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Music With Mrs North

A Video Lesson and resources from Mrs North focusing on Vivaldi (The Four Seasons)

The video and audio link below also go with the video lesson!


Performance video (from BBC Ten Pieces)


Audio link


Finally, there are some more resources below. We hope you enjoy using these at home!

Mrs North has produced a video lesson where she is teaching us about how to start playing the keyboard!


You will need a pen, a piece of paper and a pencil. You will also need, more importantly, a keyboard or a keyboard app on your device. 


There are links here for examples of keyboard apps you can use:

Perfect Piano for iOS: 


The video lesson is at the link below, along with two additional worksheet resources.

Lesson 1 keyboards – Google Drive



Mrs North talks about an email in her video, but all the links and sheets you need are included on the Google Drive or given in the link above. Have fun!


Lesson 2 - Keyboards with Hot Cross Buns!


Click on the link below.

Lesson 3 - Mrs North's Music Maths!


Click on the link below

Keyboard Lesson 4 - High, Low and Rest

Click on the link below


Lesson 4 Keyboards