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Peregrine Falcons

Welcome to Peregrine Falcons!

Thank you

Hey all you lovely people - thanks for my cards and my gifts.  It is very kind of you and I will think of you all when I use them / eat them / drink them!  I have a book that I will treasure and will take pride of place in my new office - it is full of all your lovely messages and pictures.  Have a fab Summer.  Take care Mrs Ramsay x

Friday 17th July - Last day of school!


Hey you lovely lot!  WE HAVE DONE IT!  We have completed Year 2 in quite a strange old time!  We have had ups and downs.  We have made mistakes and had successes. We have bounced, run, walked, cycled, danced, worked, drawn, skated, wheeled, read, written, sat, relaxed, gardened, slept and chilled!    Feel proud of being you and all the things you have learnt along the way.


Today is my last day at Kilmersdon.  I have loved being your teacher - we've had  fun and learnt a lot.  Keep being kind, keep being brave and stay special!  


Have an awesome Summer! smiley

(Don't forget assembly at 11)

Monday 12th July


Good morning Falcons! 


It's your final week as year 2s! What a fantastic year it has been, we have had many super memories. We unfortunately have to say goodbye to our lovely Mrs Ramsay but she will definitely be visiting us all when we are in year 3 :) This week's learning plan topic is 'transition' which has got many fun activities to review your time spent in year 2. 

Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Wood look forward to seeing some of you for the transition meeting this week. 

Have a lovely few days, Miss Callaghan



Billie has been growing butterflies!

Holly's fantastic birth of Venus painting!

Monday 6th July


Good morning fabulous Falcons!!


How are you all? Have you all had fun weekends? It's been rather windy this weekend, my wild flowers have not enjoyed being blown around! It was so lovely seeing all of your lovely faces during our zoom chat on Friday, myself and Mrs Ramsay are looking forward to seeing you all again on Friday for another chat! Your learning plan topic this week is 'space', this is a very exciting and interesting topic! There are lots of different activities for you to have a go at as well as your power maths :) 

Have a lovely few days!


Miss Callaghan

Friday 3rd July

Morning!  It was SO lovely to see lots of you yesterday in our class meet up!  We will do it again next Friday at 10a.m.


Your task today is to reflect on your time in Year 2.  What have you learnt whilst being in Falcons?  What challenges have you overcome?  What did you really love doing?  Get these ready for our next meet up.  


Have a brrrrrilliant weekend!

Mrs Ramsay

Reggie on the farm!

Wednesday 1st July - Science activity

Holly's fantastic felt project

Monday 29th June


Good morning Falcons! 


What a stormy weekend we have had! What have you all been up to? I have managed to get out in the garden and walk all of my dogs between the rain showers! This week's learning plan topic is music, there are many fun activities to complete. You could also have a go at making some musical instruments out of objects at home or by reusing recycled materials. I'm looking forward seeing lots of photos of what you have all been up to. 

Have a lovely few days!

Miss Callaghan



Friday 26th June

Morning!  What a scorcher!  Hope you have been managing to safely enjoy the sunshine this week .  I know Mr Bamford talked about sun safety in his assembly - hat, t-shirt and sun cream.


2 tasks today:

1.  Glastonbury weekend - this weekend lots of people were due to go to Glastonbury...

Have some fun in your garden instead; face paint on, tunes up and dance away!

2.  Secret Task - Henry is getting ready to go to London for his operation.  Can you send in a short video to say good luck?


Have a great weekend.  Take care

Mrs Ramsay

Elsie has been busy in her garden!

Wednesday 24th June - Science activity

Monday 22nd June


Good morning Falcons! 


What a beautiful Monday morning! The sky is so blue today and it's warm already! Have you all had lovely weekends? The weather is going to get very warm this week so make sure you stay safe in the sun :) The theme for this week's learning plan is 'Around the world' so you will be doing lots of atlas work and looking at different countries. If you don't have an atlas, try using Google Earth on your computer, we have used it in class a few times. Have a super few days, keep sending in photos of what you have all been up to. 


