the most of the good weather.  Enjoy this week's home learning - you should notice that we have moved onto a new topic in Science: Electricity.  Remember, lots of the things I put on the page may take longer than one session to finish; if we were in school, we would take a few lessons to complete them.  Please only do what you can and do not worry if you get stuck.  Make sure you juggle completing home learning and doing lots of other things as happily and peacefully as you can.

Look after yourself and your family and have a good day,

Miss Baker

Literacy task: The Great Race

Please find below Monday's Literacy activities. Choose one, some or all of the activities to complete.

Science and Reading

Today's science is a reading comprehension on electricity. If you would like to test your existing knowledge of electricity then download the PowerPoint (it is available as a PDF but unfortunately the answers are highlighted on there - sorry!). If you would like to complete some more home learning on our new topic then you could complete a mini biography on one of the scientists listed below who all made discoveries about electricity using the biography sheet as a template or create your own.

  • Thomas Edison
  • Nikola Testa
  • Allesandro Volta
  • Michael Farraday

ICT: Scratch - Imagine A World

ICT: Scratch - Imagine A World 1

Scratch: Imagine A World Activity Cards

Friday 24th April

Good Morning Eagles, I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.  It has been really good to hear from so many of you; it sounds like you all had a good Easter holiday.  Lots of you have been working really hard this week and I have put a selection of your work into the slideshow.  Scratch seemed really popular, along with the poetry, tree writing, maths and river work.  Our star spellers this week are Amelia W, Ottilie, Bruno, Freddie W, Wes and Genevieve (Eagles are second, behind Kites). 


Well done to you all for your learning this week; I have put a certificate at the end of the slide show for you all smiley


I'll finish with some great news: Genevieve and Josh made it through to the second round in the 500 words story competition - I know you'd all like to congratulate them. (That means they are one of the top 5000 entries.)


Have a good weekend,

Miss Baker


PS.  As it is Friday, don't forget to ask someone to give you a spelling test!

Below is a link to some extra maths challenges from BBC Bitesize's daily lessons. Answers are posted on a Monday so when they are released I will publish them. 
Picture 1
Picture 1

Writing Task - The Girl In The Glass Jar

Reading Comprehension 3 Levels - Rivers of the World

Spanish - Numbers


Please find below a link to a BBC Bitesize Spanish clip showing a Spanish game similar to Granny's footsteps. You might like to use it to revise your Spanish numbers to 10.

Puffin Books Podcast


Below is a link to the Puffin Books podcast episode "Under The Sea". It contains lots of facts about sea creatures and can be quite funny at times (and very silly too). 

Episode 1: Under the Sea | Puffin Podcast

Humza and the gang dive under the sea to ask questions such as: How many hearts does an octopus have? Can dolphins really speak to each other?

Wednesday 23rd April

Morning Eagles, I hope you are starting to get back into home learning.  It has been good to see lots of you doing things that help the community (sending cards, letters or helping to make face masks).  I'm pleased lots of you have enjoyed making shadow puppets and coding using Scratch.  Well done to those of you that have now read ten books this academic year completing the 'Jack and Jill Reading Challenge' - I'm only on book six!  Our topics this term are Ancient Greece and Rivers so I will begin to put up work linked to these. Enjoy today's learning and remember to send me pictures if you can.smiley

Literacy Home Learning

Today you are going to be looking at two different poems and then having a go at writing your own verses for the poems along with some other fun activities.  Click on the link below.

Reading Home Learning

Today, as our topic would now be Ancient Greece, I thought you might enjoy reading and listening to a Greek Myth and then following this with a DT activity rather than comprehension questions! 


First read the story, then listen to the BBC audio clip if you have time.  Consider the similarities and differences.  Which do you prefer?  Then, look at the DT pdf and have a go at making .....

Geography  - Rivers Lesson 1


Below you will find a PDF with information about the water cycle and rivers. As well as this, there is a worksheet to find out about some UK rivers including their source, major towns that they run through and where the mouth of each river is. It asks for you to use an atlas although this may be tricky if you do not have an atlas at home. Google Earth is a fantastic app and quite possibly better than a lot of atlases for this task. 

I have also included a link to a clip from BBC Bitesize about the River Thames.

