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Red Kites

Welcome to Red Kites and Year 5 at Kilmersdon CEVA School.  Kites are taught by Mr. Phillips and Mrs. Cousins.
On Friday (10th May) we will be attending The Blue School's Sports Festival during the afternoon. It will be a great event and one that I know the children will be looking forward to. We should be back just after end of the school day.
Welcome to the Summer Term. This term in Kites, we will become sea explorers and find out lots about the world's oceans covering a range of topics including marine landmarks and features as well as the impact of plastic pollution on our seas. During Science sessions, we will be learning about the circulatory system and ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy. Kites will also be continuing to learn about a range of Numeracy topics including fractions, decimals and properties of 2D and 3D shape. We also hope to cover a good range of writing genres in Literacy including persuasive writing techniques and newspaper reports.
Please find below week beginning 11th March Spellings.

Languages Day @ Downside

Below are a couple of pieces that we have been working on recently. If you would like a closer look, feel free to visit our classroom!

The Great Wave Mixed Media

The Great Wave Mixed Media 1
The Great Wave Mixed Media 2
The Great Wave Mixed Media 3
The Great Wave Mixed Media 4
The Great Wave Mixed Media 5
The Great Wave Mixed Media 6

Kites' Space Evacuation Narrative Extracts

Below is the link to Topmarks Hit The Button which we are using in class. Please practise - five minutes a day will really help times table knowledge, doubling and halving. Improve your school in school with lots of practice!
We have been finding factors and common factors of numbers this week. It really helps when the children have a great command of their times tables. Here is a bank of games that can be played on your laptop or home computer and probably a tablet too.
This week, we have started to look at how to group different organisms and have practised using the classification key below. You could try it for yourself at home with some unusual organisms!

Classification Key

Classification Key 1
There will be no class homework this week to give time for the whole school optional Jack and The Beanstalk homework to be completed that was set just before Christmas.

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Mrs Cousins and I are very excited about our topics for this term. In Science our topic is Living Things and their Habitats, we will be studying Rivers for the first half term in Geography and our 'long read' book will be Kensuke's Kingdom which we will be using for some great pieces of writing and some fantastic pieces of art, starting with our own version of The Great Wave by Hokusai.

Picture 1

Just some of the fantastic space homework brought in this week!

Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon

Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon 1
Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon 2
Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon 3
Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon 4
Exploring Why There Are Different Phases of The Moon 5

Friday 23rd November

Science Homework

We have begun to turn our attention back to our Science topic on Space. This week, I would like you to find out some information about either a planet or planets in the Solar System. You can either focus on one planet in particular or find out about a number of different planets. You could find out things like:

  • How far away from the Sun it is

  • How far away from Earth it is

  • How long it takes to travel around the Sun

  • The average temperatures

  • Its size and mass

  • What it is like on its surface


    The way in which you present the information is up to you. You could make a model or models with information cards, design a detailed information poster, make a PowerPoint, complete some writing either by hand or presented on a Word document or any other way that you feel is appropriate.

    I was very impressed with the standard of your Blitz homework and I am sure you took longer on it than your usual weekly homework. Because of this, I would like you to make the same amount of effort on this piece but do not need it handed in until the 4th December, which gives you an extra week to complete it.

Please find below the vocal tracks from our play - Read All About It by ScriptsToStage Productions.


These tracks can be used for you to practise the songs!

Song 1 Children's Leaders.mp3

Song 2 Read all about it.mp3

Song 3 We are an army.mp3

Song 4 We're going on a journey.mp3

Song 5 Victory Day.mp3

Welcome back. We hope you have had an enjoyable half term break. Kites will be performing their class play on the 28th November for parents and any other adults that wish to attend. Because of this, we will be putting a fair amount of our time into rehearsals. However, we will also continue to target key curriculum areas too. Below are our Learning Objectives for next week.


