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Friday's RWI - just a reminder I will be available to speak to individuals on Zoom later if required. Otherwise I will see you again on Monday!

Friday 22nd January


Good morning Buzzards - it's Friday! I wonder what you will do this weekend? I am looking forward to spending the weekend at home with my family and some daytime dog walks with Daisy. Because it is going to be cold and frosty I have a special activity that you might like to do today. We are going to make them at school today...


Ice decorations

You will need:


Container (an empty margarine tub would work)




Some leaves / twigs / berries (remember to wash your hands and only if your grown up allows)






1 . Fill the dish with water


2 . Add a piece of string (make sure it is nice and long and submerged - you could loop it over to make it easier to hang).


3. Put your items in the water.


4. Place in your garden overnight to freeze (or in your freezer)


5. Hang in your garden

Some fantastic fire engines and lots of other wonderful learning!

Thursday 21st January


Hello Buzzards, it's another windy day here at school but at least it's not raining! I stopped on my way into school this morning to take a photo of the fields near school which have a little 'pond' that has been created by the flooding. Can you see who is swimming on it? Have a lovely morning.

Mrs Doble smiley

'Stuck in the mud!'

Today's super home learning - another Police Officer, den building, maths and story writing...

Wednesday 20th January


Good morning and welcome to a wet and windy Wednesday! I wonder how you are feeling today? If you go outside I hope you wrap up to stay warm and dry and don't let your hat blow away! I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later.

Mrs Doble smiley

Today's fantastic home you recognise our Police officers?

Tuesday 19th January


Hello Buzzards, it's a very dark and gloomy day here today! I look forward to seeing you later as you all brighten up the day! Have  a lovely morning.

Mrs Doble laugh

Today's brilliant home learning! I am so proud of you all! Thank you parents for supporting 😊

Monday 18th January


Good morning Buzzards, I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I had a quiet weekend at home catching up with lots of jobs and doing my daily dog walks with Daisy - it's very slippery and muddy on the fields! I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom. Have a good morning.

Mrs Doble smiley

More brilliant Buzzard home learning 😊 - have a lovely weekend!

Friday 15th January

Hello Buzzards and welcome to Friday! Well done you have made it to the end of your first full week of home learning. I have been really impressed with you all. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom next week. For topic today I am posting my favourite Gingerbread man recipe (it is very easy - if you don't have a Gingerbread man cutter you could try shaping it using your hands!) laugh


Parents -

I will be available to speak to you on Zoom later if you need any support, I will keep an eye on the waiting room, and if I don't see you I will assume all is well!

Lots more learning - I can see Macie running as the Gingerbread man! Some amazing hospitals and writing too...

Thursday 14th January


Hello Buzzards, and welcome to another rainy day! I wonder how many of you will be going outside in you wellies today... have a good morning and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later!

I hope you manage to enjoy doing some of today's activities, please only fit in the ones you can so you have time to play too! Read Write Inc will be added from 10.30am.

Mrs Doble smiley

I am so impressed with the Buzzard home learners 😊

Jacob made this amazing solar powered model and told us about it for 'show and tell'.

Wednesday 13th January


Welcome to a wet and windy Wednesday! I have been really impressed with your home learning so far - well done and thank you smiley

I hope you enjoy today's lessons and I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom! (RWI will be added from 10.30).



Today's home learning - some super story maps, handwriting, maths and lots more...

Tuesday 12th January


Hello Buzzards, I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later for our story and handwriting session! You will need your whiteboard and pen and some tissue to use as a board rubber! Remember you will always use the time slot that you were originally emailed.


I hope you have a good morning and enjoy today's video lessons (which are posted below). RWI will be posted just after 9.30 this morning. Yesterday in class we really enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Man and are looking forward to today's activities!


See you later

Mrs Doble smiley

Oscar's gingerbread man...

Monday's RWI


Here is the RWI it is a little later than planned due to a technical issue!


You will see I have attached two different plans - one for Oranges/Satsuma/Strawberry groups and one for the Apple group (Apple group will receive an email shortly), this is to ensure children are taught at a level similar to when they are in school.