Reading Home Learning Challenge

I've included the documents that you will need for the reading challenge. The passport shows where you will travel to every time that you read and earn your reading miles. Everytime you reach a new destination, you can reward yourself with a certificate and send someone a postcard from where you've got to. You can draw your own picture on the postcard and either send it to someone in your house, or post it to someone who doesn't live with you  but please check with your grown ups first. If you aren't able to print the resources out, then you could make your own. It would be great to see how you are all getting on.

Monday 20th April

Welcome back after Easter - I hope you had a good break.  It was strange not being able to see family and friends like you usually would at Easter; I hope you found other ways to keep in touch and still managed to have at least one Easter Egg (I did!).  Enjoy this week's learning - do as much or as little as you can. 

Keep smiling,

Miss Baker

Literacy Task - The Magic Tree


Below is a PDF with the a number of activities linked to the picture entitled 'The Magic Tree'. Please complete either one, some or all of the related tasks.

Science: Light - Shadow Puppets


For your final activity for our topic on 'Light', I would like you to create your own shadow puppet theatre. You can be as creative as you like. You could create your own shadow puppets (alternatively, use any toys you have), make props, write a short script and even a stage or theatre from a cardboard box. You could even involve your family as either puppeteers or audience members. The most important thing you will need is a source of light and some sort of screen to project the shadows onto. You could use a sheet for this or even plain paper should work. It would be great to see what you come up with!

ICT Home Learning - Scratch Coding


I thought it would be good to complete some coding as most of us are online at the moment. To do this, you will need to register and this requires an email address so you must make sure you complete this step with an adult who is happy to provide their email.


Each week, I will choose one of the tutorials from the 'Ideas' section and post some instructions to go along with it (these are available on the Scratch website itself when you click on the tutorial itself). Feel free to explore Scratch at your own pace.

Scratch Tutorial - Animate A Name

Picture 1

Friday 3rd April

Hi Eagles,

You have made me proud with all the messages and work that I have seen or heard about. Make sure you thank your parents for their help and support.  This is my last set of work for this term so make the most of it!  (It may be worth reminding your parents that we would have spent an afternoon doing some kind of Easter egg hunt, with chocolate or paper eggs, as an end of term treat - how hard have you been working? Or, maybe, you could set up a hunt for your parents or your siblings instead - if you do then send me a photo.)  Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you after the Easter.

Miss Baker

Some of this week's home learning - well done everyone, I'm impressed with all the different things you are doing. Can you guess which one is my Gregosaurus? (And Percy says Hello.)


Today is test day! Find someone to test you and, if you like, send your scores into me via the school office.

Well done to Max, Freddie P, Freddie W, Genevieve, Bruno, Harry, Aidan, Lauren, Jack and Wes for helping Eagles to be second out of all the classes on Spelling Shed.

Writing Task - Riddle Poem

Grammar - Look at the Relative Clauses Information and then do one of the activities.

Below is a YouTube video (found by Mrs Nagel - thanks!) that is all about the Victorian workhouses which follows on from Wednesday's topic work. 

The Victorian Workhouse

DT - try making a mouse using an egg box

DT - try making a mouse using an egg box 1
DT - try making a mouse using an egg box 2

TASK: Please design and make a poster to 'advertise' Easter


Think about impact, colours used, interesting ways of presenting the information as well as making it informative.


Good Luck! I look forward to seeing them! Mrs Wood

How to Draw 3D Letters Using One Point Perspective

This drawing tutorial will teach you How to Draw 3D Letters in One Point Perspective

Wednesday 1st April

Morning Eagles,

It's good to hear how you are getting on so keep sending me emails and photos of your work; I'm pleased you're all keeping busy.  It's good to see lots of you learning life skills: cooking, sewing and gardening.  Make sure you only do what you can from the activities I post on our webpage.  I look forward to posting more of your work on Friday.

Stay safe,

Miss Baker

Mrs Dando has created a lovely Easter card design for you to have a go at. The yellow chick is made up of yellow circles, folded in half and stuck together to create a 3D belly! We would love to see any pictures of ones that you create.

Mrs Dando has created a lovely Easter card design for you to have a go at. The yellow chick is made up of yellow circles, folded in half and stuck together to create a 3D belly! We would love to see any pictures of ones that you create. 1
Mrs Dando has created a lovely Easter card design for you to have a go at. The yellow chick is made up of yellow circles, folded in half and stuck together to create a 3D belly! We would love to see any pictures of ones that you create. 2

Writing Task - 1st April: Treasure


For your writing task, please watch the short film below then look at the writing activity on the PDF document.

