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Friday 18th February 

Today you are staying safe at home and not coming to school as schools have had to close. I hope you have a lovely day with your family and a wonderful half term.


I have some activities for you to try - you can do as many or as few as you would like!


Friday staying at home activities:

Paint or draw a picture called 'Stormy Day'


Look out of the window, what can you hear? What can you see? Can you use your words to talk about (describe) about what you can see and hear? Looking out of my window I can see a tall tree waving in the wind from side to side and birds zooming past as they are blown by the wind. The wind is whistling down my chimney, it sounds like a noisy train rattling past! You could move or dance around pretending that you are blowing in the wind.


Ask your grown up if you can use a sheet or a blanket to make a den or a tent and 'go' on an adventure! You could snuggle up and read a story together in there.


Could you practise your cooking skills? I wonder if you have any ingredients at home to do some baking (don't go to the shop!) or you could make your own sandwiches for lunch (with support to keep you safe)


I am going to post some Read Write Inc mini lessons via class Dojo - I just need to find out how to do it...


I would love to see photos of your day if you would like to send them to me via Dojo!


Have a good day


Mrs Doble smiley






‘The Gingerbread Man’


We have been very busy with lots of learning based around this story. The children were challenged to think of alternative ways for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river (rather than being tricked by the sly fox). The children were really imaginative - here are some of their ideas; over a bridge, in a submarine, riding a unicorn, on a shark...


We decided to find out what would have happened if the Gingerbread Man had tried to swim across the river - would he survive? We did lots of predicting and then tested our ideas using biscuits (ginger and shortbread). We really enjoyed our experiment and were surprised by how quickly the biscuits went soggy and broke up! The children have been using some fantastic vocabulary in their learning and have worked together collaboratively. 😊

We really enjoyed making our own gingerbread men today! We made some extra ones for Mr Bamford and the office staff!

We are really enjoying our ‘Traditional Tales’ work this term! The children are engaging with lots of storytelling, role play and drama alongside lots of other activities...

‘The Little Red Hen’ - map making...

‘The Little Red Hen’ - making bread

We have been gardening in our EYFS outside area...

‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ - we made some sticky, gloopy porridge!

We love love working in our construction area outside!

Lots of creative work for 5th November - rockets, firework paintings and bonfire cut and stick!

We are creative learners...

Read Write Inc

We have been enjoying exploring numbers!

Harvest salt dough and fruit tasting...

Welcome to Buzzard Class! It has been lovely to welcome our new Reception children into school. The new children are settling in well, making new friends and developing their independence. Well done Buzzards you are showing us that you are 'Superhero' learners!

Some of our Buzzard 'Superhero' learners...

A fantastic day at Folly Farm 😊🌞

We learnt about teddy bear survival!... We played some games, made potions, created colourful collages, went on a treasure hunt, had a teddy bear’s picnic and made dens for our bears to survive in!

Look at our brilliant ‘contrasting environment’ projects!

Buzzard Class have been thinking about environments around the world that are different to ours here in Somerset. During half term lots of the children took on a home learning challenge of making an ‘environment in a shoe box’ with their grown ups at home. This week we have loved seeing all their wonderful work and have started hearing about them - the children are enjoying talking to the class about their environment, describing what it is like and which animals live there. We look forward to continuing with this work next week too as there is so much to share!

We love learning, we are kind to each other and have lots of fun together!

We have been learning about height and made our own sunflowers that show our own height!

We painted in the style of Van Gogh to create our own Sunflower paintings... we are very talented artists!

We created our own flower paintings having been inspired by Van Gogh....We are creative and AMAZING!

Planting sunflower seeds...

We have had a really busy final week of term with lots of fun and learning! The Buzzard children have been brilliant. Well done and have a lovely Easter!

Easter bonnets, sports, and making hot cross buns...

‘The Rainbow Cat’

Still image for this video
We wrote a class story based on Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing story ‘The Rainbow Princess’. Here we are telling our imaginative story!

Lovely to get the class back together... (it was a bit too bright to get a perfect picture!)

Friday 5th March

Welcome to the final day of home learning...


Thank you Buzzards, you have all impressed me so much with how hard you have worked and your parents have done a brilliant job!

Really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. As you will have seen from the letter which was emailed yesterday, PE is every Monday, starting on our first day back!  

Mrs Doble blush

World Book Day...

