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Starting School - New Starters September 2022

Starting School


We are really looking forward to welcoming your child to Kilmersdon School. Below are some suggestions for how you can help prepare your child for school.


Being independent 

Getting dressed and undressed, using the toilet independently (with good hand washing) and tidying up when they have finished playing with something before getting other things out.  


The importance of language/conversation

Singing nursery rhymes, reading stories to your child, and doing activities with your children like baking, spending time in the garden together, going for a walk and simply chatting with them. 


Developing motor control 

There are some useful suggestions on the video clip below about helping your child with their motor control. Fine motor skills are developed through lots of play activities that your child will already enjoy. Here are some suggestions; playing with Lego or other construction, jigsaws, threading, colouring, art activities, playdough and cooking.

Gross motor activities include running, jumping, climbing, balancing, playing with a ball…



Your child will find starting school very tiring and may need more sleep than normal. Having a good bedtime routine will help with this. There is some useful advice on the links.




Top tips for toilet training


Building resilience


Bedtime Routines


How to help your child’s fine motor skills




Nursery Rhymes – guide for parents

Animated rhymes

Small Talk - A website supporting the development of speech and language through talking with your child.