Miss Callaghan

Friday 19th June

Morning! Today’s activity is to do a short video (20 seconds) and send it into school! In your video say some things you have been up to whilst school has not been fully open. We are going to compile a class video of all the mini videos. Please make  sure that you are happy to share what you send in on YouTube - no names is probably safest. I have a video that we are trying to upload to YouTube...! Take care and have a lovely day. 😀

fingers crossed this is the link!





Wednesday 17th June - Science activity 


Your science activity this week is to look at the powerpoint about the life cycle of plants and then draw the life cycle of a sunflower. If you would like an extra challenge then you can write some sentences about each stage of the life cycle of a sunflower. 



Monday 15th June 2020


Good morning Falcons! 

I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and have stayed dry in the rain! What did you do? I got very wet on quite a few dog walks! I hope you are all still having fun with your families at home :) 

This weeks learning is all about significant people in our history. The people you will be learning about are key figures in our past and are very interesting! 

I hope you enjoy this historical project! I can't wait to see what is sent in!


Miss Callaghan :) 

Friday 12th June


Morning everyone!  Your challenge this week is to write a letter / draw a picture to give to a class mate.  You could start your letter Dear Friend in Falcons


I will place a trug outside the front door of school.  Pop your letter in there.  If you can't get to school you could post it to school or send it in by email.


Next Friday, I will coordinate sending them out to your classmates.  


I'm quite excited about this!  Happy writing and drawing.  :)


Charlie's super rainforest work!

Monday 7th June


Good morning Falcons! 


How are you all? Have you all had fun weekends? It's been a but up and down with the weather this weekend but I was very pleased to have some rain on our farm! All the flowers and plants are blossoming now :) 


This week's learning topic is 'the rainforest' which as we have learnt and discussed in class it is a very important part of our world. There are many exciting and interesting activities for you to complete throughout the week but remember you don't need to do them all :) 

Keep sending in your photos as it's lovely for myself and Mrs Ramsay to see what you have all been up to! Have a super couple days!

Learning plan and Power Maths powerpoint

My beautiful wild flowers have come out after the rain and sunshine! What flowers do you have in your gardens?

Cygnet update!

How many cygnets can you see?  

Now there are only 6!  1 cygnet has gone to a Bird Sanctuary to have a little holiday.


Friday 5th June 2020


Good morning!  How are you?  I am in school today, supporting Key Worker children with Miss Sims.  


A challenge for you today is to write some notes or letters to people in your house.  It could be a note to say why you love them or it could be a note to make them laugh!  You can  hide it and they can find it as a surprise!


Have a good day and weekend.  :)







Wednesday 3rd June - Science activity

Congratulations to Henry who completed his 10 miles cycling challenge in May!

Holly has been super busy!

Monday 1st June


Good morning Falcons! 


I hope you have all had a fun and exciting half term! It's been very hot!! My dogs have been enjoying their paddling pool in the garden. I have been busy walking all of my dogs and feeding our bottle lambs! What have you all been up to? We are both looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing photos of what you have been up to! 

The theme for this weeks learning plan is 'Sport', there are lots of exciting activities to do throughout the week. 

Also I have uploaded the next 4 lessons of our power maths in the practice book C. There are 4 lessons so that one day you can choose one of the activities on the learning plan to complete.


Have a super week!

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morrrrrrrrrrning Falcons!  Well, last day of this half-term, it certainly has been unusual.   It has been so lovely to see all your photos and emails of things you are learning and doing at home.  We are really missing you so it is nice to have a small peek into your lives.  :)


Your Friday task today is to reflect and think of 3 positive things that you have learnt or done this half term.   If you are able to send them in, I will put them on here and we can celebrate some great positives!


My 3 positives:

1.  I have sanded and waxed an old bureau (a new skill!)

2.  My legs are stronger because I am cycling each day with my children.

3.  I am working my way through my books to read.


Take care and have a lovely half term.


3 things to celebrate

Charlie’s positive things this term 😊

His new trampoline....he’s been practising his moves!

Exploring lots of new places! 

He’s also been working really hard trying to learn to tell the time..he’s getting there and very pleased with himself :)

Elsie has learnt to tell the time, do a forward and backward flip and learnt to do a push up!  Well done Elsie - I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
Lily has learnt some stunts on her skateboard and she has been on some really cool walks!
Billie-Kate has been growing plants, getting to sleep better and she has been on a 3 and a half mile bike ride!  Great work!