Monday 11th January


Good morning Buzzards and welcome to the first full day of home learning. I hope that you enjoy some of the video lessons! The lessons are short so there will be lots of time for you to play and enjoy other activities at home.

Have a lovely day, and I look forward to hearing how you get on!

Mrs Doble smiley


The Read Write Inc will be uploaded as soon as possible after 9.30am each morning.

Just to remind you our next zoom story and handwriting will be tomorrow afternoon at your normal time slots.

More super home learning! have a lovely weekend!

Friday 8th January


Good morning, it was lovely to see you all on Zoom yesterday. I hope you are able to join again this afternoon.

Here is your Read Write Inc lesson for toady. Next week there will be all the other lessons too!

Mrs Doble

Some super work from some of the Buzzards...

Thursday 7th January

Good morning Buzzards, I hope you are having a good day and that you are able to join in with the Zoom session later. I wonder if you have done a picture of one of your Christmas presents yet? If you have please show it on our Zoom session.

Read Write Inc

There are several video lessons that will help your child to make progress with their reading whilst they are not in school. The lessons are delivered by Read Write Inc teachers and are just like we do in school. Please try each lesson to see which suits your child.

‘Word time reading’ – this will support children who need to build their confidence to read short words using the Set 1 sounds

‘Set 1 Spelling’ – this will benefit all children in using their sounds to write.

Set 2 sound – each day there will be a new set 2 sound. For children who have already learnt some Set 2 sounds in school please recap (and you will learn the remaining ones when they occur).

These can only be accessed until the end of today!

Phonics games to play... they are great fun we tried some in school!

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hello Buzzards, Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and lots of fun with your families!


I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom tomorrow afternoon - your parents will have received an email with your time slot (1.00 or 1.30pm depending on which group you are in). 


New Year Activity (alternative from whole school task)

Can you draw or paint a picture of one of your favourite Christmas presents and email a photo for our class webpage. If you manage to complete this by lunchtime tomorrow you could show it on our zoom call tomorrow, if this is not possible you could share it on Monday.


Tomorrow I will post our first Read Write Inc phonics lesson and some phonics games to help practice our sounds.


From Monday 11th January I will post lessons for the following areas of learning:

Read Write Inc




These are in addition to our daily (Zoom) story and handwriting sessions at 1.00 or 1.30pm. 


Resource packs

Your packs are available for you to collect from outside the front of school at your earliest convenience.


Please email school if you would like any further support and I will ring you.


Mrs Doble smiley




We had lots of fun at our Christmas party!

Still image for this video

We joined in with the dancing at the end of the pantomime!

Snow globes and robins...

Squelching in the mud!

We have been inspired by the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ we used our cutting skills to make stars, designed and made star catchers and did some wonderful writing...

Remembrance Day...

We met a very friendly butterfly!

Rocket races!

Still image for this video

Rocket races!

Still image for this video

Rocket races!

Still image for this video

Firework art...

We have had a super first term at school but are ready for a well deserved rest!

We work with focus and creativity...

Lots of learning through play...

Salt dough Harvest...

Learning in our EYFS outdoor area...

We are creative...

Working together...


Trying radishes!

Making instruments and construction...

We have been busy working on our fine motor skills today...

We worked together to design and build with the large wooden blocks...

Adventure playground fun (and learning)!

Lots of happy Buzzard learners in our EYFS outdoor area and classroom...

We love being creative and using our imaginations...

Welcome to Buzzard Class

Buzzard class is our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Class. Mrs Doble is the class teacher and Mrs Butt is the teaching assistant.


Buzzard class have impressed us with how smoothly they are settling in. They are enjoying getting to know each other and making new friends.  This term our topic is 'Superhero, Super Me!' and we have already seen some of their 'Superpowers' when it comes to learning, being kind, being independent, being helpful and working together!  



Busy Buzzards enjoying their first sessions in school...

Friday 17th July


I am a little late with my final post to you as Buzzard Class. I have really enjoyed teaching you, it has been a strange school year, and I missed seeing you in school each day. Thank you to the 'home learners' for keeping in touch (and to your parents for helping you learn)! You should be proud of all your achievements, you have all grown and changed so much from when I first met you!


I hope you enjoy some of the activities in the Summer packs I sent home. I am adding a sight word sheet below as a little challenge - it didn't make it into all of your packs...