CGI 3D Animated Short Film "TREASURE" - Inspiring Animation by Chelsea Bartlett & Ringling College

Writing Task 1st April - Treasure

Reading Sheets - choose the topic that interests you, read the sheet and talk about it. Then look at the questions and possible activities. I only expect you to read and talk about the questions for one of the sheets.

Reading questions and possible activities (if you have time)

Find the section for the reading sheet you have chosen.

Red Panda

  • Where in the world do red pandas live?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they climb?
  • How do red pandas compare to the giant panda?

If you have more time, you could research a different mammal species. How is the animal adapted to its environment? Draw a labelled diagram/picture/poster to show these adaptations. How does the animal find food? How does it hide from or defend itself against predators? Does it have a tail and, if so, how is it used?

Human Heart

  • How many times a day does your heart beat?
  • Which cells in your body live longest?
  • How much saliva do you produce in a lifetime?

If you have more time, you could draw and colour a diagram of the heart inside the human body.  Label the different parts of the heart, and include labelled images of veins and arteries to show where the blood is flowing from and to.

Optical Illusions:

  • How is it possible that colours can disappear before our eyes?
  • How can straight lines appear to bend?
  • Which brain games do they find most fascinating?
  • Are there any that they feel work better than others? Why?

Try them with other members of your family.  Do you share the same opinions?

Monday 30th March


Hello Eagles and welcome to Monday's activities!  I hope you've all had a peaceful, restful weekend.  Please remember the 'few points' I posted on Friday: do what you can, pick and choose from the work offered and your own ideas, and make it enjoyable; use as little paper as possible; keep sending me your work or questions; and listen to your adult - do whatever work they ask you to do with a smile.

Spelling - keep using Spelling Shed. You'll find that a new list of words has been assigned to you when you log in so play the games with these words too. If you wish to do more, look at the relevant pdf below.

Writing Tasks - A Dangerous Pet: Try one or more of the activities if you like!

Reading Comprehension - Dr Barnado's Information: 3 levels

Science - Spectacular Spectrum


Below you will find some activities relating to light and more specifically the spectrum of colours that light is made up of. This follows on from last week's work on refraction. As you probably don't have a prism at home I have posted some Youtube videos to help you to understand what is happening along with an explanation of how a rainbow is formed.

I have also included instructions for creating your own fabric rainbow, which feels very appropriate as lots of people have been putting rainbows up in their windows to show their support for the wonderful job the NHS are doing right now.

ABC Zoom - Refraction: why glass prisms bend and separate light

Zoom inside a glass prism and see why glass makes light bend, and how the glass molecules make different colours of light bend different amounts.

Refraction of Light Experiment | Dispersion of Light through Prism | Science Experiments for kids

Refraction of Light through prism | Dispersion of Light explained | Science Experiments for kids Light Dispersion and refraction through prism.

How Is A Rainbow Formed | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Learn all the interesting detail and facts about our beautiful rainbows.

Why don't you try entering a competition........

This competition closes on the 24th April 2020.  For more information or to register and upload entries use this link:

Well done everyone. I think you all deserve a certificate this week (parents/careers included). Thank you for all your efforts.

Well done everyone.  I think you all deserve a certificate this week (parents/careers included).  Thank you for all your efforts. 1

Friday 27th March - Well done Eagles - please keep sending work if you can (I know it is impossible for some of you so don’t worry if you can’t. I know you’re still working hard.

Friday 27th March


Hello Eagles and welcome to Friday's activities!

A few points:

  • As a school, we have signed up to Spelling Shed. Each week, there will be a new list of spellings to practise and lots of great ways of practising them on the website itself. Please email the school office ( for your Log-in and password.
  • Please do not feel as though all of the tasks have to be printed out each time - I'm happy for you to complete them on scrap pieces of paper or on the computer: let's save paper where we can!
  • I'm hopefully posting more than enough to keep you occupied. Please do not feel as though you need to complete everything! Pick and choose what you would like to do and take time to do other things - learning happens all around the house, not just at a table. Having said that, I do ask that you listen to your adults: if they want you to do certain tasks then that is what you should do!
  • I'm really enjoying seeing so much of your work - please keep sending it. This should not just be the tasks I set but anything you have done that you'd like to share. Wherever possible, I will try to respond.