Literacy - Plan and write a descriptive piece set during an air raid

Maths - Revise formal methods of addition and subtraction involving exchanging

History Homework

12th October 2018

We are learning about the Second World War for our topic this term. We have already found out about the main countries involved, when and how it started and when it ended among other things. Next week, we will be completing some creative writing about what it was like living in England during the war. For your homework this week, I would like you to find out as much as you can about The Blitz. This should include:

  • What it was

  • What it meant

  • What people did whilst it was taking place including where they went

  • What important jobs had to be done

  • What effect it had on towns and cities

  • What was done to prevent it


    You can present your findings in any way that you like. For example, you could create an information poster with pictures and writing, use a computer to make a simple PowerPoint presentation or write a brief report on The Blitz.

Next week we will be focusing on:

Literacy: Writing informal letters and descriptive topic writing creating atmosphere

Grammar: Expanded noun phrases and different sentence types

Maths: Comparing and Ordering numbers up to 1,000,000

This week's homework is revising the learning we have completed on rounding. Use the link below to find a useful overview of what rounding numbers means and the rules to follow.

27th September 2018 – Wildside Homework

We have just returned from the amazing Wildside Experience. I’m sure you all have different memories from the trip. This week, I would like you to write a paragraph about three things you enjoyed doing there. Please explain what you did, what you learned and what was so enjoyable about those bits of the trip. As well as this, you can draw a picture or pictures to accompany each paragraph on the separate plain paper and stick this in. Please make sure you write neatly and that you read it through to check for any mistakes, editing these carefully as you go back through.


Use the pictures below to inspire you!

Wildside Experience September 2018

Wildside Experience September 2018 1
Wildside Experience September 2018 2
Wildside Experience September 2018 3
Wildside Experience September 2018 4
Wildside Experience September 2018 5
Wildside Experience September 2018 6
Wildside Experience September 2018 7
Wildside Experience September 2018 8
Wildside Experience September 2018 9
Wildside Experience September 2018 10
Wildside Experience September 2018 11
Wildside Experience September 2018 12
Wildside Experience September 2018 13
Wildside Experience September 2018 14
Wildside Experience September 2018 15
Wildside Experience September 2018 16
Wildside Experience September 2018 17
Wildside Experience September 2018 18
Wildside Experience September 2018 19
Wildside Experience September 2018 20
Wildside Experience September 2018 21
Wildside Experience September 2018 22
Wildside Experience September 2018 23
Wildside Experience September 2018 24
Wildside Experience September 2018 25
Wildside Experience September 2018 26
Wildside Experience September 2018 27
Wildside Experience September 2018 28
Wildside Experience September 2018 29
Wildside Experience September 2018 30
Wildside Experience September 2018 31
Wildside Experience September 2018 32
Wildside Experience September 2018 33
Wildside Experience September 2018 34
Wildside Experience September 2018 35
Wildside Experience September 2018 36
Wildside Experience September 2018 37

Sciencescope Rocket Car Trip @ Downside

Class Dojo

Class Dojo 1
Kites have been thinking about what things they consider should be rewarded by Dojo points, our positive reward system. They have been designing icons and thinking about the wording as well. We will share our new positive reward scheme as soon as it is ready.

Please find below the previous weeks' spelling lists. So far, we have learned:

Words with endings that sound like /shuhs/ spelt with -cious

Words with endings that sound like /shuhs/ spelt with -tious and -ious

Words with the short vowel sound /I/ spelt with y



This term our main topics are World War Two and Space which will provide plenty of opportunities for cross-curricular learning in a range of subjects. We already have two very exciting trips lined up. Firstly, we will be attending a Science Day on Friday 21st September where the children will be learning about aerodynamics and building their own model racing car.


Following this, we are off to the Wildside Experience in Devon for an overnight stay where we will be camping, going on a night walk and learning lots about nature. Remember your packed lunch for Monday, your torch, teddy and book, as well as everything else on the kit list!  Meet us in the hall at normal time with all your luggage before going to the classroom.  You do not need to be in school uniform - come in sensible clothes for the day. More pictures to follow!

Picture 1
It's very important that children in Year 5 have a firm grasp of all times table facts as early as possible this year. We will be completing daily times table practice and the more you practise at home, the quicker you will learn them!

Daily Blank Times Table Grid