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Art and Design

At Kilmersdon Primary School, we recognise that Art and Design is an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our Art and Design curriculum offers the children the opportunity to explore, express and communicate their individual thoughts, interests and ideas. We believe that children should be inspired and challenged by the Art and Design curriculum so that they are able to develop the knowledge and skills needed to experiment, invent and express themselves through their own art work. As they progress, children will be able to think critically in addition to gaining an understanding of how Art and Design can reflect and shape our history.

At Kilmersdon we use the Kapow Art and Design scheme of work which enables pupils to meet the end of Key Stage attainment targets in the National Curriculum and compliments the Kapow Design and Technology scheme which the children will cover in alternate terms.

Kilmersdon CEVA Primary School Art and Design Curriculum Overview

We aim for children to be able to produce creative and imaginative work by giving them the freedom to explore and record their ideas and experiences. This will enable them to become skilful in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and design techniques. Children’s work will be celebrated through the use of classroom and school displays.

Whole School Art Progression Overview