I hope you all have a lovely summer! Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Doble blush

Monday 13th July

Good morning Buzzards - welcome to your last week in Buzzard Class! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some fun in the sun? Have a good day.


Mrs Doble smiley

Daisy and I had a lovely walk last night!

Friday 10th July

Good afternoon, apologies I didn't get a message on here this morning!

I had a lovely afternoon meeting the home learners on the field - thank you to those of you who came! Have a lovely weekend and I'll check in with you on Monday for the start of the final week.

Mrs Doble blush

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning - it's another wet and breezy day! I am looking forward to seeing the home learners on the 'Zoom' call this afternoon - I am hoping Daisy will join us on zoom for a story... if she sits nicely!





Percy enjoyed a cuddle with Niyian!

Janson made friends with a spider!

Monday 6th July

Good morning and welcome to another brand new week! How was your weekend? I hope you had fun with your families? I can't believe next week is the last week of term!


I am really looking forward to seeing some of you on our Zoom call this Wednesday and at our meeting on the field on Friday too where you will meet your new teacher too!


This week our topic is 'Music' - I look forward to hearing what you do...


I have prepared some more information as a guide for EYFS learning for parents to support you at home - last week I did one for 'number' and I have now put it all together for you. 


Have a good day.

Mrs Doble blush

Friday 3rd July

Hello Buzzards, I hope you and your families are well? It's another cool and windy day today - I hope summer returns again next week! I am really looking forward to seeing you if you are able to join us for the meet up on the field next Friday.


There are lots of photos for you to see today and your work at the bottom. I am working on some more learning summaries like I gave you for number. I will add these early next week!


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Doble smiley



Daisy came to visit us at school on Wednesday afternoon, she loved all the fuss and attention, but was exhausted when we got home and snuggled in her blanket!

Tilly has been busy learning and had a fun time at Longleat!

Freya designed a hairband that helps with social distancing!

Delilah has enjoyed riding her pony - great work Delilah!

Alfie has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers - well done!

Still image for this video

Brilliant numbers Toby! You love the patterns in maths!

Arya had fun with a snail on the field!

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning and welcome to the first day of July! I hope you are having a good week? We were very excited to meet our new baby frog at school!

Meet our new baby frog...

Literacy and mini maths

Monday 29th June

Good morning. I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to avoid the rain? I can't believe it is almost July! Daisy and I spotted the cows lying down just before the rain, she also had lots of fun running along the footpath through the fields of crops!

This week's topic is 'Space' which I know lots of you enjoyed when it was in our literacy. Below is your learning plan.


Please have a look at the maths support below, you may prefer to do these activities instead of the maths lessons -  they summarise all of the Early Years expectations and there are suggested activities that you could easily do at home, focusing on your own child's needs and can be incorporated in your daily routines.

Maths Support

Here is a list of key maths skills for Buzzard class. I hope that this will help you with your child's home learning as we are approaching the end of the academic year. Please print out and work through them over the next few weeks. As you know, lots of our learning takes place through play and in everyday activities at home. I have listed suggested activities for each maths skill to help you. If you would like a printed copy please email school and I will print one for you to collect. If you would like any support with this please contact me via the office and I will ring you to support you.

Mrs Doble


Friday 26th June

Good morning and welcome to Friday! I hope you've had a great week? Please send in any work for us to celebrate! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Doble blush

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning Buzzards - I hope you are having a good week? It's going to be another hot day! Yesterday evening Daisy met Mrs Hillier's puppy Buddy, he is her younger brother! They had lots of fun playing in my garden.

Have a lovely day and please remember to email your work!


Mrs Doble blush

Fun on the Pirate ship!

Monday 22nd June

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week. It's going to be hot and sunny - remember to stay safe in the fun and enjoy some fun outside with your families!


This week our topic is based on 'Around the World' when it gets hot mid-week it will feel like we are on holiday in a hot country! I have some certificates to send out on Friday so remember to send your work in!


Mrs Doble blush

Friday 19th June

Good morning and welcome to Friday. What a shame it's another wet day - I am looking forward to summer returning again next week! I wonder if you are tired? The children in school are feeling very tired and Daisy just wants to curl up too!