Home learning from Wednesday and Thursday - well done Buzzards 😀

Thursday 4th March


Good morning, how are you today? Just today and tomorrow for home learning and then we're all back together again! I have suggested some stories on the BBC iPlayer - you might like to pick one to enjoy today!

It was lovely to speak to you all yesterday about returning to school next week. Have a lovely day.

Mrs Doble blush

Wednesday 3rd March


Good morning Buzzards - there just 3 days left of home learning until we are all back together. I hope you find the video below helpful! I am looking forward to seeing the home learners on Zoom later to talk about returning to school next week - please wait in the waiting room at your normal time and I will admit you one at a time!

Have a lovely morning, I hope you enjoy the 'reading den' suggestion!

Mrs Doble blush

A welcome back to school video for Buzzards!

Today's home learning...Fantastic work Buzzards!

Tuesday 2nd March


Good morning Buzzards - how are you today? As I left school to go home last night look who I saw waddling around on our school field!...

I am looking forward to seeing you for our last RWI Zoom session this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will let the children onto Zoom one at a time to have a quick catch up and say hello, giving them the opportunity to talk about returning to school next week. This will be particularly important for the children who have not been in school since December (children who have been in school during the closure don't need to log on.) I will send you a welcome back to school video on Dojo later!

Have a good morning.

Mrs Doble smiley

Amazing home learning - well done Buzzards...

Monday 1st March


Good morning and welcome to the first day of March! What a beautiful weekend it was. I really enjoyed walking in the sunshine, I hope you all managed to spend some time enjoying the outdoors? This is the last week of home learning - we are really looking forward to seeing you all next Monday! I hope you enjoy some of the World Book day Activities as part of your Literacy. I saw a beautiful blossom tree on Saturday and took a phot to show you - it is the first blossom I have seen this year!

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom! 

Mrs Doble smiley

Thank you for another week of super home learning Buzzard class. It has been lovely to see you enjoying time outside exploring Spring in the sunshine ☀

Friday 26th February


Welcome to Friday! After today we only have 5 more school days until we're back together! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again and all sharing lots more learning and experiences together! I have made a few changes to the layout of the classroom which I know you will like - I will make a video for you to see next week.



Next week we will do our normal Zoom RWI sessions on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I will say hello to each of you during your normal time slot, but on a one-to-one basis (this will give the children the opportunity to ask anything about returning to school.) Information for parents was sent out yesterday from Mr Bamford.

See you at assembly later! Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Doble blush



Some super work again today and a couple of 'Hullabazoo'!

Thursday 25th February


Good morning Buzzards, how are you today? Just 7 days left of home learning...


This afternoon on Zoom we will finally meet the 'Hullabazoo' in our story! We know a few things about him already (yellow hands, green moustache, and red and black dots all over his face!) can you see a 'picture' of him in your mind using your imagination? You could draw me a picture and hold it up at the start of our Zoom session if you would like to! Looking forward to seeing you later.

Mrs Doble smiley

Today's home learning - super work Buzzards 😊

Wednesday 24th February


Good morning - I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Yesterday the children in school started counting down the days until school fully re-opens. There are just 8 more days of home learning left! I hope you have a good day and I'll see you on Zoom later.

Mrs Doble blush

Today's home learning - well done Buzzards!

Tuesday 23rd February


Hello Buzzards and welcome to Tuesday. I hope you have a good morning and I will see you on Zoom later! Next week is our last week of home learning and I am looking forward to welcoming you back to school after that! It will be great to teach you in school again and for you to enjoy learning alongside your friends in school! Thank you for your super Spring detective photos - keep sending them in via Dojo!

Mrs Doble laugh

What super 'detectives' you are looking for signs of Spring!

Some super maths and literacy...

Monday 22nd February


Good morning, welcome to the first day of term! I hope you have had a lovely half term? I enjoyed having more some time at home and enjoyed lots of walks with Daisy! 


This week in maths we are looking at shape and pattern and we have a new story for our literacy called 'Fox's Sack'. In topic we will be Spring detectives! I saw some sings of Spring on one of my walks... do you know what the flowers are called?


Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later!      Mrs Doble blush

Some more busy Buzzards 😊...

Friday 12th February


Good morning and welcome to the last day of term! I want to start by thanking all of the Buzzard parents for the amazing job you have done in supporting your child's home learning this term. You have all done a fantastic job. I wish you all a happy, healthy and restful half term and look forward to being able to welcome the children back when it is safe to do so. 

