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Educational Psychology Service Helpline for Parents

Educational Psychology Service (EPS) - Telephone Helpline for Parents and Carers


From the EPS Service:


During these unprecedented times, we all find ourselves facing new challenges. For many, this will bring about new anxieties, for others, it may worsen existing worries.
Where children and young people are affected, you may notice that they react to uncomfortable feelings and thoughts by changing their behaviours and demonstrating behaviours you have not seen from them before. In turn, these behaviours can add to an already stressful home situation.

It is important to remember that self-isolation, does not equate to social isolation.
If you are a parent/carer of a child in Somerset or North Somerset and would like to speak to a Psychologist with any concerns arising for you, or your family during this time, then The Educational Psychology Service is here for you. We are able to offer an initial 30 minute telephone consultation (discussion) and a potential follow up call, of another 30 minutes if appropriate.

Calls will be offered Monday-Friday, during usual working hours.

Unless the Psychologist feels that you, or someone else is in danger of harm, then full confidentiality will be respected. In order to offer the best possible service, a brief summary of the discussion will be recorded, which may be shared with colleagues from other services. If you do not wish for a record to be taken, then please make this clear to the psychologist during your call and they will only record the name of the school. For further details of our privacy notice, please follow this link:

If you would like to access this service, then please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of your child’s school (or ‘EHE’ if Electively Home Educated)
  • Times and dates that you are not available for consultation


If email is not possible, then call 01823 357000. Please understand that we are likely to be slower to respond to phone calls. Our aim is to offer a consultation within 5 working days of receipt of email.



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