Literacy and mini maths

Esme has been enjoying her online ballet lessons!

Green Buzzards have been busy... making instructions for a grass head, RWI and melting!

Toby the engineer... designing and making a den. Brilliant work Toby!

Harper has been an engineer making a 'hut for a nut brown hare' and lots of other home learning - fantastic work!

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! How is your week? I hope you are having fun? We have been enjoying working as engineers following our literacy lesson. Have you ever heard of Brunel? I wonder if you have ever seen two of his famous engineering projects in Bristol?


I have posted your literacy, mini maths and Snail and the Whale maths.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Designing and making bridges...

Literacy and mini maths

Monday 15th June

Good morning and welcome to week 3 of this term. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? There was a lot of rain and unfortunately we had a big leak in through our kitchen window! Luckily we found a builder who could fix the problem! 


This week our topic is based on 'Famous and Significant people' and there are some fun activities for you to try including a quiz. In literacy we are thinking about 'Inventions'. Please remember to send in your work so I can send out certificates of Friday!

Daisy loved the big puddles on our walk!

Friday 12th June

Good morning Buzzards. I hope you have had a good week? I am looking forward to the sunny weather on Sunday! Please remember to send in you work so we can celebrate it together - I will send out certificates later.

Mrs Doble blush

Literacy and mini maths

Rainforest art...

Harper went on a bug hunt... and other home learning!

We had fun making rainforest animal masks!

Lillie-May has been very busy... she even made her own doll!

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! It feels a bit cold today! I hope your week is going well? Please continue to send in your work as it's great to see what you have been doing at home! 


I saw a field of cows and calves on my walk with Daisy last night - they were very nosy!

Tilly has had fun with her family!

Esme has a new pet parrot called Buddy!

Lillie-May enjoyed making her bus route to Daddy's house and then on to the beach!

Monday 8th June

Hello Buzzards and welcome to Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you managed to keep warm on Saturday? This week our topic work is based on the 'Rainforest'. I wonder if some of you will ever visit a rainforest? There are lots of fun activities to do. I am looking forward to hearing what you get up to...

Mrs Doble smiley



Erin planted beans - she's hoping for a giant beanstalk!

Toby's rocket instructions - well done!

Lillie-May made cakes, wrote about her ladybird alien and did maths at the park! Great work!

Friday 5th June

Good morning and welcome to Friday! I hope you are having a good week? I will be emailing certificates later so please send in any other work! We have had a busy week in school but we are missing the warm weather! Have a good day and a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Doble laugh

Literacy and mini maths

Eloise brought some tadpoles into school - if you look very closely 2 have grown legs. One baby frog hopped off...

Toby made a rocket and launched it! - AMAZING work Toby!

Toby's rocket!

Still image for this video

Willy Wonka turned up for home learning...

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning, I hope you're having a good week at home? I am now back in school with my group of Buzzards (alongside Mrs Butt and Miss Simpson) the other group have been learning with Mrs Hopton, Mrs Verrecchia and Mrs Dando. It is nice to see some of the Buzzards but I miss seeing you all and doing things in our normal way. Thank you for sending in your pictures from your home learning. Please keep sending them in!


Here is your Power maths, literacy and mini maths...

Lillie-May designed her own planet - "It would be a happy place with lots of love" - super idea Lillie-May!

Monday 1st June

Good morning Buzzards and welcome to the first day of term! I hope you had lots of fun with your families and enjoyed the sunny weather! 


Your home learning will continue as before, please continue to send in your photos. I am back in school with the Buzzards that have returned and I will continue to respond to emails daily.


This week your writing is based on 'Space' and the topic is based on 'Sport' - I wonder what your favourite sport is? I know that some members of my family are looking forward to watching the football when it comes back on television soon!

Josie has done a great picture and labelled it using her sounds - well done Josie!

Esme had a busy week - with a trip to the beach, growing seeds, writing and maths! Well done Esme!

Harper has been busy - football, dog walk, digging for precious stones, maths and RWI...

Great home learning Arya!

Friday 22nd May

Good morning and welcome to the last day of term! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sun comes back for half term...I hope you all have a good week next week and enjoy having a 'holiday' week!