Have a good day, and we will see you for assembly this afternoon. I will keep Zoom open from 1pm for anyone who needs support, so please enter the waiting room from 1pm if I can help with anything.

Mrs Doble blush


Creative Buzzards...

Some maths and science...

Some of today's literacy learning...

Thursday 11th February


Hello Buzzards I hope you are well? It's lovely to see the sun this morning but it's absolutely freezing! I wonder if you have found any ice in your garden? The children at school have been enjoying finding ice and playing with it! The icy photo below was sent in by Harry - it's absolutely beautiful!


Just a reminder that I am unable to run the RWI Zoom groups this afternoon. I will post some activities for you to do if you wish!


It is great that most of you are now using Class Dojo, thank you for your messages and sharing your home learning. Yesterday I learnt how to get the photos from Dojo onto the class page with a lesson from Mr Bamford!


Most of you have posted work onto your child's 'Portfolio' which works really well, you can also add a comment - this is the easiest way for me to find your child's work. The 'message' function can then be used to keep in touch (but not share work), hope this makes sense as we all get used to it! Going forwards I will continue to add a sample of photos to the class page on a regular basis.


Have a great day.

Mrs Doble blush

Creative learning - Moana's boat and a music lesson 😊

Lots of great maths...

Super literacy...

Outdoor learning...

Wednesday 10th February


Hello Buzzards and welcome to the middle of the week! I hope you are ready for another busy day of activities? Daisy's leg is now healed and she was allowed to walk without her lead, she looked like a rabbit bouncing across the field!    Mrs Doble blush



Tuesday 9th February


Good morning, how are you today? It is another freezing day today, I expect you are cosy and warm in your homes! Has anyone had any porridge like Goldilocks yet? I am looking forward to our Zoom sessions later.


Please note - it is not possible for Zoom to take place this Thursday - I will however add some suggested RWI activities in addition to the learning plan.

Mrs Doble smiley


Monday 8th February


Good morning and welcome to a freezing Monday! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I enjoyed some walks, a run and some baking! I thought you might like to see a photo of our new display - I have managed to add some of your home learning photos to it. I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later. Today's literacy is starting a new story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and this week we are doing some fun number activities.

Mrs Doble smiley

Friday 5th February 


Good morning and welcome to Friday! There's only one week left before half term - I expect you are all looking forward to a well earned rest!


I have posted your learning for today, and there is an additional link to a virtual Zoo trip at Chester Zoo which I believe is available at 10.00am this morning which I expect you'll enjoy!


As it is Friday we don't have our normal Zoom, but you are welcome to enter the waiting room from 1pm (not your normal times) and I will admit you and offer any support as required on a one-to-one basis. If I don't see you I will assume all is well! Hopefully we will see lots of you at the whole school assembly at 2pm.

Mrs Doble smiley

More wonderful home learning... Buzzard class has a lot of good cooks!

Part-whole (in case you needed one)

Thursday 4th February


Good morning. How are you today? I saw a beautiful sunset as I left school last night so I took a photo for you to see! I am looking forward to seeing you later on Zoom.

Mrs Doble smiley

More busy Buzzards... 😊

Wednesday 3rd February


Hello Buzzards - it's Wednesday which means it is half way through the week! I can hear some very noisy birds singing in our playground this morning and I am looking forward to seeing the sun later! I am also looking forward to seeing you on Zoom again later and seeing what happens when the Pig arrives at the concrete house...! smiley

Busy Buzzards...

Tuesday 2nd February


Hello Buzzards, how are you today? It was great to see you on Zoom yesterday! I have enjoyed receiving your photos, I can see you developing lots of skills and having fun at the same time. You and your grown ups are doing a brilliant job - thank you!

Mrs Doble smiley

You are all brilliant!...AMAZING home learning again 😍

Monday 1st February


Good morning Buzzards and welcome to February! We only have this week and next week and then it will be half term. I wonder how your weekend was? Poor Daisy cut her leg on something sharp on her walk, so on Friday evening I had to take her to the vet. I had a quiet weekend whilst she rests and couldn't take her out for a walk. I wonder if you had a bit of snow again yesterday?


I am looking forward to seeing you later in your new groups for our Zoom (your grown-ups know your new times). I will get Fred Frog ready to see you then!

Mrs Doble smiley

Some more super 'Pig houses' and other home learning... Well done Buzzards 😊

Friday 29th January


Good morning and welcome to a wild and windy Friday! I have really enjoyed seeing your home learning photos - you have really impressed me. It has been great to see you on Zoom too, I really enjoy our sessions together. 