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Falcons! How are you alll? Have you had a lovely start to the week? 


Our new science topic is plants so your first activity is a fun art task. Have a look in your garden or when you go on a walk and try and find as many different plants as you can. You are going to make a collage out of samples from different plants such as twigs, leaves, petals, stems. But make sure you ask an adult before you pick anything as it might be a special plant or flower :) I have added some photos of some examples to help you get started. Looking forward to seeing what you all make!



Monday 18th May


Good morning Falcons! 

What a lovely weekend we have just had, what did you all get up to? I went on lots on long dog walks and planted some more vegetables in my garden. 

This week's learning plan topic is 'Under the Sea' which is one of my favourite topics! The layout of the plan is slightly different so please don't feel you have to stick to each day. Feel free to pick and choose what activities your child would like to do. 

I have also added a Power Maths powerpoint for you to use each day if you wish but again, if you feel you do not need to then that's absolutely fine :) 


Keep sending in your photos, myself and Mrs Ramsay love seeing what you are all up to!


Have a super day :) 

Week 7 learning plan and Power Maths powerpoint

Friday 15th May

Morning everybody! It’s another beautiful day.😀

What are you up to today?  I am in school with some of the Key Worker children.  



How many?

Your Friday challenge is to play ‘how many?‘

Get a bowl and put some objects on there. Challenge people in your house to guess how many things there are. Then count them to see how close their guess was. Remember it is not about guessing exactly the right number, it’s about making a good guess. Tell the guessers not be sad - we all make mistakes! 😀



How did you do on the How many challenge? There were 77 marbles in the big jar but look what happened....! 

I dropped the jar!

Lots of lovely photos of what you have been up to!

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning Falcons! I hope you have all had a great start to the week and you are doing lots of fun things! As it's a sunny day, your science activity this week is to explore different forms of exercise. How many different ways of exercising can you think of? Can you make up an exercise? Have a look at the table and see how may rows you can complete. Enjoy :) 

Monday 11th May


Good Morning Falcons!


I hope you had a brilliant weekend and enjoyed VE day! What did you do on VE day? Did anyone celebrate and have a socially distant street party?


Here is your weekly plan for this week! This week we are thinking about Food (which is all very yummy).


This week I have also put up some guidance to help you with your power maths books. This is what you would usually see in your text books before we started working and we would work through this together answering the questions to talk about methods to answers questions before doing them in our books.

The ‘Discover’ questions can be talked about together, thinking about how we can answer them and what information we used.

The ‘Share’ question usually tells us how the previous questions could be answered (providing clarification and consolidation to conversation that would have happened during the ‘Discover question’).

The ‘Think together’ question you can have a go at on your own and then discuss it with an adult after.

Please don’t feel like you have to complete the challenge question. Only try this if you feel ready to do it and understand all the other questions.


Please use this resource if it is helpful but if it is not then please don’t feel that you have to use it!


I hope you enjoy this weeks work and I will speak to you again on Wednesday! Keep sending in all your photos!


Miss Callaghan :) 

VE day work!

Friday 8th May

Morning everybody - Happy VE Day! Today is a Bank Holiday so no set tasks today apart from enjoying time with your family.  You may  be doing some special things to celebrate VE Day.  Send in photos of what you get up to. Erin wants to make some biscuits and decorate them - yum!   I will let you know how we get on. 😀 🇬🇧 
(Update: I thought I’d posted this earlier but I had not pressed ‘save’... whoops! Ah well, we all make mistakes!)




Swans and cygnets

Still image for this video
Ah! Super cute! On Monday Erin and I went to the moat (in Wells) and saw the 3 day old baby swans. They were sticking very close to their mum and dad. How many can you see?

Wednesday 6th May


Hello Falcon Class! What a beautiful, sunny morning to wake up to! I hope you have had a super week so far and have been having lots of fun. 

