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Who's Who

Headteacher: Mr Stephen Bamford

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Emma Baker


Class Teachers:

Buzzards (YR) Mrs Emma Doble

Sparrowhawks (Y1) Mr Blake and Mrs Wood

Peregrine Falcons (Y2) Miss Emma Baker

Ospreys (Y3) Mrs Laura Hillier

Barn Owls (Y4) Mr Matt Phillips and Mrs Meryl Cousins

Red Kites (Y5) Miss Rosie Digance

Golden Eagles (Y6) Mrs Sara Nolan

SEND Coordinator: Mrs Sarah Dalwood

Teaching Staff: Miss Alice Callaghan and Mrs Janet James


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Beverley Butt

Mrs Lesley Dando

Mrs Zoe Duery

Mrs Fiona Fagan

Mrs Kate Fox

Mrs Amanda Hopton

Mrs Diane Lane

Mrs Kerry Nagel

Ms Teresa Simpson

Ms Sam Stutt

Miss Hannah Sims

Mrs Alison Woodruff

Mrs Katie Herd


Forest School Leader: Ms Alex Hart

Music Teacher: Mrs Katharine North


School Business Manager: Mrs Charlotte Walters

Clerical Assistant: Mrs Tammy Kelson & Mrs Becky Rogers

Clerk to Governors: Mrs Sam Nicol


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Sarah Fouracres

Mrs Caroline Fry

Mrs Lee Govier

Mrs Lisa Monaf

Mrs Mo Pitt

Miss Davena Hall

Mrs Zoe Brewer


Premises Staff:

Miss Gemma Moore