Next week we will continue with Zoom but start to focus on our Read Write Inc skills together (your grown ups had an email with your new times - I have put you into 3 smaller groups.)

For our sessions you will need your whiteboard, pen and your sound mat that has the set 1 sounds/pictures on - this was sent home in your original packs before schools were closed.


I will be available on Zoom this afternoon if anyone needs any support, otherwise I will see you on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Doble smiley

Today's home learning - we have some budding engineers who have designed and made amazing 'Pig houses' to keep the 'Wolf' out...

Thursday 28th January


Good morning Buzzards. How are you on this windy morning? I am looking forward to seeing you later on Zoom (remember today is the last Zoom of the week - I am available on Fridays for anyone who turns up for support or advice and will let you in one at a time!) I hope you enjoy the topic to design a house for one of the Three Little Pigs (this task is for today and tomorrow!)

Have fun

Mrs Doble blush

Today's wonderful home learning photos... you are all AMAZING 😁

Wednesday 27th January


Hello Buzzards, welcome to Wednesday! It's another damp and miserable day but I'm sure you  will have some fun inside or outdoors! I had a very muddy walk with Daisy last night, and by the time I got home it was dark and I could hear the owls hooting! I was glad that I took my torch!  

I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom.

Mrs Doble blush  

More snowy home learning... 😁

Tuesday 26th January


Good morning Buzzards - I hope you are well? I am feeling a bit tired today from running around in the snow! There's not much snow left at school now, but lots of ice in the car park which was a bit tricky to drive over! In school we are looking forward to doing some more work based on 'The 3 Little Pigs'. I hope you have a good morning and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later. Thank you for your snow and ice decoration photos they have been fantastic!

Mrs Doble blush

Look at our beautiful ice decorations!

More brilliant home learning...

Monday 25th January


Hello Buzzards, I hope you had a wonderful time playing in the snow. It was lots of fun wasn't it! Daisy was very excited had lots of fun running around although she was frightened of the snowmen! I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later! smiley


Some more super home learning 😊

Friday's RWI - just a reminder I will be available to speak to individuals on Zoom later if required. Otherwise I will see you again on Monday!

Friday 22nd January


Good morning Buzzards - it's Friday! I wonder what you will do this weekend? I am looking forward to spending the weekend at home with my family and some daytime dog walks with Daisy. Because it is going to be cold and frosty I have a special activity that you might like to do today. We are going to make them at school today...


Ice decorations

You will need:


Container (an empty margarine tub would work)




Some leaves / twigs / berries (remember to wash your hands and only if your grown up allows)






1 . Fill the dish with water


2 . Add a piece of string (make sure it is nice and long and submerged - you could loop it over to make it easier to hang).


3. Put your items in the water.


4. Place in your garden overnight to freeze (or in your freezer)


5. Hang in your garden

Some fantastic fire engines and lots of other wonderful learning!

Thursday 21st January


Hello Buzzards, it's another windy day here at school but at least it's not raining! I stopped on my way into school this morning to take a photo of the fields near school which have a little 'pond' that has been created by the flooding. Can you see who is swimming on it? Have a lovely morning.

Mrs Doble smiley

'Stuck in the mud!'

Today's super home learning - another Police Officer, den building, maths and story writing...

Wednesday 20th January


Good morning and welcome to a wet and windy Wednesday! I wonder how you are feeling today? If you go outside I hope you wrap up to stay warm and dry and don't let your hat blow away! I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later.

Mrs Doble smiley

Today's fantastic home you recognise our Police officers?

Tuesday 19th January


Hello Buzzards, it's a very dark and gloomy day here today! I look forward to seeing you later as you all brighten up the day! Have  a lovely morning.

Mrs Doble laugh

Today's brilliant home learning! I am so proud of you all! Thank you parents for supporting 😊

Monday 18th January


Good morning Buzzards, I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I had a quiet weekend at home catching up with lots of jobs and doing my daily dog walks with Daisy - it's very slippery and muddy on the fields! I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom. Have a good morning.

Mrs Doble smiley

More brilliant Buzzard home learning 😊 - have a lovely weekend!