Writing Ideas - choose one or have a go at more if you like!

Reading Comprehension - Victorian Venture Narrative

Grammar - Sentence Doctor: Fix these sick sentences


Rob Biddulph, an author-illustrator, is posting draw - a- long videos every Tuesday and Thursday.  Using the weblink below, scroll down the page and watch video clip 1: Gregosaurus.  Then, draw your own version/s of a Gregosaurus.  You could also try some of Draw-with-Rob's other videos.  I look forward to seeing your drawings. 


Wednesday 25th March

I hope you've been helping your parents/carers work out what you need to do!  Thank you for the work I've been sent and for the emails I've received via the school office.  Make sure you take time to be in your gardens (if possible) enjoying the good weather - I hope it lasts. 


Remember, if you get stuck, it doesn't matter, try and puzzle it out with help, move onto the next thing or do something different: make up your own learning!  Remember, reading is always a really good choice to make - fact and fiction.


Some of the work I'm posting today and on Friday was started in class so you'll need to start again(we had only just begun) or do one of the other options. 

Wednesday 25th March - Maths Home Learning

If you are finding algebra tricky, have a go and then go back and do some of the early work in your Power Maths Practice Books.  Don't forget to also play TT Rockstar Times Tables.

Wednesday 25th March - Literacy Home Learning - Watch the clip using the link below and then choose an activity from Literacy - A Cloudy Lesson!

Wednesday 25th March - Grammar and Spelling

From your revision book, please do the pages on inverted commas, pronouns and prefixes and suffixes.  Also, have a go at the games in Spelling Shed.


Wednesday 25th March - PE Home Learning

Look at Red Kites' page and try the PE with Joe daily workout.

Monday 23rd March - Literacy Home Learning

Monday 23rd March - Maths Home Learning

Monday 23rd March - Reading Comprehension - Victorian School Days

With the reading comprehension, there are three difficulty levels. One star is the simplest moving up to three star for those who would like more challenging questions. Answers are provided too.

Monday 23rd March – Science: Refraction


Below are two practical investigations that carry on our work on ‘Light’. There are 3 levels starting at one star and moving up to three star. One star would be the easiest of the three and contain the most support. Take this into consideration when deciding which to tackle. All three levels are based on the same idea so the results you achieve should be the same.

Understanding Refraction

Join Rebecca Emerich, Educational Outreach Manager, as she explains refraction, the bending of light when it travels from one medium to another. Refraction i...

Friday 20th March

Things to note:

- Please find below are some suggested writing / literacy, grammar and maths work for your child.

- Algebra can be a challenging topic in maths so please do not worry is your child needs support or you do the work together.

- The grammar work has 3 levels: developing, expected and greater depth - your child does not need to do all these levels.  I suggest you choose one or two of them to do.

- Don't forget to test their spellings (the list is posted on the class page) and check they have written their sentences.

Friday 20th March - Literacy

We would like you to contact a local residential home for elderly people who may not be able to see their families at the moment. We would like you to choose one of the following activities to do :

  1. Write a letter, telling them about some of the things you will be doing while you are not at school.
  2. Make a bright and cheerful poster that they can put up in their living space.
  3. Make a card with a cheerful message.

If you are sending a letter, please use the school's address, not your own address. Below are some suggested local residential homes, but you are welcome to choose any others.

Manor Farm Residential Home

Church Street


Bath   BA3 3QG


Whitehaven Care Home


Midsomer Norton

Radstock      BA3 4AU


Combe Lea


Midsomer Norton

Radstock      BA3 2RD


Beechcroft Residential Home

Midsomer Norton

Radstock   BA3 2QE


Clare Hall Nursing Home

Ston Easton

Radstock  BA3 4DE

Welcome to Golden Eagles, Year 6 at Kilmersdon CEVA Primary School.  Eagles is taught by Miss Baker.  Everyone in Eagles is looking forward to the challenges and rewards the final year at Primary School brings.  As a class, we support each other, work hard and produce work we are proud of while enjoying our learning.


