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Online Safety

Internet Safety


We aim to work together with parents and carers to keep children safe online.

We can help by sharing information and speaking to children regularly about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.

Online Safety


We want our community to be well informed about online safety and we partner with ELIM through Somerset (E-Learning and Information Management). They have a newsletter which covers aspects of Internet use that can support all of us.



You can find out more and there are backdated newsletters worth your attention there. Click on the banner above for the link.

Our Zoom Learning Acceptable Use Terms of Participation:


In order to create a safe environment for pupils and staff when taking part in Kilmersdon Zoom sessions, the following considerations must be observed:


1. By accepting the Zoom meeting ID and joining the meeting, with parental responsibility, you agree to the terms set out in this document.

2. Zoom is only to be accessed by a device in an appropriate space in the home. Participants should not move around with the device being used and should be dressed appropriately.

3. Parents should be aware that if cameras are off teachers do not know if children are engaged and participating in the learning or not. We understand that on-camera participation may not be possible due to device limitations etc. On-camera participation is always preferred.

4. It should ideally be supported where needed by an adult to deal with any technical        difficulties.

5. The meeting ID is to remain confidential and not to be shared to anyone that it was not designated to.

6. Recording, photos or screenshots of the Zoom meeting are not allowed by participants.

7. For participants some Zoom facilities will be disabled by the host teacher. This may       include but is not limited to the screen record function, chat and screen share.

8. Screen names should be appropriate and should not be changed. Backgrounds should not be changed. Participants should ensure the camera is the right way up and they are ready for the meeting.

9. Snacking should be avoided during zoom sessions but drinking water is encouraged.


Lastly, the same behaviour expectations that are set within a classroom apply to the Zoom meeting. If these terms of participation are not or cannot be followed, the teacher retains the right to terminate a pupil’s participation.


We look forward to supporting our children through zoom meetings. Thank you in anticipation of your support.



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