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At Kilmersdon we worship together each week, through Whole-School Assemblies, worship through song and Celebration Assembly.


On this page you can find additional ideas and videos to support worship at home, including some special videos celebrating significant events in the Christian calendar year.


Mothering Sunday




Uploaded by Kilmersdon School on 2020-12-13.

The Story of Peter

God's never ending love


Valuing Difference

Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders

Worship and reflection ideas are being shared by the Diocese of Bath and Wells Education Department - Shared below to use and talk about at home if you wish


1. A great story can take us anywhere.


We will all be able to recall stories that we have heard, that we have read, that we have told. Stories have a way of transporting us from our chair, our bed, our exercise into new worlds.  In absorbing and telling stories we can make wonderful journeys, as individuals and in the company of others.  


Dear God, thank you for the power of story to transport, to transform.



What stories have influenced you? Can you list, draw or make maps of the places you have been in stories – Narnia perhaps? Hogwarts? Middle Earth or a Galaxy Far Away…

2. I am a living story, every minute is a new word, a new chapter!


This is a time of physical distancing yet also a time of great communication in different or new ways. As we connect and communicate we can share our stories with each other and, perhaps for the first time, we can begin to understand more about those closest to us, our family and friends. Let us take time to know more of our own heritage, our traditions, our milestones.


Dear God, thank you for time to get to know one another in new and deeper ways.



Perhaps you can talk with and record some great stories from your family and friends, in particular those who are older with a wealth of memories to share.

3. There is always power in hope.


The second lamb to be born this year on a smallholding in the New Forest faced a number of health issues but with determination to survive she came through. The smallholders called her ‘Hope’, saying we all need hope. As we head towards Easter a lamb bringing hope has even stronger meaning for Christians around the world.


Dear God, thank you that there is always hope.



What do you hope for – personally, for our world? How do you share that?

What challenges have you faced and overcome? Celebrate these steps, large or small.

How did you do it and what advice would you give to somebody facing a challenge?

4. Spring is here and we have sunshine too! Smile and feel the warmth.


What are the longest words about Spring that you can think of? How about frondescence or repullulate? Both are fabulous long words that we had to look up and work out how to pronounce (still rehearsing)! They are about new growth. Frons is Latin for leaf and is about leaves forming or unfurling, repullulate is about budding again.


As the sun shines, leaves unfurl and plants bud again, let’s smile and look forward filled with hope.


Dear God thank you for the joy of spring



On your own or as a group – together or via technology - try to find as many words to describe spring as you can.

How can you present them to really represent spring?

5. Spring is a time for action!


Spring is a time when nature seems to burst into life. We are doing ‘school’ very differently at the moment but there is always opportunity to learn. We are learning to adapt this week and to face challenges together. We can also use our time to learn or try something new. Let’s all keep our minds young as we learn together.


Dear God, thank you for opportunities to learn, as individuals and together.



What have you dreamed of learning more about? How, looking to the future, can your dreams become action?


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