Home learning will continue from June 1st. I will continue to post work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and post pictures of your work too. 


Remember to send in photos of this week's work so I can email your certificates later!

Mrs Doble laugh


Literacy and mini maths

Arya has done lots of home learning - patterns, Jack and the Beanstalk literacy and sea creatures... Well done!

Harper has been enjoying the countryside and working hard on his RWI - well done Harper!

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday! how is your week going? I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather? How are you getting on with the video lessons and Power Maths? I wonder which 'Under the Sea' activities you have enjoyed? I am looking forward to hearing how you get on... 


Today I am adding another dance class - it will take you deep into the ocean and you will encounter some amazing sea creatures... watch out for the pirates! I have also added the literacy, maths and Power Maths lessons for today and tomorrow.




Pirates 'Le Corsaire' Dance Class - inclusive

Literacy and mini maths

Esme found 'The Snail and a Whale' on BBC iPlayer - you might like to watch it...

Toby made patterns, wrote a letter and kept a fruit and vegetable diary - great work! ...

Monday 18th May

Good morning and welcome to the last week of term - next week is half term! How was your weekend?  I  hope you had lots of fun and enjoyed the lovely weather. I took Daisy on a 3 hour walk with one of my friends, I took a drink for Daisy but forgot mine so I was very thirsty when I got home! On Friday I will be sending certificates again, so please remember to send pictures in of your home learning!


This week our topic is 'Under the Sea' there are some fun topic activities for you to try. Literacy is based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Today you will plant a seed (this can be an apple or satsuma pip in a yoghurt pot) and think about instructions. On Tuesday you will hear the story and design your own beanstalk! Power Maths will continue with our work on patterns (today it is based round a song!) and the other mini maths lessons will help you with numbers to 20.


Have a great day, I look forward to hearing from you. If grown ups need any support please email the office and I will contact you.

Mrs Doble blush

Alfie has been busy looking after the sheep, fixing fences and planting on their allotment...

Friday 15th May

Hello Buzzards and welcome to Friday! It has been great as always to receive your photos showing your fantastic home learning, please send in any more from this week so that I can send out your certificates! I have added today's literacy and maths lessons below. Daisy is keeping very fit by running and leaping through the long grass... I am going to try to go for a run this evening but I won't be able to keep up with her! 

Daisy loves running!

Still image for this video

Friday's literacy and mini maths

Erin has been busy working on her speed sounds and enjoyed working with Dylan on his shadow theatre!

Delilah's rainbow horse, helping on the farm and maths...

Harper designed a sweet with lots of flavours, made butterfly cakes, maths and football...

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Buzzards and welcome to Wednesday! Have you tried doing PE with Joe yet? If you haven't yet tried it I think you'll really enjoy it! I joined in yesterday - Daisy came in and decided to lie on my mat watching me...

How are you doing with the 'Food' topic? Charlie has enjoyed sorting foods and made some delicious chocolate cakes (photo below). Arya is enjoying the 'Hansel and Gretel' literacy lessons -she designed a yummy sweet that "makes you fly" when you eat it and her own witch (photo below).


You will also find below the maths and literacy lessons for today and tomorrow, I will post again on Friday. Remember to keep sending your pictures in.


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Doble blush

Lillie-May designed a sweet that would taste like "a cup of tea with chocolate and marshmallows"! She has done some maths too...

Arya's fantastic literacy work...

Super 'food' work Charlie!

Arya's weather work...

Monday 11th May

Good morning Buzzards and welcome to Monday! I hope that you enjoyed the Bank holiday and VE Day celebrations? Remember to send any more photos in. I really enjoy getting your photos and I am sure you enjoy seeing your friends too!


This week your topic is based on 'Food' so I  know you will find lots of ways to explore this. The story in your literacy lessons links with the theme - I hope you enjoy it!



I am adding power maths here too as some people have experienced difficulties accessing it from the weekly plan.

Charlie has been busy learning at home...

Erin made flapjack and has been practising writing numbers!

Freya and Boleigh were evacuees for the day and baked wartime recipies...

Toby's VE Day celebrations...

Arya meets the cows, does some planting and plays a sounds game!

Eloise's bunting...