Friday 15th January

Hello Buzzards and welcome to Friday! Well done you have made it to the end of your first full week of home learning. I have been really impressed with you all. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom next week. For topic today I am posting my favourite Gingerbread man recipe (it is very easy - if you don't have a Gingerbread man cutter you could try shaping it using your hands!) laugh


Parents -

I will be available to speak to you on Zoom later if you need any support, I will keep an eye on the waiting room, and if I don't see you I will assume all is well!

Lots more learning - I can see Macie running as the Gingerbread man! Some amazing hospitals and writing too...

Thursday 14th January


Hello Buzzards, and welcome to another rainy day! I wonder how many of you will be going outside in you wellies today... have a good morning and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later!

I hope you manage to enjoy doing some of today's activities, please only fit in the ones you can so you have time to play too! Read Write Inc will be added from 10.30am.

Mrs Doble smiley

I am so impressed with the Buzzard home learners 😊

Jacob made this amazing solar powered model and told us about it for 'show and tell'.

Wednesday 13th January


Welcome to a wet and windy Wednesday! I have been really impressed with your home learning so far - well done and thank you smiley

I hope you enjoy today's lessons and I look forward to seeing you later on Zoom! (RWI will be added from 10.30).



Today's home learning - some super story maps, handwriting, maths and lots more...

Tuesday 12th January


Hello Buzzards, I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later for our story and handwriting session! You will need your whiteboard and pen and some tissue to use as a board rubber! Remember you will always use the time slot that you were originally emailed.


I hope you have a good morning and enjoy today's video lessons (which are posted below). RWI will be posted just after 9.30 this morning. Yesterday in class we really enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Man and are looking forward to today's activities!


See you later

Mrs Doble smiley

Oscar's gingerbread man...

Monday's RWI


Here is the RWI it is a little later than planned due to a technical issue!


You will see I have attached two different plans - one for Oranges/Satsuma/Strawberry groups and one for the Apple group (Apple group will receive an email shortly), this is to ensure children are taught at a level similar to when they are in school.

Monday 11th January


Good morning Buzzards and welcome to the first full day of home learning. I hope that you enjoy some of the video lessons! The lessons are short so there will be lots of time for you to play and enjoy other activities at home.

Have a lovely day, and I look forward to hearing how you get on!

Mrs Doble smiley


The Read Write Inc will be uploaded as soon as possible after 9.30am each morning.

Just to remind you our next zoom story and handwriting will be tomorrow afternoon at your normal time slots.

More super home learning! have a lovely weekend!

Friday 8th January


Good morning, it was lovely to see you all on Zoom yesterday. I hope you are able to join again this afternoon.

Here is your Read Write Inc lesson for toady. Next week there will be all the other lessons too!

Mrs Doble

Some super work from some of the Buzzards...

Thursday 7th January

Good morning Buzzards, I hope you are having a good day and that you are able to join in with the Zoom session later. I wonder if you have done a picture of one of your Christmas presents yet? If you have please show it on our Zoom session.

Read Write Inc

There are several video lessons that will help your child to make progress with their reading whilst they are not in school. The lessons are delivered by Read Write Inc teachers and are just like we do in school. Please try each lesson to see which suits your child.

‘Word time reading’ – this will support children who need to build their confidence to read short words using the Set 1 sounds

‘Set 1 Spelling’ – this will benefit all children in using their sounds to write.

Set 2 sound – each day there will be a new set 2 sound. For children who have already learnt some Set 2 sounds in school please recap (and you will learn the remaining ones when they occur).

These can only be accessed until the end of today!

Phonics games to play... they are great fun we tried some in school!

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hello Buzzards, Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and lots of fun with your families!


I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom tomorrow afternoon - your parents will have received an email with your time slot (1.00 or 1.30pm depending on which group you are in). 


New Year Activity (alternative from whole school task)

Can you draw or paint a picture of one of your favourite Christmas presents and email a photo for our class webpage. If you manage to complete this by lunchtime tomorrow you could show it on our zoom call tomorrow, if this is not possible you could share it on Monday.


Tomorrow I will post our first Read Write Inc phonics lesson and some phonics games to help practice our sounds.


From Monday 11th January I will post lessons for the following areas of learning:

Read Write Inc




These are in addition to our daily (Zoom) story and handwriting sessions at 1.00 or 1.30pm. 


Resource packs

Your packs are available for you to collect from outside the front of school at your earliest convenience.


Please email school if you would like any further support and I will ring you.


Mrs Doble smiley




We had lots of fun at our Christmas party!

Still image for this video

We joined in with the dancing at the end of the pantomime!

Snow globes and robins...