Over the year we work hard to prepare for the new challenges of secondary school. As well as covering all of the core subjects' curriculum, this year we will be learning about a range of topics, including The Kingdom of Benin (West Africa 900 - 1200AD), Mayan Civilisation, Victorians and Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 1



  • tial and cial ending
  • words beginning with acc
  • ough
  • tion, ssion, cian
  • able, ible, ably, ibly
  • ence, ance, ency, ancy


  • subject and object
  • different word classes
  • different sentence types
  • active and passive voice
  • formal and informal language


  • narrative
  • non-chronological report
  • formal letters
  • newspaper report


  • co-ordinates, reflection, translation
  • simple algebra - finding rules and following rules, using formula, solving equations
  • finding percentages
  • angles - measuring using protractor, finding missing angles using the knowledge that 90 degrees = right-angle, 180 degress = straight line and 360 degrees = point/full turn


  • Life as a child in Victorian Times



  • adding prefixes and suffixes, identifying root words
  • word families - 'mit', 'inter'


  • relative clauses
  • determiners
  • noun phrases
  • correct tense


  • narrative


  • linking fractions, decimals and percentages
  • understanding percentage is out of 100
  • finding percentages


  • Light
  • Cams - moving toy
  • Life as a child in Victorian Times



  • ie or ei and exceptions (rule - i before e except after c)


  • direct and indirect speech
  • correct tense
  • pronouns
  • subject and object in sentences


  • narrative
  • explanation


  • add and subtract fractions or mixed numbers
  • multiply or divide fractions by whole numbers
  • multiply fractions by fractions
  • compare and order fractions
  • multiply and divide by 10, 100 or 1000 (or any power of ten)


  • Cams - moving toy
  • Life as a child in Victorian Times
  • Light

Spellings Autumn 2 week 4, 5 and 6

Picture 1



  • ably, able
  • le, el
  • il, al
  • y, igh, 
  • micro, mini
  • ies


  • synonyms and antonyms
  • parenthesis - brackets, dashes, commas
  • relative clauses
  • formal and informal language
  • sentence openers for cohesion within and across paragraphs
  • direct and indirect speech
  • correct use of commas - using commas for lists, in noun phrases, for fronted adverbials, with opening subordinate clauses, parenthesis and to avoid ambiguity


  • formal letters
  • discussion or argument text
  • newspaper reports
  • narrative


  • long division
  • common multiples, common factors
  • square numbers, cube numbers
  • prime and composite numbers
  • BIDMAS - order of operations


  • water resistance
  • air resistance 
  • mono printing and stencilling
  • Mayan society

Dojo reward - making biscuits

Dojo reward - making biscuits 1
Dojo reward - making biscuits 2
Dojo reward - making biscuits 3

Gravity Science Investigation with Year 5

Year 6 football match

Year 6 football match  1
Year 6 football match  2
Year 6 football match  3
Year 6 football match  4
Year 6 football match  5
Year 6 football match  6



  • ent, ant, once, ant, any, envy
  • co -, re-
  • able, ably


  • using different sentence openers (subordinate clause, fronted adverbial, ISPACE)
  • modal verbs
  • correct use of commas - using commas for lists, in noun phrases, for fronted adverbials, with opening subordinate clauses, parenthesis and to avoid ambiguity


  • instructions for digging a hole
  • informal letter


  • negative numbers
  • column addition and subtraction
  • short multiplication
  • long multiplication
  • short division


  • friction
  • air resistance
  • mono printing
  • Introduction to The Benin Kingdom: Timeline (When was the Benin period in history?  What was happening in Britain during this time?); Where in Africa was the Benin Kingdom? Key vocabulary



  • interesting adjectives
  • homophones


  • rules for using bullet points
  • different sentence structures (simple, compound and complex sentences)
  • subordinating and coordinating conjunctions
  • correct use of commas - using commas for lists, in noun phrases, for fronted adverbials, with opening subordinate clauses and to avoid ambiguity


  • writing diary entries
  • description of a picture
  • setting description


  • read and write numbers up to ten million
  • understand the value of each digit in number up to ten million
  • order numbers up to ten million
  • round numbers to any power of ten (e.g. nearest ten, nearest thousand, nearest ten thousand, nearest hundred thousand or nearest million)


  • physical features of Africa today (e.g. countries, rivers, mountains, deserts, surrounding oceans and seas, bordering countries)
  • human features of Africa today
  • Introduction to The Benin Kingdom: Timeline (When was the Benin period in history?  What was happening in Britain during this time?); Where in Africa was the Benin Kingdom? Key vocabulary
  • gravity
Picture 1
Picture 2
Year 6 SATs Revision links