Charlie's weather report...

Friday 8th May

Good morning Buzzards - today is a Bank Holiday marking the 75th anniversary of VE day. Have you seen the powerpoint? It will help you to understand why VE day is a special day. I posted it on Wednesday but I have added it again today for you.


When I saw the news last night I saw a clip of the 50th anniversary celebrations and realised that was when I was at university - it made me feel very old! The royal family were all on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and there were thousands of people in the crowds. Because we don't all gather together due to social distancing, people will not be physically together but families and neighbours will mark the day from the safety of their gardens. I look forward to seeing photos of your day! Here's a picture of the cakes James made whilst I was busy working yesterday!

Esme's window for VE day...

Harper getting ready for VE day, Goldilocks work and more...

Tilly's family is getting ready for VE day and she has planted some seeds!

Rosalie's home learning...

Poppy has been making rainbows, slime and planting in the garden!

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Buzzards and welcome to Wednesday. I wonder if any of you know what special day it will be on Friday? - It is VE Day and a special Bank Holiday. Please look at the powerpoint with your grown up, this will help you to understand why Friday is a special day. 

You might like to make some bunting, do some colouring, make a Spitfire glider or design your own medal, the links are below for you. James (my son) is going to make some cup cakes and decorate them. I wonder if any of you will do anything else special? I wonder if any of you have any relatives in your family that were alive at the end of the war? I look forward to hearing about some of these things next week.

Mrs Butt made a weather chart!

More great home learning from Esme...

Harper made some brilliant 'sound cards' based on animals!

Monday 4th May

Hello Buzzard class and welcome to a brand new week! I hope you had lots of fun at the weekend. Can you see what sort of flowers Daisy is sitting in? Spring is such a pretty time of year! In your maths this week you will be thinking about the seasons. I look forward to hearing from you and I will be emailing certificates on Friday!     Mrs Doble


Lillie-May enjoyed making porridge linked to the literacy lesson and her little sister helped too!

Toby's weather calendar...

Leila has been busy enjoying time with her family...

I had a surprise to find out that Spider-Man turned up to home learning this morning...

More brilliant home learning!

Friday 1st May

Good morning Buzzards and welcome to the month of May! I have once again enjoyed receiving your photos, please continue to send them in. I hope you have a lovely weekend, I’m planning to go out walking with my whole family (it is normally just Daisy and I), do some baking and find some more time for reading my book! I wonder how many of you have had a home haircut? Yesterday my youngest boy James (age 13) had his hair cut by his big brother Will (age 17). James now looks very different - Will had a lot of fun creating an unusual style that he would't normally be allowed! – I hope it grows out before he’s back to school!


Today’s challenge is to make a rainbow…

In this lesson, we will learn all about the science behind how a rainbow is made and have a go at making one ourselves.

You will need: the sun, a piece of white paper and a clear plastic beaker or a glass (so your grown-ups will need to help you).

Good luck with the challenge and have fun!


On Monday I am going to be giving you some new style literacy lessons on your weekly plan. If you have any oats that would be helpful otherwise you can join in with your imagination! (Please don’t make an extra trip to the shops unless you were due to be going anyway!)


Mrs Doble blush



Can you guess who made this brilliant giraffe mask?


Eloise has been very busy with the chalk on her driveway!

Toby pressed some spring flowers and labelled them

Jasper wrote an animal poem using the alphabet - fantastic work!

Toby’s pet! - Well done Toby I can see you taking great care of Pilot!

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Buzzards! How are you today? It’s a bit dull and misty this morning isn’t it! I’ve got another dance class for you today that fits with this week’s ‘animal’ theme. I hope you enjoy it. 

I have added some more pictures that you have sent in - thank you and keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing about some of your animal topic work...

Remember to try the new daily maths lesson videos (listed at the top of Monday’s learning plan) and the Read Write Inc sound lessons too.


Well done, and thank you to your parents for helping you. Have a great day.


Mrs Doble 🌈

'Carnival of the Animals' Zoology Dance Class - inclusive

Great work Lillie-May.It looks like you and your dog enjoyed a lovely sunny walk.

Well done Charlie, you did some great work with your brother about animals!

Josie’s outdoor adventures...