Instead of a science activity today, your Wednesday task is going to be about VE day. I have attached a little powerpoint for you to have a look at. I would like you to complete a piece of work (art, D&T, writing, a poster, a powerpoint) about VE day. You could design your own medal and then make it or you could make a powerpoint on your computer with lots of interesting facts. We will put all of your work on our class page for everyone to see :) HAVE FUN! 

Sienna's FANTASTIC weather report!

Still image for this video

Some very busy Falcons :)

Monday 4th May


Good morning Falcons! I hope you had a lovely weekend, even though it rained A LOT! My dogs loved running through the long grass and jumping in the puddles! I had lots of soggy dogs :) 

What have you all been up to? 

This week's topic for your learning plan is the environment which you all know a lot about already as we are very good at recycling, reusing and reducing what we use. Have a go at as many of the activities as you would like to do. Looking forward to hearing what your weather reports could be for Kilmersdon! 

Week 5 learning plan

Friday 1st May

Good morning Falcons! I am in school today and have taken some photos to show you later...


We have had quite a bit of rain recently!  This week's challenge is to make a rain gauge and measure the amount of rain we get over the coming week.  You will need an old plastic bottle and cut off the top. 



Have a great weekend! :)

Mrs Ramsay



Here is an example of what it could look like:

Busy Falcons!

Science activity


This week's science activity involves looking at how humans beings change throughout their lives. Have a look at the activity and see if you can order the pictures and label the different stages of their lives. 


Extra activity - Try and find photos of when you were younger and see if you can order them in chronological order. 

Monday 27th April


Good morning Falcons!


We hope you have had a lovely weekend playing and spending it with your families. I've had a busy weekend on my farm lambing and walking my dogs! We had 4 lambs born so they are called quadruplets! I have out some pictures up for you to see :) 


Below is also the learning plan for this week, the topic is animals! I can't wait to see some of your animal masks, keep sending in your photos as it's lovely to see what you are all up to. 



Week 4 learning plan

Lambs and dogs!

Friday 24th April

Hello everyone!  Another glorious, sunny day!  So what have you all been up to?  I have been in to school this week and it was lovely to see some familiar faces.  I have also helped my children with their learning at home.  


Friday Fun

Can you make a model out of some household waste (cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, egg boxes etc.)?  How about a model castle, aeroplane, car, house or garden?  Send in your photos and we can put them on the Class page.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you who have had a birthday recently.  I hope you made sure you sat on the Birthday Chair at home and listened to a story!


Reading Challenge

Mrs Nolan has started a new reading challenge to use whilst we are learning at home.  You need to read your way around the world to fill in your reading passport.  10 minutes reading = 500 reading miles.  You can either print out the 4 sheets or copy it on to some paper.  I'm going to be joining in too.





What a beautiful, sunny day! We hope you have been continuing to have lots of fun and exploring your gardens. 

Our science topic for this half term is 'animals including humans' so our first science activity involves looking at how an animal changes from when it is born to when it is an adult. 

There is a science worksheet below and some colouring animal life cycles to help you complete the activity. 

Why don't you see how many minibeasts you can find in your garden? Have fun!



We hope you have had a super Easter break and you have been up to lots of fun and exciting things! We can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! Myself and Mrs Ramsay have been busy with our families going for walks, having BBQs, feeding lambs and of course eating chocolate smiley


Below is the learning plan for week 3, there are lots of fun activities so have a go at completing some of them. We have also set a new list of words on spelling shed for you to complete. 


We hope you have a fantastic couple of days and remember to keep having lots of fun!


Miss Callaghan and Mrs Ramsay

Week 3 learning plan

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hey Falcons - it is Friday! 


Miss Callaghan and I have loved seeing all your photos of things you have been up to: walks, cooking, reading, making, creating and exercising.  You have been working hard on Maths, English, Science and Topic.  Learning happens in all sorts of ways and it is great to see you all adapting to the changes.


This week's certificate goes to ALL of you!  It is for being brilliant because you all are.




The Easter holidays start in a couple of hours and I hope you have some lovely things planned.  Stay safe and take care.  :)



Good morning Falcons!


