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Peregrine Falcons

Welcome to Peregrine Falcons!

Welcome to Year Two. Miss Alice Callaghan and Mrs Liz Ramsay are the class teachers and Miss Teresa Simpson, Mrs Kerry Nagel, Mrs Lesley Dando, Mrs Beverly Buttand Mrs Kate Fox work with us to support our learning. We are a really happy bunch, who love learning and finding out lots about the world around us. We work hard to become more independent in our learning in preparation for Key Stage Two.

Our Roman shields!

Our Roman shields! 1
Our Roman shields! 2
Our Roman shields! 3
Our Roman shields! 4
Our Roman shields! 5
Our Roman shields! 6
Our Roman shields! 7

Parent powerpoint from our year 2 curriculum meeting.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball 1
Wheelchair basketball 2
Wheelchair basketball 3
Wheelchair basketball 4
Wheelchair basketball 5
Wheelchair basketball 6
Wheelchair basketball 7

Our topic this term is The Romans!

Our topic this term is The Romans! 1

Reading comprehension for children at home


Can your child find evidence directly from the story to answer your questions?

The answer is right there in the text.

  • What did……… do?
  • Who did……… do it to
  • How many……… were/are there?
  • Who are………?
  • Can you tell me what this word/bit means?
  • What kind of ……… is that?


Can your child think and search for the answer?

The answers are found in different parts of the story and they might have to apply prior knowledge or personal experience to an answer.

  • How do you make/do……?
  • What happened when……… did………?
  • What happened to………?
  • What do you think might happen next OR what happened before?
  • How many times…
  • What examples can you find?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Where was…… when this was happening?


Can your child answer questions without referring to the story?

The answer is not in the story, it is your child’s opinion and thoughts.

  • Have you ever…
  • If you could…
  • If you were going to…
  • In your opinion…
  • Do you agree with………? Why?
  • Do you know anyone who………?
  • How do you feel about……?

We appreciate that some of the grammar terms that are being taught in schools now are unfamiliar to a good deal of us who were not taught these things during our own school days. This helpful resource should help with these definitions so that you can find it easier to support your child with any homework that they may bring home.

Grammar booklet for parents

Keep practising your Year 2 words

Keep practising your Year 2 words 1