What a lovely but windy weekend! I hope you all did some fun activities and enjoyed lots of playing in your gardens! I managed to spend lots of time out in my garden planting seeds such as lettuces, tomatoes, carrots and even some potatoes! One of my cheeky sheep dogs ate a potato when I turned my back smiley


I have added week 2 learning plan, there are lots of different activities such as watching a video on the Literacy Shed or doing a shape hunt around your house and garden! 

You will have new spelling set on the Spelling shed for this week as well as the year 1/2 words to practise as well.


But most importantly, make sure you all have time with your families and enjoy yourselves. 


Please keep sending in your photos as myself and Mrs Ramsay enjoy seeing what you are all up to! 


Miss Callaghan 

Friday 27th March 

Good morning everybody!  Thank you for all the updates you have been sending in - they've definitely been making me smile!


Last night, we clapped and cheered for the NHS at 8 p.m.  Lots of people all over the country did to say thank you for the great job they do helping us to keep safe and well.


Today's extra challenge (if you want):

Design an assault course for you or a teddy.  I will post a video up later.  Good luck!



Obstacle course!

Good morning Falcon Class! 


We hope you are enjoying the learning activities, Times Table Rock Stars, Spelling Shed but mostly importantly that you are enjoying the beautiful weather in your gardens! 


Keep sending in photos and messages of your work as we both love hearing from you (and my dogs). 


Below is a science activity for you to try over the next few days. We are still learning about 'everyday materials' so why don't you try and find as many different materials around your house and in the garden as well! 


Good Morning Falcons!


I hope you have had a brilliant weekend and had lots of fun out in the sun! I enjoyed some long dog walks with all 6 of my dogs and we had our first lambs born!  


I have posted your weekly work in a document called ‘Week 1 Learning Plan’. Here you can choose 1 literacy task, 1 maths task, 1 phonics task and 1 reading task per day.

As on the weekly timetable, I would like you to pick a topic activity on Monday and Tuesday for your afternoon learning and these can also be found on your ‘Week 1 Plan’ overview sheet.

On a Wednesday I will post a science task. On Thursday you can do a P.E. Task (have a look at the PE document on the class page). On a Friday I would like you to either do another topic task or I will post an art task. If you are feeling super-duper then you can have a go at both on a Friday!


You should have received an email from the school office with your TTRS and Numbots logins so that you can access the Numbots website to practice your maths. Also sent in the email was your child’s Spelling Shed logins which will allow you to practice some extra spellings.


If you would like to listen to some stories, Audible have made their website available for all and I have attached the link below to allow you to engage with some brilliant literature!


Enjoy your home learning and we (and my dogs) can’t wait to see what you create! Please keep sending pictures of your work to the office and we will reply to you soon!




Miss Callaghan and Mrs Ramsay J

My dogs can't wait to see photos of your work!

Look at our windmills we made in Design and Technology!


Downside Cricket Festival

We have started our tennis sessions this term!

Finding micro habitats in the forest school area!

Our Roman shields!

Parent powerpoint from our year 2 curriculum meeting.

Wheelchair basketball

Our topic this term is The Romans!

Reading comprehension for children at home


Can your child find evidence directly from the story to answer your questions?

The answer is right there in the text.

  • What did……… do?
  • Who did……… do it to
  • How many……… were/are there?
  • Who are………?
  • Can you tell me what this word/bit means?
  • What kind of ……… is that?


Can your child think and search for the answer?

The answers are found in different parts of the story and they might have to apply prior knowledge or personal experience to an answer.

  • How do you make/do……?
  • What happened when……… did………?
  • What happened to………?
  • What do you think might happen next OR what happened before?
  • How many times…
  • What examples can you find?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Where was…… when this was happening?


Can your child answer questions without referring to the story?

The answer is not in the story, it is your child’s opinion and thoughts.

  • Have you ever…
  • If you could…
  • If you were going to…
  • In your opinion…
  • Do you agree with………? Why?
  • Do you know anyone who………?
  • How do you feel about……?

We appreciate that some of the grammar terms that are being taught in schools now are unfamiliar to a good deal of us who were not taught these things during our own school days. This helpful resource should help with these definitions so that you can find it easier to support your child with any homework that they may bring home.

Grammar booklet for parents

Keep practising your Year 2 words